The past of magic capital: Baohua groups real estate bribery

 The past of magic capital: Baohua groups real estate bribery

Column Feng Li

Dai Lu, editor in chief

A small real estate agent, how to get out of the encirclement of the devil?

President Gu, on the other hand, borrows the operation of Bank Trust channels to avoid tax of 40 million yuan per year for the real estate enterprises under Gaohua, chairman of Baohua group.

This is not the first time Baohua group has been involved in bribery.

During the period from 2018 to the time when Gu Zhifeng, the Secretary of a certain group of Shanghai Baoli Real Estate Co., Ltd., took advantage of the positions of Party committee secretary of a certain Shanghai real estate company limited to manage creditors rights of a certain Shanghai real estate company limited In order to avoid tax, Gao Hua, chairman of Baohua group, successfully transferred the profits of Kaixiang real estate company to Baohua group and Shanghai Hengbao Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Before and after 2018, Gu bought Room 201, No. 12, Lane 18, Baohua City Star community, developed by Shanghai Kaixiang Real Estate Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baohua group. As a cover, Gu received a set of unlicensed houses with a floor area of 102.8 square meters from Gaohua Group Chairman Gao Hua, with a value of 4.792 million yuan.

The above bribery cases date back to 2015. In a chat with Gao Hua, Gu said that the tax revenue of real estate enterprises is relatively high, so they can do a channel business to transfer profits to the parent company for tax avoidance. Gu said the business was also beneficial to the Shanghai Branch of a bank and said he could help with the operation.

At the beginning of 2016, Gu informed Wang, general manager of the first business development department of a bank, that Baohua group had a business to do to achieve the purpose of adjusting profits between Baohua group and its affiliated companies, and asked Wang to connect with He Mou, financial director of Baohua group. In addition, Gu also arranged the general manager of the asset management department to design a business channel. Since the actual controllers of Baohua group, Shanghai Hengbao Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Kaixiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. are all Gaohua, they can let the trust company lend 1.9 billion yuan to Shanghai Kaixiang real estate through Baohua group and Shanghai Hengbao Asset Management Co., Ltd. with certificates of deposit pledge of 950 million yuan In this way, Kaixiang real estate company has to bear 1.9 billion yuan of financial cost every year, and transfer profits to Baohua group and Shanghai Hengbao capital management company through interest.

For the above plan, Baohua groups chief financial officer he said that Baohua did not have 1.9 billion yuan and could not make a 1.9 billion yuan certificate of deposit. Gu said that according to Yus plan, the enterprise does not need to deposit 1.9 billion yuan in advance, which can be reversed.

In May 2016, under the arrangement and requirement of Gu, Yu cooperated with Wang in violation of the rules and regulations to conduct trust financing business with Shanghai Kaixiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Baohua group in the form of reverse payment. After the 1.9 billion yuan business is completed, Shanghai Kaixiang real estate company can transfer about 200 million yuan of profits to Baohua group and Shanghai Hengbao Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Every year, 40 million yuan of tax can be avoided.

At the end of 2017, Gu talked to Gao Hua about his sons return from studying abroad and wanted to buy a suite in Shanghai. He asked Gaohua if he could recommend a house developed by Baohua group. Therefore, Gao Hua recommended the house they were selling in Baohua City Star community, and asked Yang, vice president of the company, to take Gu to Baohua City Star community to select houses. Finally, Gu bought Room 201, unit 12, Baohua City Star Community at the price of 9.898 million yuan.

The seemingly normal behavior of buying a house, but there is something fishy about it. Gu bought this house actually has two floors, the contract area is 101 square meters on the second floor, and the same area on the first floor below is without property right certificate. That is to say, the floor area of the house is 202 square meters, the floor area is only 101 square meters on the second floor. Gu spent a suite price, bought two suites, equivalent to buy a free one.

