Zhang Jixue: who is worth doing again in every industry

 Zhang Jixue: who is worth doing again in every industry

In 2020, Alibaba released rhinoceros intelligent manufacturing, with Gmv of more than one trillion US dollars; wechat officially established an e-commerce department with Gmv of more than one trillion, mainly promoting decentralized algorithm to help group owners make money; Tesla, which only sold 500000 vehicles a year, has a market value of more than 400 billion US dollars, eight times more than that of BMW; the shell that does not build houses has a market value of more than 80 billion US dollars, becoming the largest real estate enterprise in China; The US corps, headlines, Kwai Po, Didi, Jingdong and Ali have all entered the community electricity supplier. The new hope of pig breeding has become the food brand and entered the bio meat industry. As a leader of community media flow, the new trend media, which has been established for seven years, has made profits and ranks among the top 500 private enterprises and the top 500 Chinese brands

The essence behind these phenomena is technology + data intelligence, which is redefining every industry. In the era of industrial Internet, there will be one or two platform enterprises in each industry, which will redefine the industry.

So, who will do the new industry platform? According to Zhang Jixue, it can be Internet giants such as bat and TMD to do it, or traditional enterprises can do it through upgrading, such as the success of shell, and the new hope of agricultural industry internet platform. The final outcome may be that traditional giants and Internet giants such as bat and TMD jointly form a new ecology to jointly create an industrial Internet platform Taiwan.

Whether it is a traditional enterprise or an Internet ecological enterprise, the final winner must be an enterprise that has the technology platform and data capability, and can coexist with the industry and lead the efficiency extremely.

In order to become a leading platform enterprise in the era of industrial Internet, the strategy is very important, we must use the final thinking to push back the enterprise strategy. Zhang Jixue said that the ability circle of an enterprise includes three circles: want to do, can do and can do, and their intersection is should do. In the digital era, enterprises should make strategies in the place where they should do it, have foresight and insight into the final situation of the industry, allocate resources, talents and funds from the beginning to the end, conform to the general trend, and persist in doing it ten times, looking at ten years, thinking about three years, and working for one year. Only by living can they succeed.

Trendy media has always been committed to promoting the digitization of offline media, and has achieved profits, which proves once again that trendy gambles on the future and becomes a new species of ladder media industry.

In terms of advertising revenue, Zhang Jixue said that Xinchao media is an innovative enterprise of offline media digitization. We want to install an app or a backstage for advertisers, so that advertising can be as convenient as placing an order on meituan. Help customers to accurately select target audiences and save 50% communication cost.

New wave media has 600000 elevator smart screens in 103 cities across the country, covering 200 million middle-class families in 45000 communities. In the next three years, new wave media will deploy 2 million elevator smart screens in 100000 communities, create a community media flow platform with daily life of 300-500 million, and share offline short video Dividends with more partners to achieve win-win cooperation. Do a valuable thing, insist on doing it for a long time, and wait for the return of time_ NB6485

Do a valuable thing, long-term adherence to do, waiting for the return of time!