Only one step away from surpassing Schumacher, can Hamilton realize his dream at one stroke?

 Only one step away from surpassing Schumacher, can Hamilton realize his dream at one stroke?

Beijing time, October 23 (Beijing time), F1 Grand Prix Portugal will open its first practice race, which means that Hamilton, who has won 91 races, will start the impact on the record of car king. In this race, as long as he wins the championship, he can surpass Schumachers record of winning the sub station and enjoy the first place in history.

Earlier, Hamilton won the 91st F1 race in Germany on October 11 local time, equating Schumachers record, and tied for the first place in history.

Hamilton once said in an interview that he often played Schumacher in racing games as a child, and he had thought that no one would break Schumachers record. However, in this weekends upcoming Portugal race, Hamilton is expected to complete the surpassing of Schumacher, breaking the miracle he thought could not be copied.

Hamilton held up the red helmet of Schumacher to pay homage to the legend.

Hamilton is an excellent driver and the results are obvious to all. We cant deny that we would like Michael to keep these records, but as he said, records are used to be broken. After Hamilton won the 91st championship, the Schumacher family congratulated for the first time.

Before Hamilton, Vettel was the closest driver to Schumachers record, but he has only won 53 races so far. After Vettel are the famous stars Proust (51) and Senna (41).

The picture shows Hamilton. Source: osports sports Photo Agency

After reaching the top of the German Grand Prix, Hamilton once said that he had never stopped from winning 1 to 91 and would not stop in the future: you know I wont stop. So, lets stay positive, lets keep trying. A new record may be set at the weekends Algarve international circuit in Portugal.

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of chinanews.com_ NB12651