According to Gus confession, Gaohuas buy one get one free behavior is mainly to thank him for helping Gaohua transfer the profits of Shanghai Kaixiang real estate company to Baohua group and Shanghai Hengbao Asset Management Co., Ltd., which are controlled by Gaohua, to help enterprises avoid tax. In addition, Gaohua also hopes Gu can provide help and support when enterprises need financing.

The price confirmation conclusion issued by Ningbo Price Certification Center confirmed that the market transaction price of Room 201 (including room 101 downstairs), No. 12, Lane 18, Baohua City Star Community purchased by Gu was 14.068 million yuan on the base date of price determination.

Baohua City Stars most mysterious unit 12, the whole building has been planned as a buy one get one free high cost-effective house and sold to related households.

According to Gao, when planning and designing unit 12, the first floor is an overhead floor, which cant be sold by property right certificate alone. Considering the sales of the house, they make the overhead floor into one floor suite during construction, and introduce these houses to customers who have good relationship with them when selling. The house price is based on a set of prices on the second floor with the property right certificate. The area on the first floor below is the use area given by Baohua group company to customers. Due to planning reasons, the house property certificate cannot be made.

Baojin group is the predecessor of Zhejiang construction group. In 2002, Baohua group was formally established, with a registered capital of 120 million yuan, mainly engaged in industrial investment, real estate development and management, asset management, etc. Gaohua held 70% of the shares, and Shanghai Guochang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. held 30% of the shares. Gaohua holds 100% equity of Shanghai Guochang real estate.

Since its establishment, Baohua group has developed and built a number of projects in Shanghai, including Baohua crape myrtle garden, Baohua City Star, Baohua Yuanshu and other projects.

In 2008, when CAI was the governor of Putuo District, he provided convenience for Shanghai Shicheng company to construct the no.582 plot of Changshou Road, Shanghai No.1 Cotton textile mill.

In return, Cai collected 50000 Australian dollars from Shicheng company during his visit to Australia, which was given to him in the form of chips in the Australian entertainment center. After returning home, Cai got 50000 yuan from Gao Hua in three times in the name of card playing fees.

According to the industrial and commercial data, Shanghai Shicheng company is fully known as Shanghai Shicheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. among them, Shanghai Guochang real estate company controlled by Gaohua shares 30%.

During the 10 years from 1999 to 2009, Cai took advantage of his position to accept bribes from several companies or individuals, totaling 2.84 million yuan. He was finally sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in 2010.

Real estate quality inspection: constant troubles

In 2016, the second-hand house price in Putuo District was about 50000 yuan per square meter, while Baohua City Star first entered the market with an average price of 98000 yuan per square meter. Although the price is astonishing, the property has become the second largest commercial residential property in Shanghai in 2018 due to its all stone dry hanging Facade, hardbound underground garage and rare vegetation greening, with a turnover of more than 7 billion yuan.

In addition, due to property and decoration problems, Baohua city light was sued by the owners. In May 2019, an owner sent a document saying that more than a dozen people broke into the house and injured the workers in the house. The reason was sealing the balcony. The workers stressed that it was not sealing the balcony, it was just a frame used to install curtains. The property management personnel started to damage the screws and knock the frame. Since then, there are owners said there are quality problems with the marble floor.

In June 2020, the last building of Baohua City Star in putuoguang new block will be added, and 56 sets of houses will attract 113 groups of effective recognition. However, at the opening of the market, the rights protection billboard with the words Baohua goes to quality again, and the quality is shoddy is directly blocked in the sales office.

On July 19, 2009, Baohua city garden, located in Liangcheng District, Hongkou District, Shanghai, opened. At the scene, nearly 100 citizens held a placard Baohua endangers life and safety to protest at the sales office. These people came from Sanxiang garden, a community near Baohua city garden. Due to the construction of Baohua city garden, especially the foundation construction, some buildings in Sanxiang garden have cracks. The owner negotiated with Baohua for many times, but none of them was settled.

The scene triggered a conflict on the same day, and a group of mysterious people beat people trying to rush into the sales office, causing confusion on the scene. After that, the police took the perpetrator away by force, and then the situation was controlled.