Cloud paper: open the market with a paper towel and embark on the road of brand upgrading

 Cloud paper: open the market with a paper towel and embark on the road of brand upgrading

Cloud paper, founded in 2017, entered the market in the first year of the sharing economy and the implementation of the toilet revolution, with its trump brand product, intelligent code scanning paper fetching machine. The growth rate is amazing. In May 2018, it signed cooperation agreements with Wanda Groups three eastern provinces, and obtained a round of financing in the early stage of investment of Yiyun investment and Kyushu star, and made persistent efforts in the next month to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengan group, a giant in Chinas daily chemical industry. All these have laid a solid foundation for the subsequent market coverage of cloud paper.

The vast majority of cloud paper franchisees and platforms have a common vision: to realize the real paper toilet. In the process of serving the peoples livelihood, cloud paper has explored a closed-loop business model of obtaining traffic, user operation, establishing word of mouth, brand building and value creation. Due to its good reputation, clear mode and rapid increase of users, cloud paper IOT has won another round of financing of RMB 10 million in 2018.

After obtaining the financing, the ready cloud paper has begun to rub hands. In the second year, it began the market expansion period. With amazing explosive force, they signed an agreement with Shanghai Railway Administration in March 2019. This is a major breakthrough in the upgrading of cloud paper brand. The market equipment laying volume in August has also exceeded 20000. When the market scale has reached a certain change, cloud paper continues to play the value of innovation first, and its positioning has been upgraded from toilet health service provider to public health service provider. At the same time, it did not relax the update iteration on the equipment, and the mass production of the fifth generation equipment was put on the agenda in September.

Until 2020, the market coverage of cloud paper in China has reached 70%, which is favored by the capital and the trust of investors. A blue ocean picture is slowly unfolding. At the beginning of March, cloud paper has completed a + round of financing with tens of millions of yuan. The financing helped cloud paper push forward, and the speed of market development was not affected by the epidemic situation. As public health service providers, they took the initiative to take responsibility. Let the common people put an end to the risk of tissue infection in the severe period. In April, two products of induction type paper fetching machine and cloud circle circle were launched continuously, realizing the updating and upgrading of the product line.

Liao Yuxing, the founder and CEO of cloud paper, said, for cloud paper, profit is never the ultimate goal. Only when an enterprise shoulders social responsibility can it have long-term development and benefit the countrys life and death. How can we avoid it because of misfortunes and blessings? The moment when science and technology serves the peoples livelihood is never over. Cloud paper has been involved in the process of serving the peoples livelihood and scientific and technological progress.