Czech health minister said it was almost certain that the new coronavirus originated from a Chinese laboratory leak, and the Chinese Embassy responded

 Czech health minister said it was almost certain that the new coronavirus originated from a Chinese laboratory leak, and the Chinese Embassy responded

Since the outbreak, China has maintained close communication and cooperation with who on the traceability of new crown virus, and Chinese scientists have also conducted scientific exchanges with international counterparts. China is the first country to announce the outbreak, but that doesnt mean it originated in China. Many information and surveys show that the trace of the virus has been found in many countries around the world, and there are many earlier than that of China. Who officials have said that the retroactive source of the virus is a continuous development process, which may involve many countries and many places; with the progress of the process, it is necessary to open up the possibility of multiple sources of virus. The U.S. National Institute for allergy and infectious diseases director, Dutch, also said that the evidence available shows that the new crown virus is not from the Chinese laboratory.

China has always believed that unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons for the international community to overcome the epidemic. China will continue to support scientists from all over the world to conduct global scientific research on the source and route of transmission of the virus, and hopes that all countries in the world will actively cooperate in this effort. It is hoped that the increasingly serious epidemic situation in Czech Republic will be brought under control as soon as possible.

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Arrogant! The Czech speaker openly declared that Taiwan is a de facto independent free country

Czech Senate speaker vitzi is expected to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan in September. During the recent interview, he openly declared that Taiwan is a de facto independent free country. In this regard, Tsai ing ing Wen, leader of the Taiwan region, said on the 24th that he was very grateful to Czech friends for speaking up. We very much welcome them to Taiwan.

A few days ago, wittzi released the news of his intention to visit Taiwan, which aroused the discussion in Czech political circles. On the 23rd, the online edition of todays Daily published a video and audio interview with vitzi, who detailed the motivation and planning of his visit to Taiwan.

During his visit, vitzi mentioned the plan for his visit to Taiwan, revealed that he would like to meet with Taiwans President, executive president and legislative president, and stressed that Taiwan is a de facto independent and free country.

Knowing that the Czech speaker is determined to visit Taiwan, those Taiwan independence are happy and even more arrogant. From the perspective of Taiwan independence, the speakers visit to Taiwan is the identification of Taiwans independence. But the real head of the Czech Republic, the president, has made it clear that he is against it. Some analysts pointed out that the so-called visit to Taiwan by the Czech speaker is actually part of the internal political struggle in Czech Republic.

On June 9, the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic warned that the visit would undermine the future cooperation between China and Czech, saying that the relevant visit to Taiwan will be an open support for the separatist forces and activities of Taiwan independence and seriously infringe upon Chinas national sovereignty and territorial integrity

Wang Yi warned the Czech Senate President in Germany: you have crossed the line in public provocation! (source: original)

Czech officials really piss off China! Within 24 hours, Chinas three companies will not stand idly by

From August 30 to September 4, the Czech Senate speaker Milos westcher led an 89 member delegation to visit Chinas Taiwan in a high-profile chartered plane. Its members included anti Chinese elements such as Prague mayor Horeb, etc., which triggered strong dissatisfaction and opposition from China.

It is worth noting that the high-profile arrival of Western politicians in Taiwan is led by the United States. It is not difficult to see the shadow of the United States behind westkills visit to Taiwan. On the 9th of last month, U.S. health secretary aza paid a high-profile visit to Taiwan under the guise of health, and we made solemn representations. Hong Kongs Star Island daily reported on August 31 that US Secretary of state pompeio had supported westkills visit to Taiwan during his previous visit to the Czech Republic, calling it a good plan. It is obvious that the United States, to a certain extent, encouraged westkill to make a wrong move.

Czech Republic is one of the earliest countries to establish diplomatic relations with China, and the Czech government has long adhered to the one China policy. However, westchers and others insist on provoking China, which has impacted the Czech foreign policy and will surely pay the price. Within 24 hours, Chinas three companies fought back with strong signals.

On August 31, foreign minister Wang Yi, who is visiting Germany, made a statement on this issue, saying that to challenge the one China principle on the Taiwan issue is to oppose the 1.4 billion Chinese people, which is an act of international breach of trust. Wang Yi stressed that the Chinese government and the Chinese people will never let go of the open provocation of the Czech Senate President and the Anti China forces behind it. They must pay a heavy price for their short-sighted behavior and political speculation.

In addition, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang met with Czech ambassador to China Tong Ford on the same day and made solemn representations. Qin Gang said that China will make the necessary response to safeguard its legitimate interests. China urges Czech side to take into account Chinas solemn position and serious concerns, fully understand the nature of westkills visit to Taiwan, and not underestimate the firm will and determination of 1.4 billion Chinese people to firmly safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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