Domestic Android tax is higher than Apple tax, game manufacturers quit!

 Domestic Android tax is higher than Apple tax, game manufacturers quit!

At present, the two companies did not give a clear explanation for not being put on the mainstream Android game market.

Domestic android market share reaches 50%

Since this year, epic has been fighting with apple on the channel division of its game fortress night. Epic even filed a 60 page lawsuit against Apples monopoly. As we all know, Apple will take 30% of the cost of downloading and in app purchase revenue in its app store, commonly known as Apple tax.

Compared with Apples 30% channel cost, the Android tax in the domestic Android application market deserves more attention and discussion. Han Shuai, Secretary General of Shanghai Online Games Association, pointed out to reporters of the 21st century economic report.

According to the research of Tianfeng securities, the proportion of major domestic Android mobile platforms and game manufacturers is 5:5. In foreign countries, the proportion of Google play, which is also an Android channel, is only 30%.

It is understood that there are four major channels for mobile game distribution: Jiuyou, Xiaomi, 360 and app Bao. In addition, several domestic mainstream Android manufacturers have formed an organization called hard core alliance, including Huawei, Lenovo, Jinli, Coolpad, vivo, oppo, Meizu and other mobile phone manufacturers.

According to the 2019 hard core alliance white paper released by iResearch, the share of Chinese mobile game users using apple devices and Android devices in 2018 was 22.3% and 77.7% respectively. The proportion of Android users is expected to reach 80.2% in 2019. As of October 2019, the total number of users of the hard core alliances app stores / game centers has reached 715 million.

Android platform has large traffic, many channels and low threshold. For a long time in the past, the game distribution industry has been dominated by channels. Han Shuai pointed out that after the establishment of the hard core alliance, the alliance was formed in the process of sharing and bargaining, which has become the hidden rule of the industry to a certain extent, and also formed the discourse power of channels in game distribution. Thats why Android platforms in China can charge more than apple.

Wang Xu, chief analyst of Gamma data, believes that domestic android channels are relatively easy to go online, but there are many channels, so it is difficult to achieve standardized and unified management. Channels with large user weight and high quality give priority to attracting publishers. Supply is less than demand, and they have a higher voice on the share proportion. Other small and medium-sized Android channel providers have learned from the sharing proportion of large channels, or are suitable When the ratio is reduced.

However, Wang Xu also pointed out that different channels, different games, different flow standards, and the 50% - 70% channel share proportion of market rumors is not accurate. If the channel thinks that the game quality is high, it can greatly help its own traffic, and has verified word-of-mouth and user stickiness in other channels, as well as the popularity of publishers, it will give developers a higher proportion, and vice versa.

Not only that, the above developers revealed that in order to get better recommendation and diversion on some Android platforms, they need to sign an agreement on how much water the game can bring to the platform within a specified time after the game is put on the shelves, otherwise the developers need to pay compensation to the platform. All kinds of promotion fees, traffic fees and channel fees add up, and the profit margin of the same game on Android platform is far lower than that of Apple App store.

Wang Xu also told the 21st century economic reporter that on some platforms, game publishers need to purchase the currency of the platform in the preheating stage of the channel platform, so as to release the warm-up task with prizes, improve the player expectation value of the product before it goes online and the ranking of each list, so as to ensure the registration of new players when the product is launched. The magnitude of recharge amount depends on factors such as the volume of issuers. It reached the level of 200000-400000 yuan / year a few years ago.

Is channel king or content king?

In the user bonus stage, the game can make money depending on the amount of channels given. Development does not depend on quality, but on channels, IP, skin changing, models, etc. Wang Xu said, relying on channels, the problem is that the number of games is growing rapidly, but the phenomenon of homogenization is serious, and high-quality games are scarce.

However, at the same time, there is a market voice that more and more head developers bypass the Android channel with a serious skew, which means that the era of game content is king has come.

The original God, which is not listed in the mainstream Android channel in China, is such a popular product. According to the data, the original God was officially released on September 28. Just three days after its launch, the companys revenue rose 61% month on month in September, setting a new record. In the first week of October, the revenue of MIHA tour exceeded that of September.

According to the data of Qimai, the daily flow of IOS in China has been stable at about 1.9 million U.S. dollars, and the daily download volume of IOS is about 138000 times. According to sensor tower data, as of October 7, the estimated revenue of app store + Google play worldwide was nearly $90 million, with more than 13 million downloads worldwide.

In July last year, Tencent also held a showdown with major Android channels in China, demanding that new games be divided by 3:7, including sword net 3: fingertip of the river and running kart, as well as planning to release a number of high-quality mobile games at that time.

The game is not about momentum at all, but the capital for negotiation. If the channel is not put on the market, whether the loss risk to the game developers is greater than the profit after the negotiation, etc. However, for small game developers, the development of small developers is closely related to channel cooperation ability, buying capacity, operation ability and marketing ability. When the number of new games is tight, the survival threshold will be higher and higher. If they do not have the above ability, the pressure will be more and more.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, cloud games have become a hot trend, attracting the layout of Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other giants. With the popularity of this distribution mode, the traditional channel mode will be subverted.

On September 15, this year, Microsofts cloud game projectxcloud officially landed on Android platform. More than 150 games were launched in the first batch, and 22 countries were listed in the first batch.

Wang Xu told the 21st century economic reporter that the development of small app games and cloud games will further change the positioning of channels. When super apps or social software, vertical communities, etc., transform more and more users in the form of advertising, then the channels in the form of app stores will become more and more vulnerable, and the proportion of shares will naturally be affected.