The price increase of TV panel still adheres to the cost performance ratio. The 75 inch theater TV is only sold for 4999 yuan

 The price increase of TV panel still adheres to the cost performance ratio. The 75 inch theater TV is only sold for 4999 yuan

In todays increasingly fierce price war in the television industry, LCD panel accounts for more than half of the cost of the finished TV, which has a crucial impact on the terminal price of the product. In this context, Kukai, which focuses on the young technology market, has chosen a new way. In the overall market price upward trend of the industry, adhere to the high-end performance and cost-effective products to win the favor of buyers.

The latest 75 inch theater p70 launched by Kukai TV last month stems from the insight into contemporary young peoples preference for large screen immersive viewing. In view of the three major standards proposed by young groups, the design of Kukai p70 perfectly meets the three requirements of healthy and clear picture quality, immersive shock sound effect and convenient and fast interactive operation. It is equipped with 4khdr image quality and coo-vision super image quality engine to improve the image quality in an all-round way and restore the original color of the picture accurately. At the same time, it is equipped with MEMC motion picture compensation technology to present the smooth and high-definition original picture viewing effect of film and television blockbuster. In addition, the optical blue light protection technology without color deviation can also ensure the eye health of users. Thanks to the mica fiber sound and Dolby panoramic sound technology, users can also enjoy the immersive and shocking auditory enjoyment at home under the joint professional adjustment of JBL.

Under the general trend of rising prices in the industry, the price of the 75 inch Kukai p70 is only 4999 yuan, which is consistent with the published price. The high-end performance quality, high-quality user experience and the ultimate cost performance ratio are the reasons why p70 takes a place in the color TV consumer market as soon as it is launched.

Not only the Kukai p70 series, but also the P50 series, which is popular among young users, as well as the small and extraordinary mini smart screen k5cpro, have not undergone significant price adjustment. It can be seen that Kukai has been adhering to the fundamental concept of polishing products with user thinking and improving service with technological innovation, and is committed to creating the most cost-effective technology fashion products for young people.

In such a market environment, Kukai still sticks to the market strategy of low price and high configuration, and produces smart TV with high performance price ratio. The reason is that it relies on its parent company Skyworth. SKYWORTH has mastered the cutting-edge core technology of domestic cutting-edge Internet TV, as well as its own professional production and supply chain system. As a high-end Internet TV brand under Skyworth, Kukai enjoys the advantages accumulated by Skyworth in product R & D, supply chain and brand in 31 years. Therefore, compared with the Internet TV brands processed by the third party such as Xiaomi, Kukai is undoubtedly more competitive in the cost control of its products, which is enough to carefully study technical innovation and develop a high-end model with price performance and performance as one, led by P70.

At present, Kukai p70 is on sale all over the network through tmall, Jingdong, Suning and other channels, including 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch smart play screen. It can meet the viewing choices of different home groups, and is undoubtedly the best choice with ultra-high performance and cost performance. For the people who need to buy the machine, the popular models such as p70, P50 and k5cpro have super value discount, and they can enjoy many kinds of preferential policies, such as the reduction of final payment and the triple warranty of the whole machine. The price of the 75 inch screen version of the p70 is as low as 4999 yuan. After consulting customer service, you can also get multiple gifts, such as 699 yuan high input light AI eye camera and 1999 yuan wireless JBL audio. This is the best time to start!