Well known columnist of the New York Times: this election may lead to the American Civil War

 Well known columnist of the New York Times: this election may lead to the American Civil War

However, as far as the U.S. general election is concerned, voters are divided unprecedentedly, and the two sides are almost irreconcilable; moreover, the voters on both sides are highly emotional and ideological. Because of these two unprecedented characteristics, some former politicians and public opinion leaders in the United States believe that this is the most dangerous election in the United States since the civil war. After the election, there is a great possibility of November surprise.

There is a huge split in national identity

As their founding motto says, we only trust in God and democracy we trust. They are resolute defenders of guns, against abortion, against homosexuality, against multiculturalism and pluralistic values. In their belief, the prerequisite for the existence of the melting pot of America is that immigrants from all over the world must accept the values and lifestyle of the Mayflower. Only in this way can we become Americans.

In the minds of these voters, the indispensable symbolic ceremony of national power is the U.S. President stroking the Bible and chanting God bless America when he takes office. Trumps right wing is conservative and firmly opposed to political correctness, so he becomes the flag bearer and hope of defending our America, and obtains the fanatical support of their religious belief.

Biden supporters firmly believe that pluralism and inclusiveness are the foundation of the United States. Multiculturalism and ethnic groups are not only the reality of American society, but also the necessary conditions for the continuous development of the United States. The tolerance, acceptance and equal rights of the United States towards multiculturalism and ethnic groups are the necessary guarantee of the American melting pot and the source of the soft power of the United States.

Therefore, Bidens supporters believe that the public power of the United States must provide institutional guarantee for safeguarding multiculturalism, combating racial discrimination and ensuring equal rights of citizens. The U.S. government should not only exercise the absolute power to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity and protect the safety of peoples lives and property on behalf of the country, but also actively and extensively intervene in various social and economic affairs to ensure that Americans from all over the world can maintain their cultural heritage in accordance with the US Constitution and enjoy equal rights of citizens.

The Mafia movement in the United States not only opposes racial discrimination, but also highlights the Americanism of pluralism, inclusiveness and equality. This group of voters support Biden as enthusiastically as those who support trump. In their view, if trump continues to be in power for the next four years, the United States will face a huge crisis of national extinction.

The opposition in the United States is not as simple as that between the two parties

Defending our America is fanatical

Obviously, the trump campaign team is fully aware of the opposition of voters and actively uses this division for personal gain. Since the beginning of the campaign, Trumps campaign team has constantly encouraged, encouraged and supported all kinds of political impulses of white voters with evangelicals as the main body. From opposing the wearing of masks, social isolation, armed occupation of places of public power necessary for the control of the epidemic situation, and armed conflict with the Mafia GUI movement, trump basically expressed his support.

In the first debate with Biden, when the host repeatedly asked whether trump opposed the white supremacy doctrine, trump not only avoided but said, proud boy, stand by! As we all know, proud young man is a political organization of extreme right. They not only advocate that white people should be the master of the United States, but also defend the so-called our America by force.

As president of the United States, trump did not strive to overcome the division of national identity that touched the foundation of the United States, but used this division to achieve success. As James Mattis, former Defense Minister of the trump administration, pointed out in his open letter issued on June 3 this year, trump is a split president who never tries to unite.

Thats where the danger lies. If trump loses the election, the voters who support him are likely to refuse to accept the reality and continue to support trump enthusiastically at the instigation of trump and his campaign team. At present, various conspiracy theories are popular among Trumps support groups. Since the start of the campaign, Trumps team has been exposed with various campaign corruption charges and its refusal to promise to hand over power peacefully after losing the election, which has strengthened the fear of its supporters that our America will be usurped, and inspired their fanaticism to defend our America. The recent two consecutive incidents of white right-wing organizations trying to kidnap Democratic governors by armed means have shown the evil omen of such fanaticism.

Recently, Thomas Friedman, a well-known columnist of the New York Times, has pointed out with concern that this election may lead to the American Civil War. It is these evangelical white voters who live in large rural areas of the United States that he is worried about. As fanatical gun owners, they hold all kinds of modern firearms; the affiliation of evangelicals makes them have a considerable number of organized and nationwide contact networks. If trump loses the election, he will lose the fear of our America and his enthusiastic support for the traditional white values of the United States, which will probably prompt them to take action.

After all, the only difference between their actions and their predecessors in the American War of independence is that their ancestors, armed with pickups and SUVs and armed with more modern guns, are likely to fight against the outcome of the election.

Moreover, even if trump loses the election, he will still preside over the transitional government before the new president takes office on January 20, 2021, and still has corresponding executive power. This means that if November surprise happens, it will do great harm to the United States and the whole world. Therefore, we must take precautions.

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