Achimpon: if its a normal season, we might be relegated to the team

 Achimpon: if its a normal season, we might be relegated to the team

Speaking of the teams success in relegation, archimpan said, the team experienced a lot of difficulties at the beginning of the season and entered the relegation group without winning a game. In the second stage, we will work together to seize the opportunity of landing for the second time, and finally complete the important task of protecting the class.

As for this season as captain and his future development direction, archimpan said, I am willing to accept such an important task as captain, and my teammates also trust themselves very much and are willing to continue to fight for their beloved Tianjin.

First of all, congratulations to you and your team for successfully completing the relegation mission. Can you share your feelings now?

Achimpon: its hard to describe how we feel now. We have finally completed the relegation. This season, we experienced a lot of injuries at the beginning of the season. At the same time, some foreign aid personnel were not complete. However, with the support of Tianjin fans, including TEDA group, we still worked closely together to complete the relegation task, especially in the second stage We worked together and worked together in the same boat and finally completed the important task of protecting the class.

In the first game of the second stage of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin TEDAs performance surprised everyone. He scored the goal in the first three minutes. From the once difficult to win, to the 3-1 win in the two rounds, and finally finished the relegation ahead of schedule, what kind of changes has the team experienced?

Achimpon: indeed, in the beginning of the league, we experienced a lot of difficulties, including the replacement of the coach. The former coach stiglick had his own set of playing methods. After the new coach came, he gave us new tactical exercises, including holding a lot of meetings and communicating with us. I think that under such a difficult situation in Suzhou, we did not give up and we were not defeated. So in the second stage, we also knew that this was the second chance for us to save ourselves. So we must seize this opportunity. After we came to Dalian, our staff were very well organized. We had five foreign aid, so everyone on the field could also do it To see some changes in our performance.

Up to now, Tianjin TEDA has only won one game in the Chinese Super League this season, and the outside world holds different views on Tianjin TEDA team in this way. As a player, what do you think of this phenomenon?

Archimpan: its true that the rules of the season are quite special, but I think, as the Football Association, a lot of work has been done this year, including in the situation that the global epidemic situation is not well controlled, China can have such an organization. In the operation of such a game, I think they have made careful plans to prepare for the whole season I think, including our special competition system and rules, we are gradually adapting. Before the second stage, it was very clear how to play the game, so I feel that no matter how painful the first stage is, or how it is. Because if it is a normal season, we are likely to be the relegated team, but given us such a second chance, we should not miss such a chance.

Tianjin TEDA team in winter training preparation around the country and abroad, the teams preparation has been affected, including the teams former head coach only before the start of the Super League to release isolation and join the team. Under the epidemic situation, compared with previous years, whether the smooth progress of CSL needs to overcome more difficulties?

Archimpan: this year is really special. From the beginning of the season preparation, we have experienced many twists and turns on the journey, including the first stage to Kunming, then back to Europe, then to Thailand, and then back to China. So this year, we also have all kinds of difficulties to prepare for the league, but I think we should thank the Chinese Football Association. In such an epidemic situation, they still create such a competition platform for our professional players, because for us, the game is still very important and critical, and the late game is for the fans After the opening, the fans yelled for us together, and we also brought happiness to the fans. I think this is a very good feeling.

This season, Tianjin TEDA team has experienced a change of coach. Compared with the two coaches, what are their respective characteristics?

Archimpan: I think its difficult to talk about this, because as a professional football, the head coachs departure and arrival are very normal things. Of course, stiglick made very good preparations for the team before, and also made great contributions to the team. Later, after Wang Baoshans guidance came, we introduced some new foreign aid, and we also had injuries Positive recovery, if we really want to make a comparison, it is really very difficult. I can only say that stiglick lacked a bit of luck in his previous work. At that time, the team had a lot of injuries. Of course, after Wang Baoshans guidance, our team has been developing in a good direction, and we are also experiencing some positive changes, so we finally realized it The task of protecting the class.

After two coaches in the same season, your position has changed. What do you think of your position change and role change?

Archimpan: as a player, I think I just want to be myself. The manager will definitely have a clearer understanding of the situation on the field, so I will do what he wants to adjust. Of course, the outside world may not know what we will experience and endure as a player in the game, including now I have some Injuries, of course, Im not here to complain about anything, because I also think I shouldnt complain, because there are too many situations in our team, such as Bastians, and many Chinese players, all of them are biting their teeth to insist on the game, so I think its a very painful experience to have injuries, but it cant be used as a reason for us not to fight on the field.

In this intermission, the teams new foreign aid Suarez officially joined the team. What kind of effect does his arrival have on the team?

Achimpon: I think he (Suarez) is a type of player that we need very much, because we lacked such a player who can hold the ball and protect the ball in the first stage. Now we can find a very good rhythm of the game. Then he will fight for the ball, and then I will seek the space behind me. Our cooperation is more and more tacit In the first stage, we couldnt find the feeling of the game because we lacked such a role on the field, and his arrival just made up for such a short board.

Before the team left Tianjin, ahmedov had been informed of the news that his father was critically ill. However, the TEDA new aid still insisted on fighting side by side with the team and finally helped the team to land successfully. How do you evaluate his teammate?

Achimpon: ahmadidov is really a great man, because everyone has his own family and knows what kind of experience his family will have if he experiences some unfortunate things. Therefore, I think he has made so much contribution to the team under such pressure, so I also want to use this platform to express my blessing to AHA and hope him Of course, ahmedov has made such a contribution to the team. Under such pressure, I dont think I can find any more words to bless him. I hope his family is all right.

Since 2017, you have come to Tianjin. This is your fourth year in this city. How do you feel about living and playing football here?

Achimpon: Tianjin, as I said many times before, is already my second hometown. So its hard for me to imagine how I would feel if I had to leave Tianjin one day. In Tianjin these years, I often like this city. My family and I have a very happy life in Tianjin, including my daughter Son, and my family. Maybe I didnt come here this year because of the epidemic, but I have been living in Tianjin with me. So I feel the enthusiasm of Tianjin friends, Tianjin fans and Tianjin people. When I see the fans on the road, I can also feel their enthusiasm. So I am very happy to be able to come to such a city.

I am very grateful to the Football Association for opening the game to the fans. As a football match itself, it is not only the players who play on the field, but also have a great relationship with the fans. So I think if there are fans who support us off the field, we will have a very good feeling of the game. I think the fans will pay for the tickets to see the ball. What is the reward we can give them, Only bring them happiness.

How do you view this new identity with your captains armband this season? What are your plans for the future?

Achimpon: about being captain, it was stiglick who brought it up to me. He said to me, because I am a foreign aid, I hope I can play an exemplary role on the field and choose me to be the captain. At that time, I said that I still need a few days to think about it. One is that I want to discuss this matter with my family, and the other is that I also want to discuss it with my teammates So after that, I had a very good communication with my teammates, and everyone finally agreed to let me be the captain, so I think I am very willing to take such responsibility. I am willing to continue to fight for Tianjin, for the fans of Tianjin.

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