Full scene noise reduction! Oppo enco x officially released, a variety of noise reduction modes are optional

 Full scene noise reduction! Oppo enco x officially released, a variety of noise reduction modes are optional

First of all, oppoencox headset is equipped with a high-end dual core digital Bluetooth noise reduction chip, which supports dual active noise reduction. The maximum noise reduction depth is up to 35dB. In addition, it also provides strong and weak noise reduction mode adjustment. Users can choose four noise reduction modes: strong noise reduction, weak noise reduction, noise reduction off and permeability mode according to the needs of different scenes. For example, in noisy places such as buses, subways, trains and airplanes, we can adjust to strong noise reduction mode, enjoy clearer and pure music, and isolate most of the external noise.

In the office, teahouse and other indoor places with low noise, it can be adjusted to the weak noise reduction mode, which can not only create a quiet environment, but also balance the ear pressure, avoid the discomfort of stuffy ears and bring more comfortable wearing experience. In addition, we can also switch to transparent mode to receive external sound. In this way, you dont need to take off your headphones to communicate with others. Thanks to four noise reduction modes, oppoencox covers most scenes in our daily life.

In addition, oppoencox earphones also have excellent performance in noise reduction. Oppoencox earphone adopts the noise reduction scheme of three microphones. Three high sensitivity microphones are built into the earphone. Among them, two external microphones can accurately identify human voice, exclude other sounds in the scene, and only pick up the voice of the user. A microphone in the ear can collect the speech conducted by the inner ear canal, thus greatly reducing the noise of the conversation. That is to say, with the oppoencox headset, users can clearly hear their own voice even in the noisy environment of shopping malls, supermarkets and windy days.

To sum up, oppoencox has four noise reduction modes + three microphone call noise reduction, which has a very outstanding performance in noise reduction. It is a wireless headset that can hold the noise reduction requirements of multiple scenes. In addition, it also uses a new dbee3.0 acoustic system and is tuned by Daniel emonts, the chief acoustic expert of Dana. In terms of sound quality, it has achieved a height that many TWS earphones cant match. In addition, there are super long endurance, dust-proof and waterproof and other highlights, which can be said to be a very strong product with comprehensive strength. For noise reduction, sound quality requirements of friends might as well pay more attention to it.