The woman was killed by her husband before her engagement, and her body was thrown away. Last year, she concealed the evidence from her family and suspects

 The woman was killed by her husband before her engagement, and her body was thrown away. Last year, she concealed the evidence from her family and suspects

Zhang Fang (not her real name), the mother of the victim Yi, was contacted by She told reporters that on the evening of last Saturday (October 17), the day before the engagement banquet, she rushed to her daughters son-in-laws house, but found that the police were taking photos and fixing the scene evidence. I almost broke down at that time.

Yi and her husband Wang have known each other for three years. Yi is three years older than Wang. Their love has not been approved by her mother Zhang Fang. But last year, they still secretly got the marriage certificate from their families.

Taking into account the fact that everything is done and the man has already bought a wedding home this year, Zhang Fang begins to accept the fact. The parents agreed to hold a engagement ceremony on Sunday (October 18) to invite their relatives and friends to get together.

However, the day before the engagement Banquet (October 17), her daughter and son-in-law couldnt get through. Thinking that her daughter had not answered her phone for several days, she only replied a few words on wechat. Zhang Fang, who was worried, decided to visit her daughters house. Unexpectedly, it is the sad news that her son-in-law killed her daughter. Wang was also arrested by the police on October 17.

October 18 is the wedding day of 28 year old Xiaoya and 25-year-old Liu Dong (pseudonym), but on October 17, Xiaoyas mother Zhang Fang (pseudonym) suddenly couldnt contact her daughter. When she arrived at her daughters wedding room, she found that Xiaoya had been killed. Not only that, Zhang Fang also learned from an insider that Xiaoya was killed and dumped by Liu Dong on October 13. During this period, Liu Dong contacted his family and friends with Xiaoyas mobile phone and in the name of Xiaoya, creating the illusion that Xiaoya was normal. At present, Liu Dong has been arrested by the police.

A 28 year old woman was killed and dumped by her husband the day before her engagement. Mother: my daughter kept her marriage certificate from me

She was brutally killed by her husband five days before the engagement ceremony

On October 15, after Xiaoya had been killed, Liu Dong continued to discuss the engagement hotel with Zhang Fang. At the beginning, their family proposed a hotel. Our two families had dinner there before, but the distance was far away. We recommended a nearby hotel, and Liu Dong agreed

At 9:23 a.m. on October 17, Zhang Fang launched a voice chat with Liu Dong on wechat, but Liu Dong did not answer and replied that Zhang Fang was still sleeping. Zhang Fang and her husband told the hotel staff that in the afternoon, Liu Donghui and his mother would go to the hotel to confirm the final table number. Meanwhile, Zhang Fang informed her relatives and friends that Xiaoya was engaged tomorrow.

At 6:00 p.m. on October 17, the staff of the hotel called Zhang Fang and said that no one came to your son-in-laws house. We were waiting for him here, so we couldnt get off work. Zhang Fang was very angry after receiving the phone call. She thought that she had told her relatives and friends about the engagement, but Liu Dong had not yet made a reservation. Zhang Fang immediately dialed her daughters phone, the phone is in the state of power off, Liu Dongs phone has not been answered. Realizing that the situation was wrong, Zhang Fang began to send wechat to her daughter and Liu Dong, I was very anxious at that time. I said, please tell me what happened. Anxious Zhang Fang dialed Liu Dongs mother Zhou Meimei (not her real name), she called Zhou Meimei several times and didnt answer it. The last time she answered, she said she heard that the child was killing people with a knife.

Zhang Fang, who was terrified, had no time to ask what had happened. She felt that she had to go to the toilet. When she ran from the second floor to the first floor, Zhang Fang saw Zhou Meimei and three women walking upstairs. When Zhang Fang returned to her daughters new house after going to the toilet, Zhou Meimei had already left. Later, Zhang Fang called Zhou Meimei several times, but no one answered.

Zhang Fang was eager to find Xiaoya at that time, but the police did not allow her to enter. She took Zhang Fang to the Public Security Bureau. Zhang Fang also called her husband who was eating out. After arriving at the Public Security Bureau, the police asked my wife, how old are you this year? My wife said 53 years old, the police said, are you well? Now we understand everything. Learning that her daughter was killed, Zhang Fang nearly fainted and was taken to a nearby hospital.

However, the time of Liu Dongs crime has not been disclosed to his family. According to Zhang Fang, after the incident, she and her husband went to a Nanchang court where Xiaoya went to work to collect the remains of their daughter. They happened to meet the Public Security Bureau. They went to the court for investigation and just left. The court staff told Zhang Fang and his wife that the police had determined that Xiaoya was killed on October 13.

