Tao Yong, who once fell into a pool of blood, is a real gentle person

 Tao Yong, who once fell into a pool of blood, is a real gentle person

Miyagi Daoxiong was a Japanese musician in the last century. He was blind at the age of 7 and entered the music world since then.

In the world of sound, Miyagi Daoxiong wrote --

After losing the light, the world of infinite complexity of sound unfolded in front of me, compensating for my loneliness caused by not being able to touch color.

He can hear the color and character of the voice. The white tone is as holy as an angel, the black voice is as gloomy as the devil, and there are mellow, rough, delicate and dry.

Though I cant see, I can feel the atmosphere of morning, day and night by the sound and the air around me. Miyagi Daoxiong said.

Dr. Tao Yong is very handsome. Makeup artists dont have to draw eyebrows like this

Dr. Tao Yong read this article to give one of his patients, a little girl in Guangxi.

The little girl had low immunity and blindness due to leukemia.

But the girl is cheerful and always tells doctors various kinds of jokes to make doctor Tao laugh.

The little girl likes music, singing and reading aloud.

Dr. Tao Yong was attacked in January this year and returned to work in May.

Its still in the same unit. Its still in the same clinic.

In fact, there were a lot of things that moved me in that space, and I felt safe there.

To this day, the nerves in Dr. Taos arm still dont grow well.

He was wearing a fixator, his left finger couldnt move, and the temperature of his hand was still very cold.

He said that at that time, his right hand was holding the medical record, so he subconsciously raised his left hand to block the knife, and thus saved his most frequently used right hand.

Tao Yong felt that he was injured because he gave the other party vision, and saved his right hand because of a medical record. This may be the arrangement in the dark.

Life is a trial of practice, and fate has its own deep meaning.

Dr. Tao is close to Buddhism. He said that the essence of practice is to improve ones realm and self-cultivation.

The media praised him for his kindness and paid for his patients.

He said, in fact, I am crossing myself and seeking my own peace of mind.

Referring to the attack, Dr. Tao said that his future had nothing to do with the perpetrator. If he could reconcile with himself, he would have a good happiness in the future.

Gentle and resolute, seeking the law from the heart, what a good young man he is.

He is the ideal youth among the ideal youth

Dr. Tao Yongs voice is wonderful.

Gentle, calm, compassionate, in the dark of the night, let the heart of peace.

This is really a gentle person.

Modest gentleman, gentle as jade, there is really such a thing.

When connecting the atrophic muscles stimulated by electric shock, his hand twitched continuously. His teeth hurt so much that his eyes were red. He could not help shaking his legs. He just called out too much pain, no more, ah ah ah..

The subtitle on station B was so anxious that he called out: doctor Tao, you can swear a dirty word.

When Dr. Tao was injured, a reporter interviewed him.

He even wrote the title of the novel, called lens

In the reader, Tao Yong tells Dong Qing that when he was a child, he won the first prize for composition. His mother works in Xinhua Bookstore, and he likes reading and reading.

During this period of recuperation, Dr. Tao did not write a novel, but wrote a prose, vision.

Dr. Tao is the ideal youth among the ideal youth.

In addition to extending their retirement, Tao Yongs family will also do some hourly work to subsidize the family.

Yu Yan said that it must be a simple but loving family, because his parents have educated Dr. Tao so well that he can speak softly.

Even if they lose their temper, it is because the patients cut in line and make noise, which makes them unable to concentrate on their work.

Dr. Taos mother was once troubled by trachoma, which covered her eyes with stones.

Medical conditions in small areas are limited, doctors can only use a needle to pick out stones one by one.

The process was violent and the results were good.

Mothers eyes finally stopped hurting.

From then on, Tao Yong had the heart to be an ophthalmologist.

In 1997, 17-year-old Tao Yong was admitted to the medical department of Peking University with the first place in Jiangxi Province.

It was his first time out of the province.

He has been in business for 13 years and has done more than 15000 operations.

At most, 86 surgeries were performed in one day, 5 minutes and 5 minutes.

At the age of 35, he was promoted to chief physician, and at the age of 37, he became a doctoral supervisor.

