With the black technology of keeping warm in winter, you can also take quilt to work!

 With the black technology of keeping warm in winter, you can also take quilt to work!

[more warm: external artifact in cold winter

The 21st century is an era of science and technology. We all pursue new, fashionable and innovative products, especially in the field of 3C digital accessories. Every product is striving for improvement, not only to win with beauty, but also to new out of the circle.

This winter, rave took the lead in new out of the circle, bringing the black technology thinking of the product into the field of clothing. It launched a new thermal magic heating scarf and built-in rvwarm heating technology. The released far-infrared ray can directly penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue, just like walking in the sun in winter, the whole body can feel the warmth of the infrared radiation of the sun all the time.

[better match: practical and fashionable

At the same time, the outer layer of the scarf is detachable. In addition to cool black, versatile white and fresh powder, there are also a variety of detachable colors and appearances for you to choose from. You can match as you like according to the dress style of the day.

In scarf wearing, as a fashion elite, you can choose to hide the temperature display panel, while as a technology control, you can choose to put the display panel outside, no matter which way you wear it, it can be both fashionable and practical.

[better understanding of temperature: careful in every detail

Of course, there will also be people who are afraid of cold stars to worry about the battery life. The battery adopts an integrated design, with a built-in 5000mAh polymer battery. Basically, once charged, it can warm up for one day. Even if you drive the maximum gear, you can keep heating for 5 hours, and you can also support the arrival of the destination after a long outdoor journey.

At the same time, in the choice of scarf fabric, rave hot magic scarf is made of honeycomb rib velvet cotton. The surface of the scarf is treated with special technology, and there will be a layer of fine micro velvet, which makes the conductivity of the fiber weak, and the circulation with the external air becomes smaller, and the scarf is naturally more warm.

More warmth, better collocation and better understanding of temperature are the basic qualities of a black technology product!

This winter, would you like to join me in this hot magic hot neck?