Cloud cattle app scam: swindle money with nonexistent cattle, victims all over the country

 Cloud cattle app scam: swindle money with nonexistent cattle, victims all over the country

The investigation by surging journalists found that yunyangniu apps all claimed that there were regular animal husbandry companies behind the app. However, after the incident, many animal husbandry companies involved in the incident said that they were falsely using business license, domain name and other information by illegal elements.

At present, the police in Hainan, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other places put on file for investigation after receiving reports. A police officer of the Public Security Bureau of Helinger County, Hohhot City, told the surging news that there are victims all over the country, involving multiple apps, and the number of people involved is extensive, so the investigation is difficult.

Can you make money by raising cattle online? Some users said that the investment of 250000 yuan could not be withdrawn

On the afternoon of June 24th, Li Bing (alias), looking at a text of WeChat official account, found a new Internet plus animal husbandry project, Xinyue livestock cloud cattle raising project. He downloaded the Xinyue livestock APP according to the two-dimensional code provided in the tweets.

The APP introduced the companys full name as Inner Mongolia Xinyue agricultural and animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., the company combined with many large scale livestock farms, and launched the Internet Financial ranch with the idea of Internet plus sharing pasture + adoption mode. Users can spend money to adopt cattle through Xinyue animal husbandry app, and then entrust the cattle to the platform for breeding, and can view the feeding process of cattle in real time. The final income of cattle will be equally divided into adoption profits every day, and settlement and withdrawal can be carried out at maturity.

Li Bing said that seeing this new investment model, he was both excited and worried. In order to verify the reliability of APP, he searched the website through sky view to find out the qualification of the company and confirmed the business license. I saw that the companys credentials and qualifications were perfect, and I think it was reliable, after all, it is promoting the Internet plus.

From the screenshot provided by Li Bing, it can be seen that on the app, each cow is marked with the corresponding number, amount of adoption, breeding period and expected profit. The feeding period ranges from 2 days to 31 days. The higher the amount of adoption and the longer the feeding period, the higher the profit will be.

On the same day, Li Bing invested 500 yuan, and the next day showed that he made a profit of 5 yuan, which was paid in less than 24 hours after withdrawal. Seeing that app can really bring huge profits, Li Bing was very excited and began to invest money to adopt more cattle. He said that the highest amount of investment reached 250000 yuan.

Notice of paying taxes in good faith according to law issued by Xinyue animal husbandry app

While Li Bing was immersed in the daily increase in profits, on August 6, the app platform suddenly released a notice of paying taxes in accordance with the law and integrity on its home page. The notice said: the daily chemical income of high-income projects operated by Xinyue animal husbandry Co., Ltd. in recent days exceeded the provisions of the state tax law. Now, it has been found by the tax bureau of Ulanqab City, the State Administration of taxation. Please pay taxes according to the VIP level! Tax payment is just a way for you to cooperate with our company. After the payment is successful, it will be submitted to the tax bureau at 24 oclock, and the normal withdrawal can be resumed.

If the tax payment is not completed within the prescribed time, the members account will be permanently frozen according to law, and all funds in the account will also be submitted to the tax bureau as tax revenue and included in the dishonest executive. According to the VIP level, users need to pay from 3000 yuan to 800000 yuan, and can not use the existing balance in the account.

At that time, Li Bing had already belonged to the VIP5 level of the platform, and the required amount was 150000 yuan. This large amount of money made him very difficult. He tried to withdraw 250000 yuan from his account, but he didnt get it.

I didnt have so much money in hand, so I went to ask the customer service at that time. The customer service said that the cash could only be collected after paying the corresponding tax. If I didnt have so much money, I would freeze the funds in the account and hand it over to the tax bureau according to the notice. Li Bing immediately felt cheated, he warned customer service staff, if I dont get my principal, I will report it. Customer service response: our legal department will cooperate with you, and will also cooperate with the tax bureau to bring you into the dishonest executive.

On the afternoon of August 7, Li Bing went to the police station near his home to report the case. However, the police did not accept the case because the company registered in Inner Mongolia. That night, Li Bing tried to mention the current situation, and found that the app had been unable to log in, and 250000 funds were locked in the app.

Im really stupid. Ive been cheated out of my hard-earned money for half my life. Li Bing said that of the 250000 yuan cheated, 100000 yuan was saved by the family, and 150000 yuan was the loan he applied for. At present, not only his familys normal life is affected, but he has to repay the loan on a monthly basis.

