Jiaming releases diving computer table descent MK2 series

 Jiaming releases diving computer table descent MK2 series

Descentmk2 also supports matching with synchronous descent cylinder 1 sensor through wavelet sonar technology to view cylinder residual pressure, remaining gas time, gas consumption rate, etc. The watch can support up to five cylinder sensors and can detect other divers or cylinder data within 10 meters.

Descentmk2 and descentmk2i can last 16 days in intelligent mode and 80 hours in diving mode. When used with descentt1, the descentmk2i can last up to 32 hours. The T1 sensor is powered by a CR123 battery and can last up to 110 hours.

In addition, Jiaming also launched a new garmindiveapp, which can provide detailed information analysis of diving activities, and also support searching and viewing global diving point location and tide data.

In terms of price, descentmk2 is priced at 9980 yuan, while descentmk2i is sold at 11980 yuan.

Source: Zhongguancun online editor: Mao Xinsi_ NBJS11624