A vegetable market in Wuhan requires female vendors to be no more than 45 years old

 A vegetable market in Wuhan requires female vendors to be no more than 45 years old

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Wuhan food market requires saleswomen to be no more than 45 years old. Vendor: then we cant sell vegetables

Nearby peddler: then we cant sell vegetables.

Many vendors are puzzled by such a requirement. One of them said: its a bit high. You are 50 years old and now (this age) are making money. What else can we do if we cant sell vegetables.

In response, Wuhan victory vegetable farm management staff said: the policy is being negotiated, age requirements can be relaxed. The market has not yet been decorated, the next step investment announcement will certainly change.

For this regulation, netizens have said: what is the relationship between selling vegetables or not and age?

@Fish and bears paw: how to set up a stall to sell a dish and age limit

@A bunch of messy numbers: what do you do to those over 45 who are unemployed

@Dont kiss me, rascal: its hard enough now. Its all about the future. Age limit is to let others have no way to live, this rule is not through the brain.

@Fishing village helmsman: This is a typical act of disorderly conduct. It is also called the result of benchmarking Shanghai. I believe this regulation will be revoked in a few days.

@Send people roses to stay in the heart: many of the vegetable sellers are older people looking for jobs and have no place to support themselves. Does this regulation want young people in their twenties and thirties to sell vegetables?

Requirements for wood blocks in Wuhan Shengli vegetable market

The wonderful flower regulations of Wuhan Shengli vegetable market (left). At about 5:00 p.m. on October 23, the staff moved in two boards to block the controversial instructions. Photographer / upstream journalist Niu Tai

Upstream news reporters saw that Jiqing Street Central Market memorabilia was pasted on the decoration enclosure outside the vegetable market: on May 18, 2019, Hubei group meal fast food production and Supply Association took the lead to set up the project office; on July 9, 2020, the association and the Oriental white-collar workers formally signed the contract, and the Jiangan district agricultural reform super 3.0 +; on July 24, 2020, the project construction party entered the site.

The above memorabilia is pasted with the notice for cooperation with a total of 6 items, the second of which is: the salesmen must accept the supermarket management, and the salesmen shall receive the paid two-week closed training and pass the examination. The female salesmen shall not be more than 45 years old, and the male salesmen shall not be more than 50 years old, and they shall hold the health certificate valid for more than one year. It should be noted that the date of signing is September 25.

The Shengli vegetable market in Wuhan is upgrading, and 48 vendors have moved to the road beside the market for temporary transition. Photographer / upstream journalist Niu Tai

After the introduction of the notice, the merchants were dissatisfied, and they found the staff member surnamed Li one after another. The staff members said that the rent would rise after the renovation was completed, which also made it difficult for them to accept; many of the merchants were over 45 and 50 years old, and the age threshold was set, which was to drive them away. The staff member surnamed Li said that the notice is only aimed at new merchants, and the policy for old merchants has not been issued.

Upstream news reporters noted that there were three companies issuing the notice, one of which was Longxiang (Wuhan) Network Group Co., Ltd. According to industrial and commercial information, the legal representative of the company is Dong Zhimin, who is also the legal representative of Hubei fast food production and supply association and Oriental white collar.

On the afternoon of October 23, Dong Zhimin told the upstream news reporters: it is important not to target old merchants, but to newly recruited partners. This is the independent behavior of the enterprise, there is no violation of the law. Its not appropriate to arouse peoples dissatisfaction, but I havent decided to withdraw the notice. If you remove it, Im wrong. Well study it again.

At about 4:00 p.m. on October 23, Wuhan Jiangan district market supervision department and street office staff came to Shengli vegetable market. Upstream news reporter asked: in order to avoid employment risk, enterprises set age threshold, is it illegal? The staff did not make it clear.

At about 5:00 p.m., relevant personnel moved in two pieces of wood, blocking the controversial notice.

Wuhan food market requires female vendors to be no more than 45 years old