Qunjie Wulian has won 10 million level round a financing, and the joint investment of all things capital and shallow stone venture capital

 Qunjie Wulian has won 10 million level round a financing, and the joint investment of all things capital and shallow stone venture capital

At present, it has successfully provided seal intelligent management solutions for more than 1000 medium and high-end government and enterprise customers in China. Many domestic first-line enterprise groups, including Xiaomi technology, byte skipping, PICC, Suning group, Biguiyuan, Wanda Group, China railway construction, tal future and other domestic first-line enterprise groups have achieved efficient and efficient seal digital safety management and control through the overall solution of qunjie seal Internet of things.

Leading the digital wave and promoting the reform of enterprise digital management

Today, the wave of digitization has swept across the world, and the digital transformation of various industries is in full swing. In order to continue to occupy a place in the fierce competition in the future, enterprises continue to increase their investment in digital products. Qunjie is well aware of the pain points in the process of seal management. Focusing on the market demand of enterprise seal risk control and digital transformation, qunjie aims to make seal use safer and manage more intelligently. After five years of development, qunjie has grown at a high speed, Innovative use of the Internet of things and intelligent risk control technology to establish the seal Internet of things management platform and a number of smart terminal products of qunjie, such as seal treasure, seal machine and seal cabinet, to provide enterprises with full ecological seal management and control services. The service scope covers construction, real estate, finance, manufacturing and many other industries.

Make concerted efforts to achieve the future

Qunjie has the first mover advantage in the field of intelligent seal, and has a large number of mature and stable high-end user groups. The business model verified by the market and the professional and efficient core team are the important reasons for the favor of the capital side. Zhu Jie, founder of qunjie IOT, said that with the capitals increase, it can be expected in the future. Qunjie will further increase the exploration of enterprise risk control safety and technological innovation, focus on enterprise risk control management, do a good job in product development, application and promotion, optimize implementation services, further expand high-end enterprise users through market channel construction and brand marketing, and strive to become the leader of seal ecological security management.