The husband used his wifes mobile phone to contact relatives and friends after committing the crime

Zhang Fang recalled to Jinyun news reporter that from October 14 to October 17, she and her daughter had not been able to talk.

During this period, I couldnt get through to my daughter, so I asked Liu Dong where are you? Liu Dong said he was going to a friends place, Xiaoya and her best friend went to buy vegetables. I said to ask Xiaoya to call me back, but I didnt wait for my daughters call that day. The next day, I called my daughter again. No one answered. I sent a wechat to Xiaoya and asked where she was? Xiaoya replied that I had gone shopping with Liu Dongs mother, so I asked her how she didnt dare to answer the phone. Xiaoya was afraid of saying something wrong Zhang Fang said.

Liu Dong discusses engagement with Xiaoyas mother on wechat

On October 17, Zhang Fang went to the store to buy a necklace for her daughter who was about to be engaged. She took photos of several of the photos and sent them to Xiaoya on wechat. Liu Dong replied to Zhang Fang with Xiaoyas mobile phone.

From the evening to the evening of October 13, Xiaoya and her colleagues Xiaoyu (alias) and boudoir Xia (pseudonym) respectively talked with their voice.

From 17:30 to 18:10 on the 13th, Xiaoyu and Xiaoya chatted on wechat, I didnt get off work until 5:30 that day, so I said to Xiaoya. Xiaoya said, Im home. How can you get off work?. We talked about our work for a while. At that time, Xiaoya made a speech, which can be confirmed as her own

On the morning of October 14, Xiaoya didnt go to work. Xiaoya tells Xiaoyu through wechat that she is sick and asked for leave. Up to 10:00 p.m. on the 14th, Liu Dong was using Xiaoyas mobile phone to reply to Xiaoyus message.

Liu Dong answers Xiaoyus wechat screenshot with Xiaoya mobile phone

At 8:32 am on October 15, Xiaoyu asked Xiaoya, come to work today? At this time, although Liu Dong still uses Xiaoyas wechat, it has become his own tone: she retched most of the night yesterday. Today, I took her to the hospital to have a look, but I couldnt carry it yesterday.... At 5:27 p.m., Xiaoyu asked again through wechat, is it better? Liu Dong did not reply.

Xiaoyu said that he didnt think too much at that time, but he was at home on October 17 and 18 at the end of the two days. After reading the chat records with Xiaoya, he felt that something was wrong. Xiaoya always replied to me via wechat in a timely manner, no matter what content I sent. But since the 14th, the interval between replies is very long. Early in the morning of October 19, Xiaoyu got the news of Xiaoyas murder.

Xia Xia also contacted Xiaoya on wechat from 18:30 to 19:00 on October 13, because we both offer once a week or half a month. That day, I told her on wechat that we couldnt make an appointment that weekend, and I wanted to go to Beijing on business. At that time, she replied to me by voice. We chatted for about half an hour, and then we didnt contact Xiaoya because I was busy with my work

Liu Dong is very introverted. He doesnt talk much in front of everyone. He is obedient to Xiaoya. He is a bit like what we call dog man. . But I dont think there is any sign of cruelty. Liu Dong is very weak, and his education level is not high. He has never had a stable job, so he will make excuses for himself. Sometimes Xiaoya thinks that Liu Dong is doing something wrong. He can find out thousands of reasons to defend himself. We are usually together, they occasionally have some conflicts, but they never quarrel fiercely Xia Xia said.

However, in addition to the complementary personality, in the eyes of people around him, Liu Dong is a boy who has no sense of responsibility and is not worthy of trust.

In 2017, Xiaoya drove out of an accident and scratched with other vehicles, so she chose to alarm. Liu Dong was a assistant police officer of Traffic Police Department of Donghu District traffic police team in Nanchang city. Xiaoya and Liu Dong met each other during the process of handling traffic accidents. According to Xiaoya mother Zhang Fang, they met soon, Liu Dong began to pursue Xiaoya, he said he was a formal staff of traffic police brigade, a police officer, two people get along for a while, and began to fall in love.

Xiaoya works in a court in Nanchang city. She is a civilian in the office. She is usually responsible for printing documents, which is not particularly busy. Xiaoyas appearance is very good and her personality is cheerful. Everyone cant help but exclaim, its so cute! That kind of girl. Xiaoyu told Jinyun news reporter.

