Zhao Lijian announced: China will consider not recognizing the British National Overseas passport as a valid travel document

 Zhao Lijian announced: China will consider not recognizing the British National Overseas passport as a valid travel document

The United Kingdom says it will accept applications for residence in Hong Kong with BNO from January next year

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin

According to reports, the British government said in July that it decided to relax the BNO visa right. According to the British government, about 2.9 million people are eligible to apply for BNO. On October 22, the British government further said that people with BNO qualifications would be able to live, study and work in the UK. All BNO holders and their close relatives are eligible to apply for the visa as long as they are ordinarily resident in Hong Kong. The five-year visa fee is 250 per person.

The British government said in the statement that this channel will provide a clear way to obtain British nationality. The visa application will be accepted from January 31, next year.

As early as July 23, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the British side, regardless of Chinas solemn negotiations, is determined to engage in political manipulation on the issue of British National (Overseas) passport. China will consider not recognizing the British National (Overseas) passport as a valid travel document and reserves the right to take further measures.

Hong Kong National Security Law comes into force! The UK will provide naturalization channels to 3 million Hong Kong people who are eligible to apply for BNO

Once the port national security law was passed, the United Kingdom was determined to hype Hong Kongs passport issue to the end.

On July 1, local time, the British House of Commons held a meeting, during which they made a lot of remarks on the issue that the port National Security Act came into effect. British Prime Minister Johnson said at the meeting that 3 million Hong Kong people who are eligible to apply for BNO (British National Overseas passport) will be provided with the means of naturalization.

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Johnson speaks in the house of Commons, BBC reports

According to the BBC and the daily express, Johnson repeated his old tune at the house of Commons meeting on July 1, again attacking the national security law as undermining one country, two systems, violating the basic law and the Sino British Joint Declaration, and even claimed that the port National Security Act threatened the freedom and rights of Hong Kong people.

Johnson later said that the British government would provide naturalization channels to 3 million Hong Kong people who are eligible to apply for BNO (British National Overseas passport).

First of all, the British government provides BNO holders and their families with five-year residence permits so that they can work and study in the UK; after five years, they can apply for settled status; after another 12 months, they can apply for British citizenship and complete the naturalization procedures.

Rabb added that it was a specially tailored arrangement and claimed that as long as Hong Kong people holding BNO passports and their families could submit applications, there was no quota limit.

British National Overseas passport is abbreviated as BNO. According to the British domestic regulations, Hong Kong people born before July 1, 1997 are eligible to apply for BNO passport. This allows them to stay in the UK for up to six months at a time.

According to the data of the BBC in 2020, there are about 3 million Hong Kong people who are eligible to apply for BNO, and there are about 300000 actual holders.

British Foreign Minister reports to members of Parliament, video capture

It is worth mentioning that the British government has repeatedly hyped Hong Kongs passport issue in an attempt to give directions to the formulation of the port area national security act.

On June 11 local time, the British foreign and Commonwealth Office issued its 46th semi annual report on the Sino British Joint Declaration. The report has threatened that if China passes the port National Security Act, it will expand the visa rights of BNO holders in Hong Kong and provide a channel for them to obtain British citizenship.

In response, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) responded on June 12 that the national security law is conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests and freedom of the people of Hong Kong, restoring stability to Hong Kong, and maintaining long-term stability, prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. Any claim that the law will damage the freedom of Hong Kong people and weaken one country, two systems is alarmist and groundless.

At a regular press conference on June 12, Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said: we are strongly dissatisfied with the British governments wrong practice of regularly publishing the so-called half year report on the Hong Kong issue to interfere in Hong Kong affairs. Hong Kong affairs are Chinas internal affairs. No foreign government, organization or individual has the right to intervene. The British side has no sovereignty, no governance, no supervision over Hong Kong, and there is no so-called responsibility.

