Putin said that there is a possibility of establishing a military alliance between Russia and China in theory. Zhao Lijian: China is willing to work with Russia to continue to strengthen strategic cooperation

 Putin said that there is a possibility of establishing a military alliance between Russia and China in theory. Zhao Lijian: China is willing to work with Russia to continue to strengthen strategic cooperation

Zhao Lijian (data map)

At a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 23rd, reporters from the Global Times asked questions about Putins statement. In response, spokesman Zhao Lijian said that President Putin has made positive comments on China Russia relations at the annual meetings of the Valdai international debate club for many times in recent years, which fully reflects the high level and particularity of bilateral relations. There is no end to the development of Russias traditional friendship. Under the strategic guidance of the leaders of the two countries, the level of political mutual trust and strategic cooperation between China and Russia has continuously improved, withstood the test of the changeable international situation, and set up a model of a new type of major country relations. Zhao Li insisted that China is willing to work with Russia to fully implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state, constantly enrich the strategic connotation of bilateral relations, help the two countries develop and revitalize, continue to close strategic cooperation, and contribute more positive energy to promoting world peace and stability.

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President Putins statement is too good! Zhao Lijian: China has no intention of participating in the so-called trilateral arms control talks between China, the United States and Russia

At a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 23rd, a reporter from Russia News Agency said that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement at the annual meeting of Valdai international debate club yesterday that Russia does not object to Chinas accession to the new strategic arms reduction treaty, but he also said that if China wants to join the treaty, we should not forget that Britain and France also possess nuclear weapons, and they should Its time to join. What is Chinas comment on this?

President Putins statement is too good! Spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China has no intention of participating in the so-called trilateral arms control talks between China, the United States and Russia. This position is clear and consistent, and Chinas position has been widely understood and supported by the international community, including Russia. Zhao Lijian pointed out that the top priority is for the US side to stop dumping blame, respond effectively to Russias call for the extension of the new START treaty, realize the smooth extension of the treaty, and further substantially reduce nuclear weapons on this basis, so as to create conditions for other nuclear weapon states to join multilateral nuclear disarmament talks.

I want to make it clear that Chinas refusal to participate in the trilateral negotiations does not mean that China refuses to participate in international nuclear disarmament efforts. China is willing to exchange in-depth views with all parties on a wide range of issues related to strategic stability and nuclear disarmament within the framework of the five nuclear weapon states and the conference on disarmament. Zhao Lijian said.

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Putins domineering response to singing Down Russian: our only worry is a cold at your funeral (source: overseas website)

Putin: China and Germany are emerging as superpowers, and the United States can no longer continue to dominate

Putin said that Germany and China are emerging as superpowers, the United States can no longer (continue) to dominate , and the role of Britain and France has changed. On the 22nd, Russia today (RT) reported Russian President Vladimir Putins statement on the day.

Screenshot of RT Report

On the 22nd of local time, Putin delivered a speech in the form of video at the think tank meeting of Valdai debate club. His speech focused on the need for cooperation rather than confrontation among countries in the new crown crisis. According to the report, Putin said on the same day that the era when Moscow and Washington decided on international affairs has passed, and China and Germany are also rising to be superpowers.

Vladimir Putin

In terms of its economic strength and political influence, China is actively moving towards superpower status. Germany is moving in the same direction. Putin said the role played by Britain and France in international affairs has also changed significantly.

The United States, which enjoyed absolute dominance in a certain period of time, can hardly mention the exception theory now. Putin added.

According to the report, Putin did not comment on Russias relations with the new potential superpower on that day, but he firmly opposed the view that the world expects Russia to gradually decline.

Russian media: the Asian version of NATO aims at China, and ASEAN is very uneasy

On October 22, the website of the Russian strategic and Cultural Foundation published an article entitled Japanese Prime Minister suspected of building an American led Asian version of NATO - but ASEAN did not want to obey the orders of the United States and Japan. The author of the article was Anatole Koshkin. The article said that Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei proposed and based on the recent Four Party dialogue (foreign ministers meeting of Australia, India, the United States and Japan) However, ASEAN countries are worried about the adjustment of the US India Pacific region. The full text is compiled as follows:

On October 19, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chun Fu (right) met with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. Xinhua News Agency / Vietnam News Agency

Traditionally, every new Japanese Prime Ministers first visit to the country is the United States. But these days, Washington has no time to take care of Japan, and the election is in full swing. The result is not only related to the United States itself, but also to the satellite states of the United States. Vietnam and Indonesia, the second tier countries and potential allies of Japans proposed alliance, became prime minister Kans diplomatic debut. However, it is not clear what kind of appearance the new alliance will take.

Before Kans visit, some people questioned Tokyos geopolitical plan. According to TASS, Indonesias Jakarta Post expressed dissatisfaction with the new regional initiative. The paper said that ASEAN countries are worried about the idea of the US India Pacific region proposed by Japans new prime minister and adjusted according to the recent Four Party dialogue (the foreign ministers meeting of Australia, India, the United States and Japan). Indonesia is a major ASEAN country. This will only bring new instability to security and will lead to increased political tensions, the newspaper stressed According to the paper, the four country plan did not take into account the lives of ordinary people in ASEAN..

Many politicians and observers believe that the reason why the four country plan causes uneasiness is that the four countries, led by the United States, intend to form an alliance aimed at China. The regional alliance ASEAN wants to see is not a tool of containment, but an alliance based on openness, transparency, participation of all parties including China and respect for international law. Moreover, ASEAN believes that it should play a leading role in it and does not want to be under the command of the United States and Japan. At the same time, ASEAN countries hope that Japan can carry out cooperation, first of all in the fight against the epidemic, rather than building a military alliance.

Despite his claim that freedom and openness in the Indo Pacific region are necessary to maintain its stability, Kan is still suspected of his intention to establish a NATO like military alliance with the United States in Asia and the Pacific. This forced Japans prime minister to reiterate repeatedly that Tokyo was not trying to establish an Asian version of NATO aimed at containing a specific country.

But the influential Japan Times believes that the Japanese Prime Ministers visit is part of Tokyos efforts to strengthen relations with major countries in the region against the background of Chinas increasing aggressiveness. Mr Kan should find a balance between Japans deep economic relations with China and security issues, the paper said. Some in Japans ruling party want to see a tougher line after his predecessor Shinzo Abe improves relations.

Moreover, the Japanese government lifted the ban on the export of Japanese made weapons imposed after World War II, and selling Japanese weapons to Southeast Asian markets was also an important goal of Kans trip. It can be said that the Japanese Prime Minister has achieved some success in this regard, signing relevant agreements with Indonesia and Vietnam.

Such an agreement must be well coordinated with Washington. No matter what the Japanese prime minister says, in the context of deteriorating relations with Beijing, they want to surround China and establish an anti China zone around it. The Jakarta Posts concern that Indonesia and ASEAN as a whole are involved in the Anti China strategy of Washington and Tokyo is entirely reasonable.

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