The judges lined up to cheer Ma Ning off. He will fight for Shenhua in Hong Kong

 The judges lined up to cheer Ma Ning off. He will fight for Shenhua in Hong Kong

Because of the dispute between the referees of the Chinese Super League Championship Group, Ma Ning, who was originally in Dalian division, was transferred to Suzhou area by the Football Association. Last night, Ma Ning served as the VaR referee in Luneng Guoan match, but it caused a great controversy.

In the second half, Luneng scored a goal by Duan Liuyu, but the goal was cancelled after looking back at the VaR, because gedes fouled Li Ke in a fight before the goal.

After the game, Luneng player Jin Jingdao micro blog said: more than a language is good or bad, the referee said no foul, VAR reminded him of the foul. Ma Ning became the target of public criticism.

In todays second round match with Shenhua in Hong Kong, Ma Ning acted as the referee. Before the match, a strong fan of Shenhua issued an open letter and put forward three opinions

An open letter to the leaders of China Football Association

1u3001 Mr. Ma Ning once sent off three Shenhua players in a match of Shanghai Derby in 2015. After that, he made controversial judgments against Shenhua. He had many conflicts with Shenhua fans inside and outside the field. In such an important Derby competition, Mr. Ma Ning still had a long way to transfer Mr. Ma Ning from Dalian to Suzhou for law enforcement. What is his intention?

2u3001 Mr. Ma Ning is a referee from Jiangsu Province. No matter what the outcome of the derby, the opponent of one of the teams in the next round must be Jiangsu Suning. As a card master, if Mr. Ma Ning issues a large number of red and yellow cards in the Derby competition, the Suning team will benefit indirectly in the next round. Chairman Chen has repeatedly stressed the second stage of the Super League The most important thing in judging is to ensure fairness and justice. When there are still many excellent referees in Suzhou competition area, whats your intention to do if you violate the basic principle of evading before and after the referees arrangement, regardless of the possible unfair factors, and still insist on arranging Mr. Ma Ning to enforce the law?

3u3001 Mr. Ma Ning may be a referee with strong professional ability and personality. However, in the Beijing Shandong war last night, due to his controversial V ar penalty, Luneng team lost. After the game, Luneng players attacked the VaR studio, and many Luneng fans stayed in the stands. Many media questioned him one after another. Under such great pressure, Mr. Ma Ning was under such great pressure What do you want to do if you dont consider protecting a good referee like Manning and still insist on his law enforcement in such a heavy pressure Derby war?

With regard to the above three points, we would like to draw the attention of the leaders of the Football Association, especially President Chen Xuyuan. We hope that the derby match tonight will be a truly fair and fair high-level football game. We also hope that the law enforcers will no longer be the main players in the game. We also hope that the Chinese football arena under the leadership of President Chen will not be in darkness forever.

A group of fans who love Shenhua and also love Chinese football @ CFA.

I dont know what kind of situation will be in todays competition, lets wait and see!