Huawei digital industry summit held successfully

 Huawei digital industry summit held successfully

Pan Chaohui, Secretary of Wuhu Municipal Party committee, visited Huawei exhibition stand

Promote 5g construction, accelerate deep integration, and comprehensively improve the development level of Wuhu digital industry

In his speech, Ding Yamin, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhu Municipal Peoples government, pointed out that in recent years, Wuhu has carried out the national digital economy development strategy and vigorously promoted digital industrialization and industrial digitization. First, it has accelerated the promotion of digital technology; second, it has further promoted the construction of industrial Internet; third, it has accelerated the construction and innovative application of 5g infrastructure; fourth, it has vigorously promoted the construction of smart city We should take a road of digital economic development with Wuhu characteristics.

He said that 5g and the industrial Internet are important areas of new infrastructure, and also the most promising emerging technologies in the digital industry. Since Wuhu Municipal government and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement in April 2018, the two sides have jointly carried out multi angle and all-round exploration in industrial Internet, cloud computing and smart city construction, and achieved fruitful results, injecting new vitality into Wuhus industrial transformation and digital upgrading.

In the future, Wuhu will continue to adhere to innovation driven, strengthen common technology research, accelerate the construction of 5g infrastructure, deeply explore the application of 5g + industrial Internet, accelerate the improvement of supporting policies and measures, encourage enterprises to try first, explore solutions for digital transformation of different industries, accelerate the pace of innovation and development of deep integration of manufacturing industry and Internet, and comprehensively improve the number of Wuhu The development of industry and the level of city intelligence.

Take root in Wuhu and build a digital base for intelligent Era

Shan song, general manager of Anhui government and enterprise business of Huawei, said in his speech forge ahead and accelerate the digital transformation of the industry. Wuhu is one of the 40 cities with the most successful development in the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up, and is also one of the top 100 cities in digital economy. Huawei has been rooted in Wuhu for nearly 30 years. It has worked hand in hand with units, enterprises and colleges at all levels in Wuhu to seek common development. It is a witness and witness of the construction of digital Wuhu.

Under the new infrastructure development strategy with 5g, cloud and AI as the three elements advocated by the state, Qianxing Baiye is facing digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, which will give birth to new industries, new models, new services and new formats. As the worlds leading information and communication solution provider, Huawei has outstanding advantages in the new connection based on 5g and the new computing field dominated by cloud and AI. In the future, Huawei will continue to take root in Wuhu, give full play to its own technical advantages, adhere to the strategy of platform + AI + ecology, join hands with ecological partner resources, and jointly build a digital base facing the intelligent era with Wuhu City.

Shan song, general manager of Anhui government enterprise business of Huawei

At the meeting, Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a keynote speech entitled jointly building new infrastructure and cultivating new kinetic energy. In his speech, he said that 5g and aiot play an extremely important role as key technologies and typical applications of new infrastructure. The so-called new infrastructure refers to an infrastructure system that is guided by new development concepts, driven by technology, based on information network, and oriented to the needs of high-quality development, providing services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation. 5g and aiot technologies play an important role in UHV, new energy vehicle charging pile, new generation communication technology base station construction, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit.

In terms of technical characteristics, 5g needs to reach the peak rate of Gbit / s to meet the requirements of high-definition video, virtual reality and other large data transmission; the air interface delay level needs to be about 1ms to meet the real-time applications such as automatic driving and telemedicine. At present, 5g network is developing towards the direction of network diversification, broadband, integration and intelligence. With the support of 5g technology, aiot technology has also been strongly supported. Nowadays, the aiot technology represented by M2M (machine tool) has realized commercial application in smart grid, security monitoring, urban informatization, environmental detection and other fields; and the technologies including home aiot and industrial aiot are also developing vigorously. Taking the industrial Internet of things platform supported by aiot as an example, under the aiot enabling, the overall output of the industrial Internet of things platform will bring more obvious intelligent experience, including sensor perception and enabling of industrial Internet of things, optimizing the analysis and decision-making ability of OS and software layer, and providing control ability for the implementation of automatic equipment. In 2019, thanks to the large-scale landing of aiot business at the city end and the preliminary popularization of edge computing, the market scale of Chinas aiot will exceed 300 billion, and it will be directly to 400 billion. It is expected to obtain further rapid development in the future and realize the long-term goal of enabling intelligent Era.

