You can buy the iPhone 12 on meituan, and it has bigger retail ambitions

 You can buy the iPhone 12 on meituan, and it has bigger retail ambitions

Photo source: meituan

October 23 is the official launch date of the iPhone 12 / Pro. The enthusiasm of the Apple fans has always been the same. There has been a long queue at the gate of the apple store. The stock of major e-commerce companies and Apples official website has been snapped up instantly. The delivery time of new orders is basically postponed to two or three weeks.

In addition to the above channels, if you are in Beijing or Shanghai, you may also try to buy the iPhone 12 on meituan.

Meituan said that from October 23, users within the distribution scope of stores in Beijing and Shanghai can place orders through meituan takeout and meituan app to purchase iPhone 12 series products. Meituan can provide door-to-door delivery service as soon as half an hour.

However, the quantity of commodities is limited. There are only 100 sets per city in Beijing and Shanghai every day. In addition, the activity is limited to the coverage of some stores, which means that if there is no cooperative store around the users address, it can not be bought. The relevant commodities were urgently supplied within an hour. On the afternoon of October 23, the person in charge of meituan flash purchase said.

This is not the first time that popular 3C electronic products have been sold on meituan platform. In April this year, meituan also cooperated with Huaweis authorized experience store to become an online sales channel for Huaweis P40 series.

Behind the cooperation with mobile phone businesses is meituans efforts to create a everything comes home user mind. In recent years, takeout platforms have expanded their distribution scope from catering delivery to non food products such as fresh fruits and supermarkets, so as to improve the platform stickiness and achieve business growth.

In May last year, the U.S. group announced its opening to the outside world, providing more customers with instant delivery capabilities. After opening up, meituan distribution mainly develops in two directions: merchant and order category.

In the first half of this year, the epidemic helped meituan to expand its non catering products. During the epidemic period, meituan distribution undertook many orders from large and medium-sized supermarkets, and fresh products and other categories reached new highs during the epidemic period. Weiwei, general manager of meituan distribution, said in an interview with media such as interface news.

However, when expanding from catering to other non food categories, the challenges to the platforms distribution capacity appear. Sending a mobile phone and delivering a bowl of rice are completely two abilities. Different timeliness, different customer price and different delivery experience, the riders vehicle and scheduling logic should be optimized. Wei Wei said.

In order to realize the real delivery of all things home, it is far from enough to rely on the delivery capacity upgrade of the delivery platform.

Take the retail industry as an example, if the inventory management and instant delivery are not connected, the user platform may place an order, but the rider will be out of stock after arriving at the store. This means that the retailers inventory management needs to connect with the distribution platform, while the combination of these two digital systems belonging to different industries still takes time.

In order to solve the above problems, meituan is stepping into a deeper link in the retail industry.

Not long ago, meituan demonstrated its smart store maishop for home scenes. Maishop combines flash purchase unmanned micro warehouse and meituan unmanned distribution, which can realize unmanned whole process from order placing to performance.

According to the person in charge of meituan unmanned micro warehouse system, this system can automatically complete the picking and packing of retail home orders. After consumers place an order, the intelligent shelf receives the order demand and passes it to the unmanned micro warehouse system. The transportation robot collects the order goods from different shelves and delivers them to the rider after automatic packaging.

According to the above-mentioned person in charge, the system was independently developed by meituan. It has been about two years since the project was established. In the future, it will be provided as a digital solution to businesses in supermarket convenience, drugstores and 3C electronics, there is a timetable for application implementation.

Source: responsible editor of interface news: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541