Another cheater, Wang Jing (pseudonym), was found to be cheated only after completing the tax payment.

She told surging news that she had invested 83000 yuan in the platform when the app released the tax notice on August 6. In order to avoid the money in the account being handed over to the tax bureau, Wang Jing transferred 30000 yuan to the platform on the same day for paying taxes.

But the next day, she found that the funds had been withdrawn on the app, and the account balance was zero, and no money was recorded in her bound bank card. That night, the app could not log in, and then she realized that she was in a scam.

Cloud cattle raising interface of Tianhe animal husbandry app

After the incident, Wang Jing joined the rights protection group of Xinyue animal husbandry, where hundreds of people were cheated, and the total amount of money cheated reached 7 million yuan. Soon after, Wang Jing learned from the group that the victims of Tianhe animal husbandry had also established a rights protection group. At present, there are 56 people in the group. The investment models of these two apps are the same, and it is likely that the same group of people are behind them.

Among them, Kaixin animal husbandry, Quansheng animal husbandry, Xinyuan animal husbandry and Shengyuan animal husbandry all issued a tax payment notice according to law similar to Xinyue animal husbandry before the app could not log in, requiring users to pay tax according to the membership level, otherwise they could not withdraw cash, and promised to withdraw all tax payment funds and principal interest in the morning of the next day after tax payment. After users paid taxes, they still could not withdraw cash. Soon after, the platform was closed, and the mode was the same as that of Xinyue animal husbandry.

I saw the advertisement of Tianhe animal husbandry cloud cattle raising in June this year. At that time, I thought it was a very novel investment model. I also used Baidu, aiqicha and tianyancha to investigate the app. I felt that the companys certificates were complete and formal. Xiao Ning said that to be cautious, he has been investing 500 yuan or 2000 yuan, and has recovered the principal and income normally when it matures.

But before the Chinese Valentines day, the app launched the Qixi welfare cattle project. Each cow claims 10000 yuan, and can return 357 yuan every day. The investment period is five days. With a try attitude, Xiaoning invested 10000 yuan, and the income of the first four days all arrived on schedule, but the principal and income that should have been returned on the fifth day did not arrive.

At that time, she contacted the customer service, she said that Tanabata cattle had to invest 5 or more to withdraw cash, or they would have to wait for the end of the year to settle, return the principal, and deduct 10% of the handling fee. After listening to the customer service, Xiaoning invested in four more cattle, but the principal and interest were still not received in five days.

Xiaoning invested 150000 yuan under the persuasion of Tianhe animal husbandry app customer service

Through a number of victims rights groups, surging news reporters learned that among the 12 cloud cattle apps that are said to be unable to withdraw funds and land, Xinyuan animal husbandry app, the earliest one to publish promotion articles on the Internet, went online in early May this year, and failed to log in on July 1. Most of the other apps were launched from June to July this year, and they were found unable to log in between August and September. Each app has a life span of about two months. At present, they are in a state that cant be searched in the app mall and those that have been downloaded and installed cant log in.

Many companies behind the app claim to have been embezzled by illegal elements

After finding that Tianhe animal husbandry app was unable to log in, Xiaoning went to the registration place of Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd., the company of the app, to learn about the situation. He said that he met two company workers. The workers said that the company was no longer available. I asked them if they knew about Tianhe animal husbandry cloud cattle app, and they said they had never heard of it..

Query Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd. through tianyancha website. In the column of dynamic discussion, many people claim to be victims of Tianhe animal husbandry app and ask the company to return investment funds.

On September 4, Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd. issued a statement, saying that some lawbreakers set up Tianhe animal husbandry financial management app in the name of the company, and used the app to issue a financial product called Internet animal husbandry cattle raising.

In this regard, surging journalists contacted Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd. for many times, but did not get through the phone.

On October 16, a police officer in charge of the case in the criminal investigation team of Helinger County Public Security Bureau told surging news that after investigation, Tianhe animal husbandry app had no relationship with Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd., we understand that it is the criminals who falsely used the companys name and domain name, and also set up a website and app.

According to the police, it has been confirmed that Tianhe animal husbandry app is a standard investment and financial fraud case. The Public Security Bureau has received a lot of feedback from people all over the country, and the case is under further investigation.

