Musk said full automatic driving is going to cost $10000, and U.S. regulators are looking at it

 Musk said full automatic driving is going to cost $10000, and U.S. regulators are looking at it

On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla would launch a fully automated driving capability (FSD) beta on Tuesday night, saying the push would be extremely slow and cautious. In a conference call on the third quarter earnings report on Wednesday, musk said the FSD would be launched to more car owners by the end of this year and would be widely released by the end of this year.

On the 22nd, musk said on twitter that the price of FSD will rise by $2000 from next Monday, and the price has reached $10000 after this price increase. On the same day, musk tweeted again that the rise in FSD prices would be delayed until next Thursday. He also said that the current increase in FSD prices only applies to the US region. However, with the release of test versions of FSD in other countries or regions, there will be similar price increases.

On twitter, Tesla owners who received the beta version have released videos of them using FSD, claiming that the car really can see everything: intersections can judge the right turning time without clear lane markings.

NHSA has been informed of Teslas new features, an extension of its existing assisted driving system. The National Highway Safety Administration said in a statement. The agencys main responsibility is to closely monitor new technologies and take action when necessary to protect the public from unreasonable security risks.

Tesla could not be contacted to comment on the NHSA statement and confirm its reliability, Reuters reported.

NHTSA said in July that its accident investigation team investigated 19 accidents involving Tesla vehicles and had reason to believe that owners used some form of advanced driving assistance system at the time of the accident.

Researchers, regulators and insurance groups say it will be years before true autonomous driving is achieved and is more complex than companies expected a few years ago. They criticized Teslas promotion of its current basic version of the autopilot system as a dangerous misleading.

Teslas approach has also been criticized by the partnership for autonomous driving education (pave), which includes Ford, general motors and waymo, a Google based self driving company. Public road testing is a serious responsibility, using untrained drivers to verify test software on public roads is dangerous and inconsistent with existing guidelines and industry norms.

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