Tan Jianrong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University

Wuhu District launching ceremony of 2021 Huawei college students ICT innovation competition

In addition, Wuhu District launching ceremony of 2021 Huawei ICT innovation competition for college students was held simultaneously in the process of the conference. The launching ceremony of the competition was held by Ding Yamin, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhu Municipal Peoples government, Qu Hui, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhu Economic and Information Bureau, Liang Zhuzhi, deputy researcher of Wuhu Data Resources Management Bureau, Fang Qun, vice president of School of computer and information of Anhui Normal University, and Anhui Province Liu Tao, vice president of School of computer and information technology of Engineering University, Yu Jie, Dean of network engineering school of Wuhu Vocational and technical college, Wan Jiashan, President of big data and Artificial Intelligence College of Anhui Institute of information engineering, Zhou zhenggui, vice president of information and Artificial Intelligence College of Wuhu Business Vocational and technical college, and Shan song, general manager of Anhui political and enterprise business of Huawei. In the future, Huawei will train more high-quality informatization talents for Wuhu through cooperation with local universities in Anhui Province.

Wuhu District launching ceremony of 2021 Huawei college students ICT innovation competition

Provide the strongest computing power, Kunpeng creates a solid digital base

In the era of digital economy, computing power is a new productivity and a powerful engine of digital economy. Therefore, the development level of computing technology will directly determine the future industrial development process and the quality of digital economy. Hu Peng, deputy general manager of Huaweis chip division, said that the development of Huaweis technology in the field of computing has been slowing down. Huawei believes that if we want to further improve the computing performance, we need to innovate the computing architecture including system level and data center level. This also means that the innovation of computing architecture has entered the golden age, and the opportunity to develop Chinas computing industry has come.

In order to meet the demand for computing power in the digital transformation of Qianxing Baiye, Huawei has launched a computing strategy based on the Kunpeng + shengteng dual engine, aiming to provide the world with the strongest computing power through open hardware, open source software and enabling partners, so as to make the intelligent omnipotent and become a solid computing power base of the digital world. Huaweis independent open source and contribution open source have been developed simultaneously, which has effectively prospered Kunpengs basic software ecology. Together with Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center, it not only realizes all-round enabling partners, but also effectively accelerates the landing of regional industries, providing strong computing support for the digital transformation of thousands of lines and industries.

Hu Yao, deputy general manager of Huawei Kunpeng Ecological Development Department

Integrating application innovation, 5g + industrial Internet enables industrial intelligence

Du Jiadun, deputy director of 5g application innovation center of China Academy of communications and communications, pointed out that 5g, as an information infrastructure, can realize the high-speed transmission of massive industrial data. With artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data technology, it can effectively enable the development of industrial intelligence. At present, Chinas industrial upgrading faces many pain points, such as the compression of market space, the rapid upgrading of products, the strong demand for customization, the increase of human costs, and the complexity of equipment production lines. The combination of 5g technology and industrial Internet can effectively promote the intelligent transformation of all aspects of the industry. In the short term, 5g plays the role of network replacement application, endows enterprises with the basic communication ability of existing services, and integrates with them to produce new services. In the medium term, 5g, combined with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology, can realize business upgrading and deep integration of single system. In the longer term, 5g can help the industrial industry to achieve multi system integration and multi business cooperation, and integrate the application of change, bringing subversive changes for industrial upgrading.

Du Jiadong, deputy director of 5g application innovation center of China Academy of information and communications

Huaweis 1 + n model has a bright future in helping Wuhu industrial Internet Construction

As an important industrial base in East China, Wuhu has made a series of active and effective exploration in the construction of industrial Internet with Chinese characteristics. Mr. Yu Furong, chairman of Hangzhou Jiuxin IOT Technology Co., Ltd., said in his keynote speech entitled opening up and cooperation, helping Wuhu industrial Internet construction. Based on information technology and industrial automation, the industrial Internet with Chinese characteristics has formed a five-tier architecture of ERP + MES + SCADA + PLC + I / O, and is gradually moving towards a perfect industrial Internet mode.

In the process of promoting the construction of industrial Internet, Huawei proposed the 1 + n mode of one industrial Internet industry cloud platform + n industrial Internet platforms. The first mock exam has successfully implemented the heavy construction and light operation operation method through the cloud platform, and has the characteristics of sustainable development. At present, a series of emerging enterprises, including fire data and Hart robot, have deployed the shared industrial Internet platform and achieved good operation results. They have successfully realized digital and fine management, and continuously improved production control driven by data, and gradually formed a good digital ecology.

