Mingde Academy: technology driven, great feelings to promote the popularization of Sinology education

 Mingde Academy: technology driven, great feelings to promote the popularization of Sinology education

At the present stage, online education industry in China is booming, and there is a large demand for users. Therefore, we attach great importance to the professionalism and word-of-mouth of content producers. The whole teaching and training system never lacks excellent teachers and high-quality content, but also the convenient channel to enlarge, transfer and match these resources.

Direct attack on pain points and boost Chinese enterprises to ride the storm

Mingde academy [Online Sinology lecture hall] is a live course to deeply explore the key needs and pain points of users, directly attack the problems, and use Sinology wisdom as a sharp weapon to help enterprises and individuals solve common problems in management, such as communication, motivation, goal, execution, leadership, talent cultivation and team building. During the period of the epidemic, Mingde academy also did its best to help promote enterprises to tide over difficulties and stimulate internal growth.

Based on the internet live broadcast platform, Mingde Guoxue lecture hall has been promoting the essence of Sinology, learning from ancient wisdom, solving practical problems and rekindling peoples interest in traditional Chinese culture since the opening of the class. From the aspects of individual cultivation, interpersonal relationship, family harmony, career promotion and other aspects of traditional Chinese culture, the students can fully understand the important role of traditional culture in the construction of personality, workplace humanistic cultivation and enterprise culture. The course takes problems as the entrance and results as the goal, and takes experience internalization as the guide, In the live broadcast platform, it has won the unanimous recognition of the students, gained a high popularity and warm response, and won millions of fans in the whole network in a few months.

Enabling technology to create a sustainable development of Sinology live broadcasting ecosystem

With the rapid development of we media on the Internet, personal IP has sprung up. It has become a beautiful card to show Chinese culture on various platforms. The media represented by live broadcast has a strong and extensive dissemination, which makes more people appreciate the aesthetic style of Chinese culture. With more and more traditional cultural forms such as traditional Chinese culture skills, intangible cultural heritage culture, ancient costumes and so on appear in the live broadcasting room, which brings a stream of clean flow to the live broadcasting community. It not only spreads the traditional culture, but also improves the network live broadcast ecology.