Hong Kong citizens went to the British Consulate General to protest against tearing up BNO passport on the spot

Hong Kong media reported that Lin Yuxing, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Group civil power, and Gao Songjie, a member of the public affairs forum of the Home Affairs Bureau, and others protested outside the British Consulate General in Hong Kong this morning (June 6), tearing up BNO and reading the statement I am Chinese.

According to Lin Yuxing, the British Foreign Minister and a number of politicians recently claimed that the rights and residence period of BNO holders would be extended from six months to 12 months. In his opinion, there is no difference between holding BNO and holding travel documents, and they can not enjoy the local national rights and the right to vote. He criticized that the move was a political ploy, which did not help the people of Hong Kong in any practical way, and damaged their pride in national identity.

According to Hong Kong media, some reporters found that the BNO torn by Lin Yuxing and Gao Songjie had been cut. Lin Yuxing said that the BNO torn off today had already expired, but stressed that he did not hold any BNO passport now, saying that he will not hold any more BNO passport, but will only hold SAR passport.

Britain wants to naturalize 350000 Hong Kong people? Liang Zhenyings response hit the nail on the head

Liang Zhenying wrote an article on Facebook on the 4th, pointing out that this was the monologue of the British people. He said that the British Foreign Minister has just finished speaking about BNO passport issue in parliament, and the prime minister has written an article to add weight. Unfortunately, the pan people (opposition) just continue to put their hopes on the United States and ignore Britain. It seems to be a cross party consensus in Hong Kong that the British Empire is in dire straits. For some reason, I think of Lin Zexu again...

Screenshot of Liang Zhenyings Facebook

Screenshot of Liang Zhenyings Facebook

Screenshot of Liang Zhenyings Facebook

Since there is no democracy in the world that allows foreigners to vote, should we begin to abolish the right of British citizens (including Li Zhiying) to vote in Hong Kong? If the British government insists that BN (o) passport holders are British citizens, the right to vote of all these people should also be abolished.

In the comments section at the bottom of the post, some netizens suggested that dual nationality, including BNO passport, should be banned. A kind of

BNO passport is a mirage? Is Britain really good to Hong Kong people? u2018u2019

Hong Kong people: its ridiculous!

She also said, it has nothing to do with the greatness and the right to permanent residence, because you have to pass a financial proof, and you have no welfare. I cant see any benefits of BNO. I hope you can think about it with your own brains.

There are also Hong Kong people who say, to immigrate to the UK with BNO, we should not only face the local racial discrimination, but also do the work of the lower class. I would rather develop in Dawan District, so as to be practical.

Many Hong Kong citizens have said, it is just to take BNO to the UK to suffer, and the British government is ridiculous.

BNO passport is a mirage

A BNO passport

Taking the return of Hong Kong to the motherland on July 1, 1997 as the node, Hong Kong people before this period can apply for BNO passport, but later they cant apply for it. They are unified into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport of the peoples Republic of China. The British side has explicitly promised not to grant BNO passport holders the right of abode in the UK. The so-called passport is actually a travel document.

The relevant policies announced by the British government seem to be expanding the rights of BNO passport, but in fact, there is no consideration from the perspective of Hong Kong peoples own interests and well-being.

When the British government was about to return Hong Kongs sovereignty, they came up with a plan to provide 50000 heads of household with the opportunity to apply for a British passport. Of course, most people know how weak the British National (Overseas) passport is. It cant give you the right to live anywhere, or even the right to stay in Hong Kong.

Lewis also pointed out that the British National (Overseas) passport has no real rights and interests, and the British governments practice is a farce.

Is Britain really good to Hong Kong people?

Do you remember the Hong Kong people stranded in Peru during the epidemic? Under the coordination of the Chinese Embassy in Peru, the Hong Kong SAR government sent a special plane to pick up the stranded Peruvian Hong Kong people home. Only those who hold Chinese passports are allowed to leave the country. Hong Kong people holding BNO passports need the consent of the British Embassy, but the British Embassy is simply not willing to pay attention to it.

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