Merchants urge users to confirm receipt of Alipay as soon as possible: you do not have to be embarrassed.

 Merchants urge users to confirm receipt of Alipay as soon as possible: you do not have to be embarrassed.

For businesses concerned about the collection problem, Alipay said that the joint network Merchants Bank to solve together, this year to participate in double 11 of the business after the consumer pays the deposit, you can recover the full amount, the tail part of the Alipay and other pads to the merchant, the account period shortened by more than 20 days. Consumers rights and interests will not be affected, and they can still enjoy Alipays secured transactions.

It home learned that online banking said that it is expected to advance more than 200 billion yuan for businesses during the double 11 period this year.

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be careful! P2P borrowers overdue, freezing Alipay account has entered the stage of operation.

Source: blackboard report of asset management

Because the identity information was used by the Internet, the Alipay account was frozen. Recently, a user in the online petition issued suspend freezing my Alipay complaint information, because personal bank savings card was impersonate handling, in September 18, 2020, Alipay account was found to be frozen.

On October 19th, Alipay account was frozen because of identity information being borrowed and borrowed by Internet. Recently, a user released a complaint message in the online petition that suspend freezing my Alipay. It was found that the Alipay account was frozen because of the impersonate of the personal bank savings card. Subsequently, the Yuhang branch of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau was informed that the loan principal was 2000 yuan in December 2015 in the love loan (now called AI and MI) net loan platform, which was $2000. Immediately return the loan with interest and principal, otherwise we will take measures such as freezing my account and putting it into the list of dishonesty. This appeal case shows that if P2P borrowers overdue their loans on time, freezing Alipay and WeChat wallet accounts has already entered the stage of practice. Before that, there were overdue borrowers who said their Alipay accounts were frozen, unable to pay, or to buy things on Taobao.

In October 9th, according to the users appeal on the petition platform, after enquiry, the telephone card and bank card were also known as cards in December 14, 2015. It was found that this card was inflow into Hangzhou by the AI CAI Network Technology Co., Ltd. (AI mi) in December 17, 2015, and it flowed into the Alipay account named Zhu in December 19th of the same year. In December 21, 2015, it was paid 17000 yuan by fast money to the principal amount in December 14, 2015. In the same year, from December 23rd to December 28th, the total amount of Alipay account flowing to Chus Alipay account for 5 yuan was 6973 yuan. In December 24th, it went out to the Alipay account named Dong Mou and its total amount was 1000 yuan. In December 29, 2015, the total withdrawals of ATM in Jinshui sub branch of the Bank of Hong Kong amounted to 9000 yuan. The loan from the two platforms was up to now, and the interest rate was estimated to reach 52 thousand yuan. Its me! I am fully sure that the above-mentioned bank card and telephone card are not handled by me, all economic transactions involved are irrelevant to me, and I am not the beneficiary! .

The public security branch of Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, said in its reply: the users information about being falsely used as an identity, handling bank cards and borrowing online loans should be reported to the public security organ in Zhengzhou, where the crime occurred. After obtaining the case acceptance certificate from Zhengzhou public relations organ, it can be provided to Yuhang public security online loan collection office, and the collection of the aiyoumi loan can be cancelled.

At present, the main means of punishing the dishonest is the order of limiting height. Restrictions on high consumption include not buying a house, buying a car, not flying, taking high-speed rail, not staying in star hotels, not going to high-end places to spend, not traveling, and not going to private schools for children.

In May this year, the public security organs of Hangzhou Xihu District began to issue collection messages to borrowers who were seriously overdue. The short message indicates that the online loan previously applied by the borrower has been included in the online loan collection platform, prompting overdue borrowers to pay attention to the small program platform of Xihu investment and communication for querying overdue information and repayment. The small program platform is provided by the financial work class of Hangzhou Xihu District.

On September 25, due to a large number of overdue P2P online lending platform aiqianjin, the borrower complained to the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Subsequently, the financial work coordination section of Beijing Dongcheng District Financial Service Office replied that at present, aiqianjin platform has been filed for investigation by Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau, and the complainants can report the case to the public security department with relevant evidence.

Monitoring shows that for the long overdue love money to enter the loan APP money station old Lai, from the beginning of September, Beijing public security departments in addition to freezing bank cards, Alipay has also been included in the freezing area. On September 15, some overdue borrowers reported that the money station had begun to freeze the relevant fund accounts of overdue borrowers.

Police direct intervention platform

Police intervention to assist in collection is undoubtedly one of the effective measures to prevent malicious debt evasion, and is also an urgent demand of P2P institutions for a long time.

Before the police in the P2P platform, the real claims of the platform is only in the announcement or oral, and in recent years, many local police directly participate in the collection work, will bring great hope to the industry.

According to the incomplete statistics of the asset management blackboard newspaper, so far, the police have participated in or directly taken over the collection work of platforms, including quark finance, grabbing money cat, Huaxia Xincai, tuantai, huashengmifu, micro loan network, Xiaoniu online, etc. with the continuous promotion of industry renovation, it is believed that more platforms will be involved by the police or local judicial organs.

Since 2018, more than 400 special risk management classes have been set up nationwide to strengthen the control of high-risk institutions. All efforts should be made to recover the stolen goods and damage, and to arrest the fleeing personnel, so as to pursue and pay as much as possible. In order to strengthen the dynamic monitoring and penetrating supervision of online lending institutions, relevant departments have also built a real-time data access system to realize full and real-time access to detailed data such as product information, creditors rights information and transaction flow of online lending institutions.

According to the civil procedure law, the peoples court has the right to inquire about the deposits, bonds, stocks, fund shares and other property of the person subjected to execution if he fails to fulfill the obligations specified in the legal documents according to the execution notice. The peoples court has the power to detain, freeze, transfer or change the value of the property of the person subjected to execution according to different circumstances.

Insiders pointed out that at present, Alipay, WeChat wallet and other network payment APP has been included in the national network implementation of the check and control system. The executive judge can directly freeze and deduct the account funds online without the approval of the payment platform after querying the funds in the network account of the person subjected to execution through the network investigation and control system according to law.

Some lawyers said that in some collection cases, irrational actions such as group rights protection and violence rights protection are often accompanied. Such actions not only affect social order, but also endanger the personal and property safety of citizens. The involvement of judicial and public security organs in collection collection not only has the attribute of law enforcement, but also has the multiple attributes of maintaining social morality, protecting social order and implementing social policies, which is in line with the trend of credit reporting system construction.

Cracking down on Lao Lai is the best interpretation of social fairness and justice

Although the rectification of online loans has made decisive progress, we still need to pay full attention to the complexity and severity of the rectification work, and the follow-up work is more difficult due to tight time and heavy tasks. The three reductions work of the remaining operating agencies is progressing slowly, and the follow-up disposal is very difficult. The task of dealing with closed down institutions is still arduous, and the problems of not clearing up after withdrawing and difficult to clear up after withdrawing are prominent, and a lot of arduous and meticulous work still needs to be done to resolve the risks.

For many P2P lenders, there is something more painful than this epidemic: the online loan platform they invested in suddenly does not pay back, and they dont know when they can get the money back? This is the true epitome of some lenders in the tide of P2P industry retreat.

Cracking down on Lao Lai and making him repay on time is the best interpretation of social fairness and justice.

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