Gold buy back brand gold is good released in Shenzhen

 Gold buy back brand gold is good released in Shenzhen

Zhu Zhigang, head of jinzehao brand and general manager of AVIC Dingsheng (Shenzhen) gold company, pointed out that jinzehao brand will set up gold repurchase benchmark and establish gold repurchase standard, which will promote the standardized and standardized operation of Chinas gold repurchase market. According to the results of the market research on jinzehao brand, people generally have doubts about where to go and whether they can sell gold at a good price. As a supporting brand of state-owned enterprise Jinding gold, jinzehao is built with the support of Jinding gold group, which strengthens the characteristics of safety, reassurance, reliability and transparency of gold recovery, All kinds of doubts existing in selling gold have been effectively eliminated.

Jinhao is adhering to the idea of making money easier to sell. The B+C mode is adopted to achieve strategic cooperation agreement with SF express, Gome gold, Zijin mining, Guangxi gold investment company and Henan coin. People can realize stay at home and sell gold at one touch through online golden good WeChat official account, WeChat Mini program and golden good APP. Based on the price of Shanghai Gold Exchange on the same day, jinzehao took the lead in advocating the open and transparent recycling price of jewelry minus 10 yuan, gold bar minus 5 yuan, redefined the industry standard with the quality service of real-time logistics update, whole process monitoring, comprehensive coverage and visual acceptance, so as to provide customers with more expensive, safe, convenient and transparent online service of gold realization and gold exchange.

In addition, the online and offline service of gold chain stores will be better for the common people.

At present, Guangdong Jinding gold Co., Ltd. has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, relying on the gold testing center recognized by the National Accreditation Commission and international mutual recognition, comprehensive member units of Shanghai Gold Exchange and designated gold refineries, to create a gold recycling brand and to lay out the national gold repurchase market.

It is understood that golden is good to expand the national franchise market, in addition to providing regular franchise service system for franchisees, it also provides four brand characteristic services for franchisees, so as to better enrich jinzehaos franchise system and build profit guarantee for franchisees.

First, professional gold inspection services. Jinzehao provides systematic gold inspection and appraisal training for franchisees, and builds excellent gold inspection ability for franchisees. If the training is qualified, it will issue jinzehao business school diploma and gold inspector certificate to the inspection personnel of franchisees.

Second, transparent gold trading services. Jinzehao all franchised stores implement transparent physical gold products trading services. They operate at a small profit, buy and sell at real time. They do not play routines. They let customers sell gold clearly and spend freely. They provide customers with reassuring, reassuring and comfortable services.

Third, seamless online and offline services. Golden is good, franchise stores can share golden little program and golden app. Online publicity is offline drainage and appointment, offline is to store experience word-of-mouth, online and offline provide customers with comprehensive gold recovery and sales services.

Fourth, cooperation and win-win designated services. Those who join in the gold jewelry business should focus on the gold jewelry business and make a good profit. In order to ensure the quality of goods and service and be responsible for the franchisees, jinzehao brand integrates resources. Based on the concept of cooperation and win-win, it selects a number of high-quality brands and enterprises as designated suppliers of jinzehaos goods to provide rich and high-quality jewelry products for franchisees.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485