Jilin Yuqi wins 14 points

 Jilin Yuqi wins 14 points

Xinjiang: Zhou Qi has 41 points and 14 rebounds, refkatijiang has 14 points and 8 rebounds, Yu Dehao has 13 points and Tang Caiyu has 11 points;

Jilin: Zhang Biao 29 points 6 rebounds 4 assists 5 steals, Jiang Yuxing 24 points, Jiang Weize 14 points 8 assists, Zhong Cheng 12 points 10 rebounds, Cui Jinming 10 points 12 assists.

Competition related:

Xinjiang and Jilin have played a total of 50 times in history, with Xinjiang team winning 36-14. In the first two rounds of regular competition, both Xinjiang and Jilin have won two consecutive victories.

At the beginning of the first quarter of the game, the two sides started to attack and score alternately. Zhou Qilian scored 6 points, Yu Dehao scored three points, and Qi Lin scored a touchdown basket, Xinjiang was 11-8 ahead. Zhang Biao and refkatijiang continued to score points for their respective teams, and Xinjiang 25-18 continued to maintain the lead. Wu Yongsheng three points into the wind, Cui Jinming layup is successful, Jiang Weize pressure 24 seconds three minutes into. At the end of the first quarter, Xinjiang was 28-27 ahead of Jilin by 1 point.

In the second quarter, Tang Caiyu failed to hit the outside line repeatedly, Dai huaibo and Ding Haoran took turns to attack successfully. Jilin played a 19-6 offensive and surpassed Xinjiang by 12 points. After that, Zhang Biao even took points from the penalty zone. The attack in Xinjiang was difficult. Only Zhou Qis sporadic attack responded. Jiang Yuxing and Cui Jinming made layups to expand their advantages. At half-time, Jilin was 58-42 ahead of Xinjiang.

Yi Bian fight again, Jiang Weize and Ang Lee for Jilin Jiangong, Zhou Qi hit 2 + 1, in Dehao layup score, the score of both sides rose alternately. Tang Caiyu scored two three-point goals in a row, and Jiang Yuxing, Zhang Biao and Zhong Cheng successively scored under the basket, and Jilin still maintained a double-digit lead. Zhou Qi and Tang Caiyu continued to score points to narrow the difference, and Yu Dehao scored three points. At the end of the third quarter, Xinjiang was only 5 points behind 76-81. In the last section, Cui Jinming and Jiang Weize succeeded in attacking, Jilin was ahead and the difference was back to 10 points. Zhang Biao continued his stable scoring performance, Zeng lingxu hit three points, Jiang Yuxing and Jiang Weize opened fire in turn, Jilin 99-86 continued to maintain the advantage. After Zhou Qi even took 4 points, the difference returned to single digits. Zhang Biao and Jiang Yuxing attack response, Zhou Qi three points to continue to pursue points. Jiang Weize even took 5 points to lock the victory for Jilin. In the end, Jilin team defeated Xinjiang 108-97, gained 3 consecutive wins and gave the opponent the first defeat of the new season. Both sides start: Xinjiang: Yu Dehao, Tang Caiyu, Qi Lin, re Fu katijiang, Zhou Qi, Jilin: Cui Jinming, Jiang Yuxing, Guo Jinlin, Zhang Biao, Li an extended reading 41 + 14 still loses! Zhou Qi also went into the air to watch the 30-year-old general break out in Xinjiang war, Jilin is too fierce, a shoe has been trampled off, the game has not stopped_ NS4800

The two sides launched:

Xinjiang: Yu Dehao, Tang Caiyu, Qi Lin, rifukatijiang, Zhou Qi

Jilin: Cui Jinming, Jiang Yuxing, Guo Jinlin, Zhang Biao, Li an