West Ham vs Manchester City look ahead: Stirlings favorite hammers ding ding ding or his return

 West Ham vs Manchester City look ahead: Stirlings favorite hammers ding ding ding or his return

At 19:30 p.m. on October 24, Beijing time, the sixth round of the Premier League will continue to compete in 2020 / 21, and Manchester City will challenge West Ham United on the road.

Past achievements

The two sides have played 38 times in the Premier League, with 23 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses, with 68 goals scored and 35 goals lost. Among them, the league has met for nearly 8 times, and the blue moon team has maintained a full victory, boasting 25 goals and only losing 3 goals. Last season, the two teams in the Premier League two rounds, Manchester City was away to win 5-0, then away to beat West Ham United 2-0.

See point 1: meet the boy send points, blue moon win worry free?

For Manchester City, West Ham are worthy of the name of the free boy. The two sides have met for nearly eight times in the Premier League, and the blue moon team has won a total victory. However, Guardiolas team started the season one after another, during which they were defeated 2-5 by Leicester City, and almost lost by promotion of maliz United. Fortunately, they gradually returned to the right track in the near future, winning two consecutive games against Arsenal and Porto. In contrast, West Ham have a good record under Moyess leadership this season. After two consecutive losses in the beginning, they have been unbeaten for three consecutive rounds, beating wolves and Leicester City 4-0 and 3-0 respectively. In the last round, they drew 3-3 with Tottenham. As a result, Manchester City will fight against cold.

Point 2: Farewell to the hammers. Is sterling going to be more powerful?

West Ham is one of Stirlings favorite rivals in his career. The figures show that in the past six games against the hammers, the England winger has been directly involved in 11 goals, including six goals and five assists. Last season, Manchester City away 5-0 bloodshed West Hams Premier League game, he is staged a hat trick. According to statistics, so far this season, Stirling has represented Manchester City seven times in various competitions, with four goals recorded and two assists. In the 3-1 win over Porto in midweek, he once made a point to make a great contribution to the teams reversal. This away game challenges West Ham, Stirling is expected to play again.

Point 3: debrourne is expected to return from injury

In Belgiums 2-1 defeat to England in the UEFA, debrourne left the game in the 73rd minute due to injury, which led him to miss Manchester Citys 1-0 win over Arsenal in the Premier League and the 3-1 Champions League group match against Porto this week. Now, the blue moon Legion team appears a large area of wounded, Mendi, Fernando, gersus and so on will continue to hang high exemption card due to injury. Fortunately, there is good news from Manchester City. It is reported that debrourne has resumed team training on Thursday local time and is expected to return to the Premier League match against West Ham.

Line of fire

West Ham: Sebastian Alai (suspected); suspension: none

City: Mendi (injury), Fernando (injury), gersus (injury), Laporte (new crown positive); suspension: none

Initial forecast

West Ham Union (5-4-1): Fabianski / kufar, Balbuena, obanna, Creswell, masuyaku / Bowen, socek, rice, Fornas / Antonio

City (4-3-3): Edson / walker, Diaz, Garcia, AC / Bernardo Silva, Rodrigo, fordon / Ferran Torres, Aguero, Sterling

Source: Netease sports Author: Xin Yi, editor in charge: Xu Song_ NS1943