Whats needed to make up for whats missing, stay up late and place an order to fight aging in advance How does the anxious tonic generation keep fit? Cbndata Report

 Whats needed to make up for whats missing, stay up late and place an order to fight aging in advance How does the anxious tonic generation keep fit? Cbndata Report

Hot consumption of online health care products

The main driving force of the young supplement generation

According to the report, the national expenditure on health care will increase rapidly in 2019, and the consumption scale of tmall health products will continue to expand in recent three years. In the second quarter of this year, as we entered the post epidemic era, peoples further concern for health promoted the retaliatory consumption of health care products, and the consumption of online health care products increased significantly.

The growth of the online health care products industry is largely driven by the increase in the number of consumers. The post-90s and generation Z, whose consumption share has been increasing, are the core drivers. Among the health self-assessment scores of different age groups in 2020, the post-90s and Post-00 young people have high expectations of health, while the self-assessment scores are generally low. Anxiety about their own health has become the key word of this generation of young consumers. Post-90s health care craze is also on the hot search recently, becoming the focus of the major media attention.

The secret of young peoples health

No longer following the trend, more precise segmentation, professional and comprehensive

According to the report, even under the influence of the national tide, the consumption scale of traditional tonic is expanding, but more young people still prefer more direct dietary nutrition. With the acceleration of the pace of life, dietary nutrition and health products become the first choice of many young people with the characteristics of convenience and efficiency.

At the same time, the consumption of immune regulation, sleep improvement, bone nutrition and health and other functional products has a high growth rate. For example, jianmeishengs vitamin C chewable tablets, melatonin soft candy, vitamin D3 and other products accurately hit the young peoples weak immunity, insomnia and other pain points, with great consumption potential.

In addition to the targeted health care approach which pursues precise and subdivided functions, young people are also very concerned about the rich and diverse functions of health products.

According to the report, the proportion of young people who are only satisfied with a single type of health care products is getting smaller and smaller. The growth of young people who buy 4-6 kinds of health care products or more is the most obvious.

Consumption scene is more daily, sports, business trip, stay up late do not forget supplies

Young peoples purchase of health care products is not limited to the promotion period. Especially in the past two years, the proportion of young peoples dietary health care consumption during the non promotion period has significantly increased, and the consumption frequency of non promotion period has also increased significantly. This also shows that the consumption of health care products is more daily, and it has become the normal life of young people to buy health products at any time.

From the perspective of specific consumption scenarios, sports and fitness, work and business trips, staying up late and staying up late have become common scenes for young people to use health products.

The heavy work pressure also makes more and more young workers have a strong demand for health products. The consumption growth rate of young consumer groups in work-related health products is far higher than that of the whole, and the number of young peoples health care products on business trip is also increasing year by year.. Young people in offices and on business trips work hard and have health products. In order to get better sleep in the hotel, they may also put some portable melatonin in their bags.

Young people are often the main force of staying up late, and the proportion of people who fall asleep after 0:00 is as high as 48%. But at the same time, they are also aware of the harm of staying up late. More and more young people are looking for remedies after staying up late. The consumption penetration rate of young people in health care products related to staying up late is increasing year by year. Moreover, compared with health products with other functions, more young people will focus on staying up late at about 12 oclock in the morning. The scene of staying up late at night directly triggers their health care needs.

Breaking the stereotype, the consumption of health care products can also be avant-garde and interesting

In the consumption of health care products for young people, there are new trends such as health food snacks, mens Oral Beauty and generation Z anti aging, which break our inherent cognition.

In terms of form, soft candy, jelly and other forms of snacks in young peoples consumption of health care products has increased significantly, and the proportion of young consumers of snack health products has also increased year by year. Compared with other generations, the younger generation is more willing to taste fresh food and has a higher preference for snacks. In terms of gender, women have a higher preference for snack shape health products; at the city level, young people in second tier cities are more willing to pay for health snacks; in terms of categories, melatonin soft candy, collagen soft candy and compound vitamin soft candy are the most popular.

Anti aging is no longer exclusive to middle-aged people. In addition to acne, acne and acne, generation Z is also troubled by skin symptoms such as large pores, dark skin color, fine lines / age spots. The penetration rate of generation Z in oral beauty and health care products continues to rise, and the consumption growth rate is far higher than that of other generations. Among the oral beauty products, grape seed and rose fruit, which are the most favored by generation Z, have antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Young people in their early twenties have started the process of skin care in frozen age.

The health preserving secret of the tonic generation is to pursue more diversified and accurate functions, integrate into more daily consumption scenes, and break the restrictions of stereotype, and have a more advanced and interesting consumption concept. With the deepening of peoples attention to health problems, peoples consumption of health care products will have more new changes. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485