Deep experience of industrial designers, new product of domestic designers main machine: seven rainbow promaster A1 is not simple

 Deep experience of industrial designers, new product of domestic designers main machine: seven rainbow promaster A1 is not simple

Open the carton, just take out the mainframe, we were surprised by its appearance. The new design of seven rainbow promaster A1 case is pure white matte, very textured, air inlet and top cover are black. Rarely see this style of computer mainframe, simple and pure. Compared with the seven rainbow promaster H1, I prefer the design of promaster A1, which is visually harmonious with our office space. Our worktable and filing cabinet are all white, and the chairs are black, so this angular mainframe is like a specially customized one, and it is very pleasant to integrate with the environment. This kind of design, I think, can basically be perfectly integrated with the working environment of most design studios.


After appreciating the appearance technology, I found a place with good light and opened the cover plates on both sides of the main engine habitually, just like a driver opened the engine cover, because the internal structure and layout can let you better understand the characteristics and potential of this host. After opening the cover, the most surprising thing in the case is the recently popular geforce rtx3080 graphics card. One graphics card occupies two card positions, which seems to be very powerful. In addition, i9-10900k processor, 2tbnvme SSD + 2tbdd, 4-channel 64GB memory of 2667mhz are added. In theory, such a combination can not only run fast, but also greatly reduce the delay in use. This kind of agile feedback is very helpful for creative work and can ensure the continuity of ideas.

users experience

be quiet:

After using this period of time, one of the obvious feelings is agility. Whether it is the basic operation feedback, or the startup speed of large files and large software, it is very fast.

For example, in work, it is often necessary to temporarily edit an external linked file. At this time, it is necessary to start another software that can edit it. It may take only a few seconds to modify, but it takes longer to start the software. This kind of waiting is meaningless. Although it is only a few seconds or dozens of seconds, it is very painful. If you open a lot of software and leave it there, it will be troublesome to switch back and forth. This situation is much better on this computer. With i910900k, four channel 2667mhz memory, and the very critical nvmessd, the opening speed of software and files has been doubled at least. Moreover, the mvmessd has 2TB. In this way, everything except the inventory information can be put on the mvmessd, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

Not only the speed of startup and opening is very fast, but also the saving of large files is also very efficient. Usually, 1GB files saved once will consume a lot of time, and the work needs to keep the progress, which will cost a lot of time. The saving time is shortened by 10 seconds each time, and it can save us a lot of time and make our thinking more continuous.

Top interface panel:

The design of the interface panel of the chassis is very ingenious. The slot is moved to the top to facilitate the insertion and removal of various connecting wires. There is no need to pull out the host or drill to the bottom of the table to deal with the problem of wiring connection. At the same time, the reserved thread hole can help you to arrange the line.

In addition to convenient interface location, the number of interfaces can also meet the needs of work.

Next to the power on button, there are four USB interfaces, which should be reserved for temporary connection. There are two high-speed ports. It is convenient to connect two mobile storage devices at the same time and copy files quickly. It is very practical.

On the top interface panel, there are also multiple high-speed USB interfaces (usb3.2g2/g1/typec), which are enough to connect a variety of different peripherals, such as digital screen, digital board, scanner, desktop printer, mouse keyboard, etc. There are three DP interfaces + one HDMI at the video card, which makes it convenient for designers to connect multiple professional displays.

Feeling of software use:

The certification of invec rtxstudio means that all hardware configurations are up to standard, and nviditio driver is installed to speed up the design software. Finally, a series of stability and compatibility tests are required. Due to the unraveling performance of nvidiageforcertx3080 video card, plus i910900k and other configurations, the use experience of many software has also changed greatly. Geforcertx3080s ray tracing, AI acceleration and noise reduction make rendering efficiency much higher than 10 times, and some software efficiency is even more than 10 times.

It may be due to the powerful single core capability of CPU, the feedback speed of PS and AI has been greatly improved (PS and AI rely on single core speed). Due to the acceleration function of graphics card, the speed of some tools that support acceleration has been increased more. This increase in feedback speed allows designers to focus more on thinking in their work.

Keyshot is a very simple and efficient rendering software, which we often use in internal reviews. When the GPU rendering and noise reduction options are turned on, you can basically see a preview close to the final rendering in a moment. In the past, we had to wait 5-10 seconds for the same scene in the workstation to see such preview effect. In this way, during the internal review, there is no need to render a set of pictures. You can directly view any angle on the computer in real time. If you need to fine tune, you can immediately see the actual effect after adjustment, which is very helpful to improve the efficiency. GPU noise reduction map speed is also very fast, increased about 10 times, amazing. With the latest version of the software, you can use GPU rendering to complete most of the rendering work. With the software update, GPU rendering related functions will be more and more perfect. The following is the speed test with the test scenario provided by keyshot:

2. CPU + noise reduction real-time rendering - wait 10 seconds (noise disappears, but there are some mesh textures)

3. GPU + noise reduction real-time rendering - wait 2 seconds (all noise disappears)

When the design is about to be completed, we will use 3dsmax and Vray to render the final scene. When vraygpu is rendered, it is mainly GPU and assisted by CPU. The speed is improved several times, and the noise reduction effect of AI is also very good. In terms of real-time preview, the speed and effect are also greatly improved. The combination of i910900k and geforcertx3080 can almost preview the final lighting effect while adjusting the design scheme, which is of great help to the improvement of work efficiency and work experience. In addition, 2667mhz four channel memory and high-speed solid-state disk make the whole process very smooth. The support of various mainstream software for GPU rendering is also gradually improved, which is the trend of the times.

Overall feeling

This is a very suitable for designers to use the computer, can save a lot of time for the design workflow, but also can make the design work more smooth. The overall feeling is: quiet, quick response, easy to use interface, software acceleration effect is remarkable.

In addition, the cost performance is also good. If it is self-assembled, the same configuration may be more expensive, and lack of debugging, stability will be poor, and there is no overall after-sales guarantee.