At the same time, Xia Xia revealed that Xiaoyas family conditions are also superior, and she has never felt the pressure of life. And because Xiaoyas parents divorced, Xiaoyas mother dotes on the only daughter and is obedient to Xiaoya.

After Xiaoya and Liu Dong fall in love, with the deepening understanding of both sides, Liu Dong tells Xiaoya that he has no formal establishment and is an auxiliary police officer. Although she was surprised by Liu Dongs cheating, Xiaoya did not break up and chose to stay with Liu Dong. However, Zhang Fang, Xiao Yas mother, was quite critical of the incident, believing that Zhang Dong had taken advantage of Xiaoyas simplicity and heavy feelings.

Xia Xia told Jinyun news reporter that after Liu Dong and Xiaoya were together, he quit his job as an auxiliary police officer. The salary is too low and there is no development. Xiaoya also hopes that he can come out and make a breakthrough at such a young age. Later, Liu Dong decided to come out. Before the crime, Liu Dong has been doing sales related work.

After they had been together for a period of time, Liu Dong went to Xiaoyas home for a meal, and then Liu Dong suddenly didnt say hello and lived in Xiaoyas house. Liu Dong said that his mothers temper was too irascible and didnt want to live with them, so he suddenly moved to my house and didnt even call our adults. Zhang Fang introduced that Liu Dongs mother Zhou Meimei (not her real name) had three marriages in total. In the second marriage, Liu Dong was born, and then Zhou Meimei got married again and gave birth to a boy. Therefore, Liu Dong was raised by her grandmother and had no close relationship with her mother and stepfather.

Xia Xia said that when Xiaoya and Liu Dong were in love, Xiaoya also talked about Liu Dongs family situation with her friends for many times. Xiaoya told us that Liu Dong was very unfortunate. His mother married three times, he was the son of the second marriage, and his father was a Cantonese. He left Jiangxi Province early and returned to Guangdong Province. His mother remarried and formed a family and had a son. Because Liu Dongs stepfather doesnt like him, he has always been a superfluous person at home. Since he was young, he has been in a relatively depressed state, which has resulted in a relatively introverted character.

Although dissatisfied with Liu Dongs behavior, Zhang Fang gradually accepted this fact because of her love for her daughter. However, what Zhang Fang didnt expect was that after living together, Liu Dongs behavior became more and more distasteful to Zhang Fang. This boy is very lazy, impolite, and does not seek progress. Moreover, he is introverted, not good at communication, a little twisted, and not sunny at all. As soon as I have time to go to my room to sleep and do not exercise, I am not optimistic about him

Zhang Fang recalled that at the end of 2017, Liu Dong and Xiaoya did not know what happened. Liu Dong moved out again without saying hello. Zhang Fang thought that they had broken up and felt very happy. Zhang Fang told her daughter that the boy was not worth giving up his sincerity and was immature. Unexpectedly, more than two months later, Liu Dong moved back again, my daughter said, mom, he came to me again, we made up, my daughter was coaxed around by him again.

Zhang Fang said that from then on, Liu Dong lived in his own home, until 2020 before the Chinese new year, the two people again conflict, Liu Dong moved to his mothers home. In Zhang Fangs opinion, during the two years of living together, Liu Dong has almost never done any housework. After dinner, he immediately hid in his room and went to sleep. He was disrespectful to his elders. He never said hello to his elders when he came out and went in. Besides Xiaoya, he did not communicate with anyone in his family.

Not only is Xiaoyas mother, Xiaoyas friends are also dissatisfied with Liu Dong. Xia Xia believes that Liu Dongs cultural level is low, his personality is introverted, he is very weak and has no sense of responsibility. In the past three years, he has not had a stable job. Although she has been engaged in sales, she has worked in each company for less than three months and cant earn much money. Xiaoya once told Xia Xia that Liu Dong had never given her any money, and almost all of their living expenses were borne by Xiaoya.

Xiaoyu also repeatedly persuades Xiaoya that Liu Dongs family situation is too complicated, and Liu Dongs mother is very strong. Its better to think about it again.

Getting the certificate without telling everyone

But what Zhang Fang didnt expect was that Xiaoya and Liu Dong secretly got their marriage certificates on their backs when they had already supported their relationship. Last may or June, I forgot. I saw the marriage certificate when I was cleaning their room, so I knew they were married. I was very angry, so I asked them, I have accepted your relationship and blessed you. How can I carry such a big thing behind our back? Zhang Fang said that Liu Dong was silent at that time. Xiaoya said that she got the certificate at Liu Dongs request. On the same day, Liu Dong cried and repeatedly said, I finally got you, which made Xiaoya quite moved.

