Lin Miaoke, a girl of 2008 Olympic Games, was once subjected to cyber violence and campus violence. Why did she become the target of public criticism?

 Lin Miaoke, a girl of 2008 Olympic Games, was once subjected to cyber violence and campus violence. Why did she become the target of public criticism?

Recently, there is a hot topic on the Internet, about the 2008 Olympic Games and the Olympic girl Lin Miaoke, why there is such a big controversy in those years?

Lin Miaoke has grown up in the controversy, and her family has been protecting her in the controversy. Because of the performance of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, the girl and her family were wrapped up in the current of the times.

In 2008, when Lin Miaoke was nine years old, she appeared at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. She was beautiful and lovely. All of a sudden let the audience all over the world remember this lovely girl. Since then, the fate of the girl has changed dramatically, and she has been controversial for many years.

The so-called controversy, in fact, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on August 8, 2008, Lin Miaoke sang the song my motherland. Because of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the fate of Lin Miaoke and his family has changed.

Behind the song is another girls name, Yang Peiyi.

On August 12, 2008, Chen Qigang, music director of the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, revealed in an interview with Beijing Peoples radio that Lin Miaokes singing of the motherland was not her voice, but Yang Peiyi.

At that time, both Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi completed the recording at the central radio station and conducted a trial broadcast during the rehearsal. However, after the trial broadcast, the director group thought that Lin Miaokes voice was not suitable in terms of pitch and width. Moreover, Lin Miaokes voice was a little hoarse because of his diligent practice. Compared with this, Yang Peiyis voice state and singing had been very good. Unfortunately, it was at that time Yang Peiyi is in the period of tooth replacement, and the effect is not good.

Therefore, the team finally decided to choose Lin Miaoke for the camera and use Yang Peiyis song.

With the attention of the media and the Internet, Lin Miaoke has become the initiator of the incident, and has been shaped by public opinion as a liar who dominates Yang Peiyis honor. At that time, the media and netizens who caused public anger all ignored Chen Qigang and said such a paragraph. In fact, Lin Miaoke did not know that Yang Peiyi was recording the scene.

Now that Lin Miaoke has grown up, he lives in a large community in Beijing. He is curious about new things and has a wide range of interests, such as musicals and vocal music. As a scholarly family, Lin Miaoke has always wanted to go further on the road of performance.

When asked about the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, Lin Miaoke said that he had not had in-depth contact with Mr. Zhang Yimou in recent years. However, for the scene in 2008, Zhang Yimou, as the chief director of the opening ceremony at that time, publicly responded to this matter in 2018.

At that time, Lin Miaokes image was unanimously recognized as irreplaceable, but there was some lack of intonation. Zhang Yimou felt that it was not necessary to be too serious, but the technical team insisted on changing the voice.

To be cautious, Zhang Yimou asked the overseas professional broadcasting team specially, and the answer was that Lin Miaoke appeared on the stage and used Yang Peiyis voice on the scene absolutely no problem.. The other side said that they had broadcast the opening ceremony countless times, which was a situational performance, not a commercial performance, and it was a chorus in itself. But he regrets so far, also very self reproach, did not insist again at that time.

He said bluntly, which means: Lin Miaoke could have sung well, but the intonation was a little poor But the technical team has to change the voice. For this matter, Zhang Yimou frankly very self blame, if his own again insist on, perhaps there is nothing.

In any case, Lin Miaoke was young and innocent, but it was a symbol placed in front of the curtain by the director group of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Lin Miaoke, 21, is now a senior and has a long way to go in the future. She regards everything in the past as a thing of the past. No one wants to live a lifetime with an expired label, and so does child star Lin Miaoke.. Its not that she is indifferent to the public, but we dont want to admit that the person who once stood on the high ground was looked up to was also an ordinary person like us. Being famous at a young age is just her experience, not her fault. Lin Miaoke was lucky indeed, but he has been paying back secretly ever since.

Two years later, Beijing will soon become the first city in the world to hold both summer and Winter Olympic Games. When asked whether he would like to stage the Winter Olympics, Lin Miaoke said with a bright smile: if there is a chance, of course I will.

Source: Houchang village sports team editor in charge: Li Siming_ BJS2696