Jinshan cloud releases staryao bare metal server to build cloud infrastructure for cloud computing 2.0

 Jinshan cloud releases staryao bare metal server to build cloud infrastructure for cloud computing 2.0

Completely exclusive native bare metal service. As a native bare metal server, it does not produce any performance loss and resource preemption, and the computing power service is more secure, stable and reliable. At the same time, the user configuration is more flexible, supporting complex raid mode, system parameter selection, image customization and other features. It can quickly adapt to the latest hardware experience packages including AEP, optane, RDMA network, etc., so that users can quickly build a cloud specific physical server cluster with ultra-high performance, security isolation and flexible management to meet the application services of high-performance demand scenarios.

More flexible elastic expansion ability and unified network experience. Staryao bare metal server can be used as the logical extension part of traditional IDC. A single zone supports more than 100000 bare metal cloud resource expansion, breaking through the limitation of insufficient resources in traditional data center. The single container cluster can support 10000 server nodes, realize the expansion of tens of thousands of bare metal servers in 20 minutes, support up to 20000 cloud routes and 80 lines of high-quality network resources, and users can seamlessly use all products and services of Jinshan cloud public cloud. At the same time, hybrid cloud is used for high-speed interworking between Jinshan cloud and user built IDC, and the user built bare metal server cluster is managed. Users can get a more unified network experience in the process of using various resources (including bare metal, cloud server and container, etc.) of their own and Jinshan cloud.

The whole life cycle operation and maintenance hosting of services. The star Obsidian bare metal server supports cloud hosting mode and cloud container integrated management, provides unified management of hosted resources and cloud resources. It can rent bare metal servers and cloud hosting of bare metal servers with one click, and help enterprises and organizations quickly build cloud based product capabilities.

As a new generation of cloud infrastructure built by Jinshan cloud for cloud computing 2.0 era, Xingyao bare metal server integrates PAAS layer services such as container and big data, and supports plug-in installation. At present, the product has been widely deployed in high-performance computing, big data storage cluster, kubernetes container cluster construction and other application scenarios. For AI scenarios, based on different computing requirements, a heterogeneous computing platform is built by using cloud server and starlight bare metal server, CPU and GPU. Among them, the bare metal server of Xingyao can be equipped with GPU processor to form an inference cluster to provide high-performance AI reasoning calculation ability. Different computing resources are connected through internal network, peer-to-peer connection and special line connection to realize high-speed interconnection of resources, Better meet the users demand for computing power. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485