Baiyunshan Banlangen is effective against new coronavirus

 Baiyunshan Banlangen is effective against new coronavirus

On October 13, a seminar on the transformation of Banlangen from Baiyun Mountain to Macao and the signing ceremony of cooperation were held in Guangzhou. Since then, a video entitled Zhong Nanshan: Baiyunshan Compound Radix Isatidis is effective for the new coronavirus and will not talk nonsense, which caused a great sensation on the Internet. The outside world once questioned the authenticity of the video, and the validity of Banlangen Granules was suspected to be exaggerated.

Under the influence of Zhong Nanshans roll call, the Banlangen products of Baiyunshan are rapidly leaping into the red. Since then, the first finance and economics reporter searched some online stores and found that Banlangen related products in many stores were sold well, some of them showed replenishment, and the Banlangen Granules in Baiyun Mountain sold tens of thousands of pieces a month, showing the status of sold out.

In addition, some media found that the compound Banlangen in Jingdong pharmacy, Ali pharmacy and the official flagship store of Baiyunshan of Guangdong medicine have been sold out of stock. Among them, Baiyunshan compound Banlangen Granules (10g * 20 bags) is purchased by Jingdong.

Since then, the stock price of Baiyunshan has fluctuated. On October 16, the stock price of Baiyunshan rose strongly, and the value of A-share and H-share soared by about 10 billion yuan. Since then, novel coronavirus has been identified by Baiyun Mountain announcements. The relevant conclusions in media reports are only the result of the in vitro screening of new anti coronavirus viruses carried out by Fufang Banlangen Keli and Huang company of the joint venture company. The follow-up work needs further work on this product, and there is still some uncertainty in the relevant work.

Gao Li said that the CSRC will pay close attention to relevant companies and related matters, and will seriously investigate and deal with violations in accordance with the law. Related reports:

A word from Zhong Nanshan! The market value of listed companies soared by 5 billion, and Banlangen is out of stock

On October 13, Zhong Nanshan revealed that his team had carried out a series of in vitro studies and found that Baiyunshan compound Banlangen Granules were effective against NCV. Zhong Nanshan said, we say some things are based on, will not talk nonsense.

Under the stimulation of the news, the A-share and H-share prices of Baiyunshan, the leading traditional Chinese patent medicine company, rose sharply today. The A-share closed up, while the H-share rose by 13%. The market value of Baiyunshan rose by 5 billion yuan.

In addition, after a search by Xiaobian (wechat: nbdnews) this afternoon, it was found that Banlangen Granules were out of stock in Jingdong Baiyunshan flagship store and tmall official store, and Banlangen Granules were also out of stock in Ali health pharmacy.

According to Nanfang Daily, on October 13, the Fourth Board of directors of the Guangdong Macao Joint Research Center for new respiratory pathogens, Baiyunshan Banlangen Macao transformation seminar and cooperation signing ceremony were held in Guangzhou.

On the same day, the seminar focused on the secondary development and research of Isatis indigotica in Baiyun Mountain. Zhong Nanshan mentioned in the report that after more than ten years of joint research, Radix Isatidis of Baiyunshan has a good effect on preventing virus from entering cells and anti-inflammatory, that is, Radix Isatidis has pharmacological effects such as inhibiting virus invasion and regulating inflammation.

The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia has been studied by the team since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. In combination with the beneficial experience of clinical practice, the research team has worked with Guangyao group to screen 16 new proprietary Chinese medicines from 10 enterprises in Guangdong, and found that the Baiyun Mountain Fufang Banlangen Keli has the inhibitory effect in vitro. The new novel coronavirus drugs are being further studied and applied.

Yang Zifeng, member of academician Zhong Nanshans team and researcher of Guangzhou Institute of respiratory health, also pointed out in the report that after more than ten years of research, Guangzhou Institute of respiratory health and Macao University of science and technology have found multiple active molecules of Radix Isatidis of Baiyunshan with multi-target antiviral and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, which confirms the scientific connotation of treating both internal and external pathogens of traditional Chinese medicine. The cooperation team has applied for more than 20 invention patents, has been authorized 12, and published more than 20 Banlangen series papers.

Official wechat of Baiyun Mountain of Guangyao

It is worth noting that as early as April this year, the 86th press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou revealed that the State Key Laboratory of respiratory diseases initially discovered famous and high-quality Chinese patent medicines widely known in Guangdong, such as Baiyunshan compound Banlangen Granules, Xiaochaihu granules, Kegan Liyan Oral Liquid, Qingre Huashi oral liquid, Kouyanqing granules, showing different degrees of in vitro inhibitory effect.

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Banlangen is one of the familiar daily medicines. It is understood that Banlangen Granules are widely used by the people for clearing away heat and detoxification. The main components are isatis root, and the auxiliary materials are sucrose and dextrin. The Banlangen Granules sold on the market are mainly divided into sugar containing type and sugar free type. Radix Isatidis, also known as indigo root, indigo root and indigo root, is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It is produced in all parts of China, and can be divided into northern and southern Radix Isatidis.

Banlangen Granule is made of Radix Isatidis by processing. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and promoting throat. It is used for sore throat and dry oropharynx caused by excessive heat in lung and stomach; acute tonsillitis and parotitis can be seen above syndrome.

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During the SARS in 2003, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine organized experts to formulate the technical scheme for the prevention and treatment of atypical pneumonia in traditional Chinese medicine (Trial), and gave the preventive prescription with Radix Isatidis as the formula. Therefore, Banlangen was also considered to have played a certain role in the prevention and treatment of SARS.

Every editor noticed that the Compound Radix Isatidis was effective against the new coronavirus, which was on the hot spot today and caused a lot of discussion.

Novel coronavirus is a new series of new drugs that Zhang Hongtao has studied. The research associate professor of pathology and Experimental Medicine Department of University of Pennsylvania medical school said that, if you look at the news released by Nanfang Daily, please note that Zhong Nanshans academician expressed that the joint research team carried out a series of screening of new drugs for the treatment of new coronavirus in vitro, and found that Fufang Banlangen Keli and stomatitis particles showed inhibition effect in vitro.

Showed in vitro inhibitory effect. The in vitro test is effective, and there is still a long way to go before it is proved to be effective. He said that academician Zhongs statement was also rigorous.

Zhang Hongtao further explained that in the face of the results of the in vitro experiment, it is not necessary to jump up and down in excitement. Whether there is any effect or not, we have to wait for the results of regular and strict phase III clinical trials. It is believed that this Banlangen compound granule will enter into further research soon, and there will be papers and data to be published in the near future.

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Is Banlangen effective for new crown? Zhong Nanshan responds