Trump became the king of dance on his tough tiktok

 Trump became the king of dance on his tough tiktok

Hop hop hop, he made himself a hot spot on tiktok

Screenshot of the Miami Herald

According to the Miami Herald on October 21, the man who likes to drive people crazy has made himself a hot spot on tiktok, and tiktok netizens scrambled to imitate his dance steps at campaign rallies. Newsweek reported on October 19 that trump supporters even named the dance trumpdance on tiktok.

Cut from tiktok

Whether its to laugh at his poor dancing or really want to support him, in a word, its embarrassing that he finally achieved his dream of dancing

On October 18, a twitter user relayed a video of the Internet celebrity imitating Trumps dance, saying, everyone is imitating trump.. Trumps eldest daughter, Ivanka, also forwarded it. I dont know shes typing love it! Do you feel a little strange?

From Ivanka twitter

In other words, the US election is worthy of being make complaints about big draft. In recent days, dancing has appeared the phenomenon of human to human in the 2020 US election

Harris also danced at the campaign

On October 19, camara Harris, the Democratic Partys vice presidential nominee, danced in the rain with her umbrella during a vote mobilization in Florida. Coincidentally, trump also danced YMCA at the campaign rally in Arizona on the same day, and the two staged a dance in the air.

Its dancing on the surface, but calculation behind it

Screenshot of AP report on the 21st

Y.M.C.A used to be the standard dance music for discos of all sizes in the world. The signature dance movements - hands raised above the head (y), hands bent over the shoulders (m), hands to the right (c), hands crossed in front of (a) are engraved in many peoples memories.

Although trump has never performed this classic action, when he dances, the campaign team members under the stage will neatly spell out the four letters of y-m-c-a with their bodies, and are responsible for driving the atmosphere off the field. Kelly mcnani, the White House press secretary and previously diagnosed, will also show her YMCA dance on social media. Ivanka and her husband Kushner will also use this stalk to tease each other, bringing a lot of traffic to the Republican Party.

Perhaps trump, who has fallen behind in recent polls, and his team want to seize the lifesaving straw of Dancing. Its dancing on the surface, but its all votes.

Mcnani shows YMCA on social media

The The Associated Press pointed out novel coronavirus pneumonia, which painstakingly turned the dance into a athing, because Trump tried to prove that he was able to keep alive during the election campaign after he was admitted to hospital for 3 days.

Another media analysis said that trump wanted to prove his complete recovery from the new crown with dance, and create a different image from Biden, who was considered to be lack of vitality and vitality.

Even the spread of dance on social media was carefully designed by the trump campaign.

Trump campaign rally in Florida cut from fox10

The video was uploaded to the Internet by the trump campaigns social media strategist, Ryan macenay, sister of White House press secretary Kelly McNally.

According to the associated press, after the dance achieved good results, Trumps team did not disclose whose idea it was to choose the song Y.M.C.A, but several members jokingly snatched the credit.

Jump a curse

At present, the new crown epidemic is still raging in the United States, which is attributed to trumps failure to fight the epidemic. But he is now so grand in the campaign rally dance, naturally attracted a curse.

Trump grave dance was once a twitter hit.

Cut from twitter

Lets look at the MV of Y.M.C.A

Y.M.C.A appears in many films and TV plays, carrying the beautiful memory of the audience.

In friends, Monica (3 from left) is forced to dance Y.M.C.A while working in a nostalgic theme restaurant

In the movie the people of the lake, the protagonists danced with Y.M.C.A. in the last century

But the most classic is the original music video of the country band: members dress up as police officers, Indian chiefs, builders, soldiers, motorcyclists and cowboys, dancing happily with the music.

However, looking back at this MV in 2020 will be very sad.

Contrary to the harmonious dance between black drivers and white police in the MV, this year, white police officer shavin crushed Floyd to death on his knees, triggering anti racist demonstrations across the United States. There is no need to say much about the situation of Indians in the past century.

At the same time, more than 8 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with new crown, one million or even tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs, and the economy has been depressed. The happy atmosphere in the MV has disappeared. How to solve these problems is still unclear.

However, trump may not have time to think about it at this time: he is still 10.7% behind Biden in the general poll in the sprint stage of the election, and the rhythm of the three days and five games campaign rally must be maintained. Not surprisingly, the trump dance will continue.

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