Chinese story to hero sun Zhanyuan: never forget the sentence follow me! Youve never been far away

 Chinese story to hero sun Zhanyuan: never forget the sentence follow me! Youve never been far away

But 197653 volunteers never came back. Sun Zhanyuan is one of them.

Sun Zhanyuans parents died when he was a child. He joined the Chinese peoples Liberation Army in 1946. He participated in the Huaihai Campaign and the liberation of Southwest China campaign. He also made great achievements in the liberation of Tangyin and Qi County in the Central Plains. In 1951, he joined the Chinese peoples Volunteer Army to join the Korean War.

On October 14, 1952, in the battle of Shangganling, about six battalions of the enemy occupied the 597.9 and 537.7 highlands defended by the Chinese peoples Volunteer Army. Sun Zhanyuan, the commander of the 7th company of the 135th regiment of the 45th division of the 15th army of the Chinese peoples Volunteer Army, was ordered to lead the assault platoon to fight back against position No. 2 of the 597.9 highland.

As he approached position 2, his legs were broken by enemy shells. The soldiers advised him to withdraw from his position. He said, I am a member of the Communist Party and a commander. I will never leave my post until I finish the task assigned to me by the party. Without legs, he can only crawl back and forth to command, but also use machine gun to cover soldiers. Yi Caixue explodes and destroys three enemy firepower points. In the end, the assault platoon reached position No. 2 on Highland 597.9.

While the assault platoon continued to develop in depth, the enemy suddenly recoiled from the rear of the position, and several soldiers died. As the situation became more and more urgent, sun Zhanyuan set up two captured machine guns and fired in turn, repelling the enemys attacks twice in succession, killing and injuring more than 80 enemies.

The victory of the Shangganling campaign completely smashed the enemys golden offensive and dealt a heavy blow to the enemy. After the war, the U.S. military never launched any more than battalion scale attacks against the Chinese peoples Volunteer Army, and the Korean war situation has since stabilized at 38th north latitude.

A letter to hero sun Zhanyuan

Dear old monitor sun Zhanyuan


I remember the first time I saw your portrait was when I visited the honor Hall of the unit three years ago.

At that time, I had just arrived at the parachute. The director in charge of the interpretation pointed to a wall full of portraits and told us in a dazzled way: these are our old squad leaders. They all died in the battle of Shangganling. We cant disgrace the heroes in the future..

In the cruel war, you cant leave your picture. On the wall is an oil painting made by later generations: the injured body is supported by the left hand, a hand grenade is tightly held by the right hand, and the resolute eyes are staring at the front in the fierce fire. At the bottom of the portrait is a short introduction, most of them are numbers. I remember that you were blown off your legs in the war, and finally you pulled a grenade and died with the enemy. Full of reverence, I remember your name deeply, but the portrait is so high that I feel you are far away from me.

Again, I mentioned you to my comrades in arms because of a soldier in your company. It was a real combat drill. Our task was to seize the control points through group parachute landing. However, when the aircraft entered the predetermined airborne area, it suddenly encountered abnormal airflow and severe turbulence, which caused a soldier to fall down in the cabin and accidentally pull out the parachute bag on his back. Due to this kind of sudden situation, it is easy to bring huge risks to personnel deployment. According to the Convention, the parachutists of the whole sortie should cancel the parachuting, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the drilling task.

To everyones surprise, during the turbulence of the plane, a staff sergeant of the 5th company (the original 7th company) rolled up and rushed to the door of the cabin without hesitation. He jumped down from a kilometer altitude. The parachutists in the rear followed him and rushed down from the plane.

The drill was successfully completed, and the name of the needless to die sergeant was also circulated in the unit. It is a great challenge for skydivers to parachute normally from a kilometer altitude in the usual parachuting training. Whats more, in the face of this sudden situation, once there are operational problems in the air, the result is likely to be shattered. To complete the task forward bravely, this kind of courage, like you at that time, is admirable.

Later, I talked about it with my comrades in arms, and I realized that you have always been the Idol of their company. Every time new recruits enter the company and new cadres report for duty, the 5th company (the original 7th company) will organize a ceremony: first, the instructor will lead you to learn your heroic deeds, and then the company commander will name Sun Zhanyuan, and all the officers and soldiers of the company will answer yes! Although the ceremony was brief, the comrades described the feeling of that moment as if everyone had become you. When he left, he told me that if one sun Zhanyuan was produced in the fifth company (the original seven companies), there would be countless more.

What kind of charm should a person possess in order to continue to exist in a collective in another form after more than 60 years of sacrifice? With such doubts, I found two books describing the battle of Shangganling. After reading them in one breath, I felt that I was approaching you.

When you were 27 years old, you were a platoon leader. You are the iron and steel man: on the first day of Shangganling campaign, you fought back against position No.2 with assault platoon. During this period, your legs were broken by shells, and your comrades asked you to leave the position. However, you said that you were a Communist Party member. If you did not complete the task, you would not leave your post. You would continue to crawl back and forth with the remnant limbs until the ammunition ran out and the enemy took the position. You pulled the last glory bomb You also have warm male tenderness: you often carry guns and rice bags for your comrades on the March, mend clothes and nail shoelaces for everyone when you are camping and resting. You often use your own allowance to help comrades in arms who are in trouble. You usually take the lead to rush forward in front of you when you encounter tasks, and you are deeply loved by your comrades in arms.

As it happens, I was also a platoon leader when I was 27. At the same age and position, although I cant feel the pain of dragging the remnant limbs to continue fighting in the barrage of bullets, I can start from the small matter of respecting and loving soldiers and keep up with you. Although I cant imagine your decision to die with the enemy at the last moment of your life, I can start by calling out follow me in training. Although I am not a member of the 5th company (the former 7th company), as our political commissar said, the hero does not belong to any company. He is the spiritual treasure of our whole unit and should also be the military benchmark for each of us.

Today, if someone asks: can we fight now, can we win? I will tell them firmly that if we give orders, we can take umbrellas now. Please rest assured that since we have become your comrades in arms, we will never disgrace you!



Your comrade in arms: Wang Shuai

October 20, 2020

Some people say that it was from the battle of Shangganling that Americans really knew the Chinese. There are 76 shells per square meter of land, countless Sun Zhanyuan with their own bodies, built an unbreakable iron wall..

70 years ago, the Chinese peoples volunteer military life kept the fire of war out of the countrys door, guarding the years for us;

70 years later, China in a new era with rapid changes is the best consolation to the heroes who gave their lives to win the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea, and the ancestors who made contributions to defending the motherland and maintaining peace!