Mumbai, India invites Tesla to invest in plant construction

 Mumbai, India invites Tesla to invest in plant construction

Tonight, I had a video call with industry minister sabash Desai to invite them to Maharashtra. Im here not just to invest, but also because of my strong belief in electric vehicles and sustainable development.

The tweet also said, we are firmly committed to policy building and Reform for sustainable development, and I personally believe that with the support of renewable energy, electric vehicles are the direction of the future. I hope we can turn this idea into the mainstream as soon as possible.

Maharashtra is located in the western part of India. It is one of the important industrial states in India. Bombay, the capital of Maharashtra, is one of the major economic and cultural centers of India. The state is Indias region that attracts the most foreign investment, with its total exports reaching 32% of the countrys total.

The move comes after Elon Musk, Teslas chief executive, hinted that it would enter the Indian market next year. Earlier this month, a twitter post suggesting Tesla invest in India came with a picture of a T-shirt with the line: India wants Tesla.. Musk replied to the post, next year is for sure. Musk also said, thank you for waiting.

According to the analysis, the time when Tesla entered the Indian market may be when Indian Prime Minister modi really attaches importance to promoting the use of electric vehicles in India. If it successfully enters the Indian market, Tesla electric vehicles will open up another emerging market, and its sales volume will further increase. (Tianmen Mountain)

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