For his young doctors, Tao Yongs mantra is --

How can I not feel your love for medicine?

In the eyes, Dr. Tao narrates some unforgettable patient stories.

Dong Qing read a passage for you.

It was a mobile medical truck transformed by Dr. Tao to go to the countryside for treatment.

A lonely grandmother came to see her eyes.

Her eyes are late cataracts and have been blind for years. She couldnt feel the doctors strong light.

The operation is already very difficult, and it is even more difficult to operate on the train.

Not only that, the grandmothers abdomen also grew a big malignant tumor, her time has been running out.

Judging from the assessment of various physical factors, it seems that Dr. Tao should not have done the operation, but he decided to take the risk.

Because she said she wanted to make a shroud for herself according to the custom and wear it to see her husband and son who had passed away for many years.

Later, the operation was successful, and grandma recovered to 0.6 vision.

Seven days later, grandma passed away.

During these seven days, she made a shroud for herself and sewed pictures of her family in her pocket.

She told Dr. Tao that he had been living alone in the dark these years, and he was grateful to him for helping him find his way home.

Dr. Tao mentioned a little boy.

The childrens family condition is not good, but the father is very strong, sold the house and the field, from Henan to Beijing.

Living in the underground passage and railway station, under such difficult conditions, he insisted on treating the children for 10 years.

This child has gone through all kinds of hardships, but still has a bright heart, no inferiority complex, no sorrow, and his words are full of innocence and joy.

When other children in the ward ridiculed him for his ragged clothes and no home, the child would reply with pride: I have a father, where my father is, my home is.

The joy and happiness on the boys face makes Tao Yong unforgettable.

Doctor Tao also mentioned a little girl, the girl who read the article for her.

The little girl lost her vision when she was 6 years old because of complications after bone marrow transplantation.

Once a week, she endured the pain and chose topical anesthesia instead of general anesthesia.

She said she wanted to save money and make life better at home.

Later, the little girl took part in the painting competition of patients, and the title was my world.

She described the day and night in the hospital as a happy process, which moved the judges and won a prize of 5000 yuan.

Its incredible that the girl took 1000 yuan out of her prize money and donated it to the boy who had his eyes removed, because she thought he was more difficult than herself.

At that moment, I felt that all my efforts were worth it. Dr. Tao said.

Speaking of the doctors job, Dr Tao said he was grateful for the profession.

Although witnessing joys and sorrows is a kind of spiritual consumption, but there are also many strong patients to give their own strength.

Psychological supply is greater than psychological consumption, which is why he insisted on being a doctor.

He wants to be a man with a strong exterior and a soft interior

Dr. Tao said that simple idealists will be hit with blood, while complete realists have no meaning.

He wants to be a man with a strong exterior and a soft interior.

Protect the people around you with just, and realize the cultivation of heart with softness.

Having said that, Dr. Tao is still hard to achieve.

A few days ago, he tweeted.

On the way, I met a man who was anxious to borrow money from others, saying that all his belongings were left in the taxi.

The man asked Dr. Tao for 200 yuan to buy a train ticket. He could scan the train ticket without cash.

Lost all the things is not lost mobile phone, since not lost mobile phone, why not ask for help from friends?

Doctor Tao knew that he was a liar, but he still gave him the money.

After the event, Dr. Tao was angry at his foolishness and weakness.

At that moment, I still had a 1% expectation that he was honest, and I always believed in 1% miracles in my bones, he said

After recovering from the rescue, Dr. Tao dictated a poem dream in the heart.

There is no anger, no resentment, but thinking about the lives of blind children.

This is what he wrote

In the reader, a blind man read the poem.

Its like the people who light up each other.

Compassion and self-restraint, pure inner view, a person experienced the greatest malice, still as always to keep warm.

He is not weak, nor stupid, but to be worthy of the clarity of the heart.

It is this belief that has brought Dr. Tao to this day.

He is like a beam of warm light, lighting up my barren heart.

When I think of such a gentle person, I think the world is worth it. Maybe the world is not so bad.

And only when we take care to keep the light on forever, can we live up to those who hold the lamp for us.

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