Coincidentally, another run away cloud cattle APP Shengyuan animal husbandry, behind its company Shengyuan animal husbandry Co., Ltd. also issued a statement in the eyes of heaven, saying, our company has never publicized and invested in cattle raising activities, and has not developed and established the Shengyuan livestock husbandry APP and official account.

On October 21, the surging news reporter contacted a person in charge of Shengyuan animal husbandry Co., Ltd., who said that the company received a large number of phone calls asking about Shengyuan animal husbandry app in August this year. When we came up, we said that we couldnt log in or finance app. After listening, we found out that there was a Shengyuan animal husbandry app.

Shengyuan animal husbandry Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, mainly operates traditional offline cattle farms, but due to capital problems, the company has not carried out business for a long time, let alone online business. After the incident, the company immediately reported the case to the local police station and the Public Security Bureau of linger County, but the case was not filed because the company did not suffer economic losses.

We can often get calls from victims now and then we can explain it and ask them to call the police. The official said that the companys reputation was seriously affected by the embezzlement of company information and the victims online rights protection.

On October 21, a policeman of the Public Security Bureau of Helinger County, Inner Mongolia, confirmed to the surging news that Shengyuan animal husbandry Co., Ltd. had indeed been stolen and used company information, we have investigated that Shengyuan animal husbandry Co., Ltd. has closed down a long time ago, the companys domain name has also been cancelled, and the domain name has been registered by illegal elements.

On September 4, Inner Mongolia Xinyue agriculture and animal husbandry science and Technology Co., Ltd. in an interview with Qilu Evening News, the companys legal representative also said that the companys information had been embezzled, saying that Xinyue animal husbandry app forged the companys business license and other information, and used this information to develop apps through other companies. Our company does not have this app at all, and our company has not actually operated up to now.

The legal representative said that the company was established in 2016, but due to problems such as procedures and funds, there has been no actual business. In June this year, the company accidentally learned that Xinyue animal husbandry app embezzled the companys information, and issued an announcement to the police in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia for filing. In August this year, the company received a lot of phone calls from the cheaters, all about Xinyue animal husbandry app, which has been reported to the police.

At present, in the discussion of tianyancha website of Inner Mongolia Xinyue agriculture and animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd., there are still many users who report being cheated by Xinyue animal husbandry app.

Police: there are a large number of people involved in the case, so it is difficult to investigate

After learning that Tianhe animal husbandry app could not log in on September 3, Xiaoning immediately went to Longhua Branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau to report the case. On October 21, the police in charge of the case from the Criminal Police Brigade of the Bureau said that Tianhe animal husbandry app case has been put on file for investigation as a fraud case and is still in the investigation stage.

He told the surging news that since August this year, Longhua Branch Bureau began to receive reports about cloud cattle app. At present, there are more than 10 victims, mainly Tianhe animal husbandry app victims. We have collected evidence and started to investigate, but there are too many telecom fraud cases and limited manpower. It will take some time to investigate.

The police of the criminal investigation team of Linchuan branch of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau in Jiangxi Province, who is responsible for investigating Xinyue animal husbandry app, also told surging news. This is the first time that the Public Security Bureau has received a report about XX animal husbandry app fraud, which has not appeared in previous years. According to the information we have, it can be determined that it is network fraud, but it is still in the preliminary investigation stage. The police said that Linchuan branch has sent police to many places in the country to investigate, but whether the money can be recovered from the victims is uncertain.

Public Security Bureau of Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province releases anti fraud microblog

On September 15, the Public Security Bureau of Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, also issued a warning microblog on its official microblog Jingbian public security: on the evening of September 12, Mao, an employee of a unit in qingyangcha Town, Jingbian, reported that he downloaded a Yinlong animal husbandry app by scanning the code, and then purchased Yinlong animal husbandry e-cattle for recharging. From September 2 to now, he transferred 10600 yuan six times, and later found that the customer service was missing and unable to Withdrawal, suspected to be cheated. Police: investors should be wary of Ultra-high-yield investments. They should not be misled by the temporary high interest rates. They should not believe in the business that only makes but does not pay. They should avoid falling into the trap of network investment and financial fraud

Through a number of victims rights groups, surging journalists learned that most of the victims have already reported to the police in their jurisdiction. Dongfeng police station of Wudang branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau, Damian police station of Longquanyi District branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, Maiji branch of Tianshui Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province have filed cases for investigation.

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