5g + industrial Internet Industry Development Alliance

In order to seize the development opportunities, Wuhu Economic and Information Bureau, together with Huawei and other units, initiated and established Wuhu 5g + industrial Internet industry development alliance, jointly promoting 5g product R & D and manufacturing, system integration, scene application and industrial Internet related technology research and development, service provision and operation management, and promoting the cooperation between 5g and industrial Internet industry in politics, industry, University, research and application To give full play to the advantages of the alliance members, with the goal of win-win cooperation and common development, promote the integrated and innovative development of 5g and industrial Internet, promote the healthy and rapid development of relevant industries in Wuhu, strive to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of Wuhu manufacturing enterprises, and enhance the R & D and innovation ability of industrial Internet platform. Ding Yamin, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhu Municipal Peoples government, Qu Hui, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhu Economic and Information Bureau, Chen Chuanhong, deputy director of Wuhu Economic and Information Bureau, and Shan song, general manager of Anhui government and enterprise of Huawei, jointly unveiled the 5g + industrial Internet industry development alliance. I believe that the play of the alliance will also play a bridge and link role. To build Wuhu 5g + industrial Internet industry development alliance into an industrial alliance with win-win cooperation, common development and fruitful results.

Unveiling ceremony of 5g + industrial Internet Industry Development Alliance

On this basis, based on 5g + cloud + AI, Huawei has helped conch cement plant to create a four business application with business security, remote service, AI business and cloud business data. Taking 5g + AI as an example, conch cement has realized the application of unmanned mine car, unmanned aerial vehicle blasting warning area patrol, AI image automatic recognition of people and objects, and successfully realized the application of digital and intelligent intelligent intelligent mine. In addition, 5g + AI also has many applications in production line equipment inspection, equipment control and production optimization. It has successfully helped enterprises to establish a smart factory and set an example for 5g to assist in the digital transformation of the industry.

Launching ceremony of joint innovation of conch Huawei artificial intelligence

The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is inseparable from innovation driven. In recent years, conch group has vigorously implemented the innovation driven strategy and vigorously promoted the technological progress and industrial transformation and upgrading of the industry. Conch and Huawei, two of the worlds top 500 enterprises, have carried out many good cooperation in the fields of 5g intelligent factory, industrial Internet, unmanned mining vehicle, digital transformation and other fields. In order to realize the intelligent development of the groups cement manufacturing industry and achieve the goal of optimizing the production process, stabilizing production and increasing efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, conch and Huawei jointly promote the high-quality development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the cement industry. Ding Yamin, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhu Municipal Peoples government; Qu Hui, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhu Economic and Information Bureau; Chen Chuanhong, deputy director of Wuhu Economic and Information Bureau; Zhan Jiagan, deputy director of technical center of conch group; Zhao Bo, assistant general manager of Anhui Conch Information Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.; Shan song, general manager of Anhui government and enterprise business; and deputy general manager of Anhui cloud and computing business of Huawei Gao Haiyue witnessed the launching ceremony of the joint innovation of conch Huawei artificial intelligence.

Launching ceremony of joint innovation of conch Huawei artificial intelligence

At the summit, Wang Bo, the planning director of Huawei fusionplant industrial Internet platform, also shared Huaweis cloud EI industrial agent practice. Its main construction capabilities include three aspects: one is the industrial mechanism model based on knowledge map management, which can be developed based on knowledge map; the other is the industrys first AI automatic modeling engine integrating industrial knowledge, which can be extremely powerful It can greatly reduce the threshold of industrial AI modeling, improve the credibility of the model, and cover the whole scene of industrial AI modeling; the third is to be able to match the enterprise and operating environment to achieve flexible deployment. In addition, cloud EI industrial agent 2.0 also cooperates with fusionplant ecological partners to achieve win-win results. At present, Huawei cloud EI industrial agent has been widely used in coal coking, chemical fiber, petroleum, steel-making, electronic manufacturing and other fields, and has helped Xinlei group, Sanlian HONGPU, PetroChina and other enterprises accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation.

With the deepening of the new infrastructure strategy and the continuous development of the digital economy, the demand for digital transformation will also be increasing. In the future, Huawei will continue to give full play to its technological advantages, vigorously promote technological innovation and improve service quality, and join hands with ecological partners to contribute more to the digital transformation of Wuhu and the high-quality development of digital economy. In addition, the exhibition hall area of the summit also focuses on new connections, new computing and various industry scenario solutions, which are open to visitors all day long, so that visitors can feel the unique charm of black technology in the process of actual experience and face-to-face communication. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

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