Why did the boys urinal in the womens toilet make people angry?

 Why did the boys urinal in the womens toilet make people angry?

I didnt expect that the recent trend is that little boys will naturally settle in the womens room. In some shopping malls, there are special urinals for boys in womens bathrooms because it is convenient for mothers with children

This seemingly considerate move reflects too many unsolved problems.

At present, there are many problems with toilets

First, it ignores the need for fathers to take their daughters to the bathroom. However, some netizens suggested that it seems not common for a father to take his children out alone.

Therefore, this exposes the second problem: the acceptance and acquiescence of widowed parenting.

The installation of a boys urinal in the womens toilet seems to be convenient for parents and children to travel together, but instead of questioning wheres the father, it strengthens the stereotype that the mother should take care of the child.

However, there are a large number of people in the womens toilet, and the mens room is empty. However, a space for boys should be divided in the womens toilet. It can be seen that the existing public facilities are considerate to one gender and squeeze the other.

And the discomfort of other women in the toilet (including little girls) sharing the bathroom with little boys seems to have not been seriously considered.

In addition to the situation of parents taking children to the toilet, the demand of non binary gender for public toilets has also caused a lot of controversy.

Previously, a male and female b-station up owner of physiological gender and psychological gender mentioned that he would wear womens clothes and go to the womens toilet outside, which caused some netizens dissatisfaction.

At present, most toilets as public facilities are classified according to their physiological characteristics. Men enter mens toilets and womens toilets. This is a common use rule of the whole society, but the actual needs of everyone are not taken into account.

Can aliens go to the toilet?

In view of the above problems, some seemingly novel toilets should be transported out

In Beijing, the bathroom of a barbecue shop is divided into female and casual, causing heated discussion

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In London, the sign of a toilet is whatever, while in the United States, the sign of a toilet is we dont care;

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In New Zealand, the toilet sign of a theater is toilet that can be used even by aliens. The only requirement is that you wash your hands;

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There are many toilets that go further. No matter what gender you are, Teletubbies, unicorns, dinosaurs, Superman, Ergou, Android robots, welcome to come, welcome back..

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These toilets undoubtedly break the limit of traditional binary classification, and provide valuable imagination and direction for public toilets to serve everyone with gender friendliness.

A toilet that solves all problems?

Most of the above toilets are variants of gender friendly toilets.

Gender friendly toilet, also known as Unisex room, gender neutral toilet.

According to the National Taiwan Universitys gender friendly toilet design guidelines and Reference Manual published by National Taiwan University, this new toilet is tailored to improve the situation of women (especially women in physiological period and pregnancy), non-traditional gender characteristics, and parents who need to take care of children.

Most of the common problems in todays dual toilets can be solved in gender friendly toilets.

First of all, in gender friendly toilets, the safety and privacy of users are put first.

All kinds of toilets are put into separate and complete compartments, and the length, width and height of the compartments are fixed to make people feel spacious and comfortable; the garbage bin with unique design ensures that the things you throw in will not be seen by the next user; there is no gap under the door panel is the basic principle, which is very important for the safety of toilet users.

Whats more, the gender friendly toilet not only has a complete compartment, but also is equipped with safety equipment (anti pinhole, anti-theft lighting, etc.) to ensure the safety and privacy of users.

There are clear regulations and suggestions on the design of gender friendly toilets in the manual

Secondly, the problem of insufficient number of female toilets has been solved.

As we all know, the steps of using sitting and squatting toilets are more complicated than using urinals. The steps include adjusting the position, putting on and taking off clothes, and using toilet paper for cleaning. In addition to more steps, women need more space to go to the toilet to ensure smooth movements and comfortable activities.

In addition, since sitting and squatting toilets take up more space than urinals, the design of a 1:1 ratio of mens and womens toilets is actually an unfair design, which can easily lead to a long queue outside the womens toilet while no one is using the compartments in the mens room.

In order to resist this design, many girls once launched the occupy mens toilet campaign, while gender friendly toilets carried out the movements intention and the ultimate goal: to provide toilet design for all, which greatly increased the number of compartments that women can use.

There is also a special parent-child room in the gender friendly toilet, which not only has enough space, but also has toilet that can be used by boys, girls and adults, as well as armrest, shelf, diaper table, child safety seat and other facilities. Parents with children can go directly between parents and children to avoid causing trouble to others.

For those with non-traditional gender traits, gender friendly toilets provide a space of equality and respect. Here, they can be themselves.

There are many other things about gender friendly toilets.

Some people dont want to be seen by others in the bathroom when they are making up or mending their make-up. In gender friendly toilets, make-up mirrors are arranged at a smart angle that will not reflect, or put the mirrors in a single compartment. Some even have special dressing rooms.

Some people worried that the sound of going to the toilet would be very embarrassing for others to hear, so the gender friendly toilet decided to play music circularly in the toilet and add a running water button in the compartment.

The compartments set for different groups of people are pasted with clear signs and detailed instructions on the door panel to prevent anyone from having difficulties in using them. In every corner of the toilet, there are emergency bells and necessary safety facilities.

Moreover, compared with the traditional toilets, gender friendly toilets have clear requirements for cleanliness, ventilation, brightness and decoration style. Even the design of the entrance has been paid attention to, so as to reduce queuing congestion and enhance ventilation.

The design team even considered that in order to weaken the gender stereotypes, the interior decoration color should not use the traditional red and blue, but use the purple formed by the combination of red and blue.

This kind of multifunctional toilet not only takes into account the ordinary needs of special people, but also takes into account the special needs of ordinary people. It can be called human friendly toilet.

Or accept incompetence?

Of course, there will still be people who mind sharing the toilet with people of other genders.

But in fact, asexual toilets are less scarce and avant-garde than we think. The toilets on the plane, the toilets on the train, some of the restaurants, and the toilets in our most common homes are all asexual.

The current gender friendly toilet may not be perfect. It doesnt matter whether we accept it or not. It will not replace the existing mens and womens toilets, but just a new toilet being tested. Traditional toilets are, and will probably be, the mainstream of our lives.

But one thing is very important: some choices and no choices are two different things.

The value of gender friendly toilet is to open a little gap and give us more choices.

The traditional gender dichotomy toilet either simply and roughly divides people into two categories, which makes those who do not meet the standard feel pressure, or let people compete with each other in the limited resources. The design principle of gender friendly toilet is to take the ever-changing needs of people as the center, make adjustments without any trouble, and strive to create a living space where all groups do not hinder each other and understand each other.

How to treat the minority groups reflects the civilization degree of the city.

In the news some time ago, 17.31 million blind people were prevented from going out, not only because the urban planning ignored the visually impaired people, but also many people with sound health sneered: disabled people, dont go out to make trouble for the society, theres no need to change everyone for the sake of others, why should we increase trouble for you

Unreasonable blind road design can be seen everywhere

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Can such a cold, self-contained society really make the people living in it happy?

The significance of equality has never been subject to the mainstream of the masses, but to care about the minority groups and vulnerable groups whose rights and interests have not been taken care of. This kind of acceptance, tolerance and goodwill attitude can make our life better.

P. S. This paper only represents the authors personal views, some of the pictures are from the network.