Good girl, make a living first, then seek love.

 Good girl, make a living first, then seek love.

Older, as if in the face of feelings, more and more able to calm down to analyze the gains and losses, but also learned to reserve.

In the choice of career and love, it seems that the feelings began to gradually retreat into the second line.

It was also last night that I was forced out by my best friend to have a snack.

After two glasses of beer, she asked me, now that Im in love, I seem to become more and more powerful. I begin to weigh the pros and cons, and I start to think about gains and losses. Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

Without waiting for me to speak, she went on to say, two days ago, I was forced by my friend to arrange a blind date. The man was very interesting, clean and handsome, and could make people laugh. He was three years younger than me and felt a little naive. But because of the help of my friend, I also added his wechat.

But after we talked for a few days, I decided to give up. The reason for giving up was so vulgar.

Because I heard that the other party had no house, no car, no deposit, and was not mature enough, I felt that I really didnt have the strength to talk about this kind of heartbreaking love.

You say, I have become more and more realistic, and recently I always feel that it is better to make money than to fall in love.

Actually, I think that what my best friend said seems to be a part of the current situation, but it is not bad.

Because for us at this age, it is much more important for us to understand what we want, to distinguish what is heart beating and what is appropriate, and to know how to please ourselves than to please anything.

After all, loving yourself is always the beginning of lifelong romance, isnt it?

Two days ago, when I brush my microblog and circle of friends, I can always see a topic: Why are the post-90s and post-95 people more and more reluctant to fall in love?

In fact, I think, we are not unwilling to fall in love, but we will not feel that it is love because of a few sweet words, and we know more about what is the most important to ourselves.

The more you grow up, the more you understand what love is.

For most of the people around us, we have never been in love or married. Its not that we have to stick to the principle of being single.

In addition, the older you get, many people begin to become financially independent. However, when they get married, they are forced to lower the quality of their life because of the fuel and bits and pieces of their marriage. Therefore, they prefer to be single.

After all, there is no express provision that we must fall in love and get married when we grow up, so no one can casually coerce a person into marriage.

I also feel more and more now, love or marriage, if you always feel negative energy, if you need to reduce the quality of your life, it is better to be alone, anyway, a person is also very good.

We all need to be responsible for our own life, have some reservation to choose love and marriage, there is no right or wrong, compared to we casually married and then regret, it is better to weigh the pros and cons before marriage, to plan their own future and life.

Maybe some people will say: get married as soon as possible. You are almost thirty years old. If you dont get married, you will only be selected.

But I would like to say that adult love, if not to weigh the pros and cons, if blindly promoted by the secular door to marriage, it is not necessarily good or bad.

Just like the audience Xiaomi, who was forced to have a blind date because of her age and finally was forced to get married, finally chose to divorce because she couldnt stand the daily necessities and trivial life.

She said that in the past, because she didnt want to worry about her parents, she married hastily in order to fulfill her parents wishes.

But after marriage, not only for the sake of marriage, she sacrificed all her time and tried to balance her family and work. In the end, she only got her husbands impatience and constant dislike.

She said that a bad marriage has squeezed all her energy. She has no time to dress herself up and has no extra financial ability to support her to develop any interests. She has been smoothed by life. She began to become a boring person. She said that she hated this kind of self.

So after experiencing numerous disappointments and mental torments, she chose to divorce.

After the divorce, she gradually found herself, her life as a person, and her high quality when she was single.

Sometimes I have to admit that Xiaomis marriage is pathetic, but I dont want you to wait for her to feel regret after experiencing it.

I hope you can slow down a little bit, seriously consider a marriage, seriously go into another persons world, do not have to aggrieve themselves, do not have to lower their own standards, do not have to reduce the quality of their own life.

So if you are still single in your twenties, I want to say that it is not a bad thing.

Before meeting the right person, try to make money and enrich yourself.

One day, you will also meet a person, you can have a better future together, you are also true to pay the heart; you do not have to reduce the quality of life as the price, to maintain feelings, not to mention a low-quality marriage grievances.

Click watching. But if not yet, please take care of yourself and love yourself, OK.