SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan x is expected to be listed in November with 246000 pre-sales

 SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan x is expected to be listed in November with 246000 pre-sales

Tiguan x integrates the design styles of SUV and Coupe models. The front face design adheres to the family symbolic language. The newly designed upper grille area is enlarged, the interior horizontal trim strip is exquisite, and the exclusive design R logo is embedded in the grille. The new headlight design adds a lot of color to the front face, and the raised lamp eyebrows extend to both sides, which is a large area with R-line sports style The light and black air intake grille is connected to the left and right, and connected with the C-type chrome plated trim strips on both sides.

The side is the highlight. The diving body posture is combined with the slender and dynamic window modeling. The length, width and height are respectively 4764 / 1859 / 1628mm, and the wheelbase is 2791mm. The sliding back roof line extends to the tail. With the design of the dynamic tail wing, it creates a ready posture. The roof mounted luggage rack adds to the smooth roof line, and the sharp waistline combines with the vehicle full of tension Body curved, extending all the way from the front fender to the rear.

Tiguan x for the first time adopts the new R-line exclusive three D-type racing car steering wheel. The multi-functional key area is upgraded to high light and black integrated touch panel, exquisite metal silver trim strip, cool R logo, exquisite perforated leather on both sides, and steering wheel heating, which greatly improves the sense of Technology, grade and comfort. It replaces the traditional central control and air control with 9.2 inch all glass touch panel The adjustment panel is also designed with glass design full touch panel.

Tiguan x will be equipped with 330tsi and 380tsi power options, with dq381dsg seven speed wet dual clutch transmission.


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