Xia Xia told Jinyun news reporter that Xiaoya and Liu Dong didnt tell their close friends when they got the certificate. Later, she asked Xiaoya why she suddenly chose to get the certificate. Xiaoya replied, Liu Dong told her, lets get the certificate! Dont take other peoples opinions into consideration. Be brave once. Xia Xia said that Xiaoya was just like being possessed by the boy, hiding from everyone and going to get the certificate with Liu Dong.

Xia Xia recalled that before they got the certificate, they had a long break-up. They separated and closed many times. In 2018, the break-up took a long time and was proposed by Liu Dong. As friends, we all advised Xiaoya that it was good to break up. The boy didnt take the responsibility. Can we be happy with him? But I didnt expect that in 2019, they got married again, and soon went to get the marriage certificate.

Xiaoyu was deeply impressed by the break-up this time, precisely because of the contradiction between the two families. The boys family is quite complicated. He wants to marry Xiaoya, but his mother doesnt give a cent, and his mother is very dissatisfied with Xiaoya. She thinks Xiaoya is three years older than his son, and his son can find a better one. Xiaoyu recalled that at that time, Xiaoya was also very angry and told Liu Dong, if your parents dont give anything, you should be prepared, then I wont have any contact with your mother. And if your mother doesnt like me, well just break up.

The contradiction cannot be resolved, Liu Dong chooses to break up with Xiaoya. But soon, Liu Dong began to find Xiaoya to ask for compound, Xiaoya said that Liu Dong was very sad, even didnt go to work. Xiaoyu said that because he saw his sons broken up, he was so depressed that he couldnt go on working. Liu Dongs mother kept looking for Xiaoyas troubles. His mother came to scold Xiaoya and said that Xiaoya had damaged his son.

Xiaoyu, who thought the relationship between the two ended at this point, didnt expect that things had changed again. One day, Liu Dong came to Xiaoya and said that everything had been settled. It turns out that Liu Dong, in desperate circumstances, found his own father, who agreed to buy a wedding room for Liu Dong and bear the cost of Liu Dongs marriage. Liu Dongs mother in this case, also agreed with Liu Dong and Xiaoyas love.

In fact, Xiaoya was hesitant at that time. She was very good in her own conditions. I also advised her that the boys family was too complicated, and her mother was unreasonable, so she just separated them. But Xiaoya said that she felt sorry for Liu Dong. A good boy had experienced these things since childhood, and finally she was soft hearted and agreed to compound. Xiaoyu memories.

Unsatisfactory marriage

After Xiao Ya and Liu Dong get together, they are sweet for a while. According to Xiaoyu, after Liu Dongs father bought a wedding room, Liu Dong actively proposed to Xiaoya that he would take Xiaoya to do notarization. If the two people divorce in the future, the house will be given to Xiaoya free of charge, Xiaoyu said. After the notarization, Xiaoya and Xiaoyas friends have changed their views on Liu Dong.

In August this year, Xiaoya and Liu Dong moved into the new house. In September, Xiaoya underwent cholecystectomy. This operation, let Xiaoya and Liu Dong have a quarrel. On the day of the operation, Liu Dong accompanied Xiaoya to the hospital. In the process of queuing, Liu Dong suddenly said that the unit had a meeting and wanted to leave for two hours. But Xiaoya thinks, at any time may row to their own, when the need for family members to sign, if Liu Dong is not in, he can not operate. At the same time, Xiaoya told Liu Dong that if the unit should be informed in advance, Xiaoya would let his mother accompany him. Although Liu Dong finally asked the unit leader to leave to accompany Xiaoya to do surgery, but this thing still makes Xiaoya very unhappy.

In the process of postoperative recovery, Liu Dong goes out early and returns late every day. It has always been Xiaoyas mother Zhang Fang who came to their new house to take care of Xiaoya. Xiaoya complains to Xiaoyu that Liu Dong doesnt do anything. When he comes home, he is chatting with his colleagues with his mobile phone. Sometimes he is still chatting about work in the middle of the night. As a patient, Xiaoya has to clean up the house every day and take care of their two cats. Xiaoya felt very depressed about this.

In Xiaoyus opinion, Xiaoya and Liu Dong have been in the state of being taken care of for a long time because they have lived together with their elders for a long time. Until they move out to their new home, they will have some conflicts because of trivial matters in their lives.

The reporter learned from the police that the case is still under further investigation. Jinyun news will continue to pay attention to this matter.