Ant group issue plan announced Xueying Securities Hong Kong stock new strategy

 Ant group issue plan announced Xueying Securities Hong Kong stock new strategy

In addition, the latest prospectus disclosed that ant groups operating revenue in the first three quarters was 118.191 billion yuan, up 42.56% year-on-year, mainly from the growth of digital financial technology platform revenue; gross profit of 69.549 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74.28%; and the overall gross profit margin increased to 58.84% from 48.13% in the same period last year.

The ant group is listed at the same time as a + h. In addition to participating in the A-share sci-tech innovation board, investors can also share the dividend of ant groups listing through the Hong Kong stock market. Like the A-share IPO, Hong Kong stock IPO is to participate in the subscription of new shares listed in Hong Kong. Compared with the A-share market, the Hong Kong stock market has the advantages of high bid winning rate, low threshold, no price limit and more flexible issuance mechanism.

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