IPhone 12 on sale: I waited for 5g version last year

 IPhone 12 on sale: I waited for 5g version last year

Canalys, a market research firm, said Apple and Huawei were the two big handset makers with the fastest growth in China this year, with Apples shipments in China up 35% in the second quarter from a year earlier.

Huawei launched its flagship smartphone, the mate 40, on Thursday, ahead of the launch of the iPhone 12 at Apples retail stores. Many domestic consumers say they have been waiting for Huaweis mobile phone to appear before deciding whether to buy the iPhone 12. (small)

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The first batch of iPhone 12 users: fancy 5g features and find the price surprising

Wu Yuxin and Feng Yuanqing

Apples iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro went on sale on October 23.

At about 8 oclock, there were 40 or 50 users waiting in line. The store will be open to all consumers starting at 10 am that day.

At the same time, tmall global launched the iPhone 12 series of new products at 8:00 a.m., covering Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Nanjing, Fuzhou and other major cities in China.

The official flagship store of tmall Apple began to pre sell the first batch of new iphone12 products on the 16th, and the 23rd is also the day when consumers purchase the first batch of mobile phones.

Its 4:30 in the morning. Its like Chinese New Year

At present, all products on the online Apple official website and apple tmall flagship store are in normal sales, and the delivery time is between 2-4 weeks.

Iapm Apple retail store in Shanghai

Speaking of the upcoming iPhone 12pro, Mr. Yan said that in addition to 5g function, he was very much looking forward to the right angle frame design of the new machine. According to Mr. Yan, his current standby machine is the first generation of iphonese, and the first Apple phone he bought when he was still in college was the iPhone 4S. Both of these two models are also designed with right angle frames.

At 8:00 sharp, the door of Apple retail store opened, and Apple employees applauded and cheered in the store to celebrate the arrival of its first customer. Ge yue, vice president of Apple company and managing director of Apple Greater China region, met at the scene, personally handed over the first iPhone to Mr. Yan and took photos with Mr. Yan.

Later, with the help of the staff, Mr. Yan activated his new machine.

The staff helped Mr. Yan activate the new machine. The iPhone 12 box is much lighter than it was in previous years.

Opening the box to play with the new machine, Mr. Yan introduced to the surging news reporters that, compared with the iPhone 11 Pro dark green purchased last year, the weight and size of the iPhone 12 Pro held in the hand did not change, but the right angle frame of stainless steel was used, which made the grip feel better and more beautiful.

Mr. Yans new machine.

Mr. Yan also said that it was totally acceptable that the new Apple mobile phone case did not include charger and headset. On the one hand, it reduced the price of the mobile phone, on the other hand, it was more environmentally friendly, which was good for all parties. He said that he had been using Apple products for many years. With airpods, he gradually stopped using wired headphones, and he already had a lot of chargers.

With his new iPhone, Mr. Yan told the surging news reporters that Apples iPhone release every year is its own fixed project: seeing the press conference is the Spring Festival Gala, today is like the feeling of Chinese New Year.

Less than 9 oclock, there are already many reservation customers in the retail store

In the middle of the iPhone display stand, there are also airpods wireless headset, MagSafe wireless charger and 20W USB power supply for customers reference and purchase

Order online this morning and get the iPhone 12 in an hour

At 8:11 a.m., Ms. Fang in Shanghai received a new machine purchased and sent by tmall all over the city, becoming the first batch of iPhone 12 users. She was very surprised by this experience.

It is understood that the cooperative merchants of tmalls intra city purchase are all authorized distributors of apple, and the products are delivered directly through the stores, and the fastest delivery time can be within one hour, which greatly shortens the waiting time of users.

Ms. Fang told the surging news reporter that she has become an Apple user since iPhone 5, and has basically changed the machine once or twice a year, which is regarded as ordinary fruit powder. Before the new machine arrived today, she used the iPhone 11, and this time she bought the 128G iPhone 12 blue. Although she had seen the hot discussion about iPhone blue on the Internet before, she still wanted to have a taste of it.

Previous data showed that half of tmalls first iPhone 12 users chose blue.

Its a brand new color. I want to try it. When I got it, I found that the color of the machine was pretty good. It was better than I thought. Ms. Fang said.

It is understood that the iPhone 12 frame adopts aluminum alloy matte design, and the main panel is super porcelain crystal black technology, and its hardness exceeds that of glass panel. This makes the iPhone 12 feel very textured, and the iPhone 12 is a right angle edge design, holding it is not the same as the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is round. Ms. Fang said.

As for the 5g features supported by iPhone 12, Ms. Fang told reporters that she was still a 4G user and would like to upgrade the 5g package later.

IPhone 12 in line