Exclusive interview with Guan Zhilin: beauty has been made since she was 6 years old

 Exclusive interview with Guan Zhilin: beauty has been made since she was 6 years old

Among these early Hong Kong beauties, Guan Zhilin is absolutely irreplaceable. The nickname porcelain doll is worthy of its reputation.

At the beginning, how many peoples time did she show up in Zhang Xueyous concert?

The role of aunt Fei Hong is worth playing in the movie!

After years, Yi finally met the goddess in dreams. She had a close communication with her about fashion and beauty, and also witnessed the charm of the goddess. This issue of have beauty and good products will be a full of star eyes special interview.

An interview with Netease fashion: Guan Zhilin

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Interview with Guan Zhilin (source: Netease fashion)

The secret of frozen age goddess

Netease fashion: tight, white, moisture, which do you care more?

Guan Zhilin: Yes, because women are greedy, right. Of course, its necessary to replenish the water, because its not good to dry. I also pay attention to sunscreen, because I often go out to exercise. There is also a tight, this is needless to say. So I said that girls should start to maintain their skin since childhood. I know that some mothers protect their baby skin at a very young age, and thats right. You shouldnt wait for your skin to get worse. Its not good.

Netease fashion: how much money will you spend to maintain your skin?

Guan Zhilin: in fact, it doesnt need to spend a lot of money. The main thing is to clean the skin and then use the right products. You dont need to buy expensive things. Sometimes I buy a very expensive one and I dont need it once because its too oil for me. I cant accept some European brands. Maybe its because the skin of Europeans is different from that of Asians. We dont have so many fine lines. Their products are too heavy. So I used it twice. It was for giving away or wiping other places. Dont waste it.

Netease fashion: what do you think of plain face?

Guan Zhilin: many people are plain faced in filming, and now actors are like this. Now the photographic equipment is very clear, so it needs less. I think its almost the same as before, but at that time, some characters needed to be plain faced. The director wanted us to do this, so we did. Or some of the characters may not have their eyebrows raised.

Netease fashion: whats your secret of keeping fit?

Guan Zhilin: I used to run, but now I use fast walking to sweat and detoxify. Then theres fitness, dumbbells and tummy training. My habit has been maintained for six years, which is a kind of persistence

Netease fashion: how do you keep alive?

Guan Zhilin: keep yourself and be in a good mood. As like as two peas, I think age is not too important, because I have many friends who are older than me, but their people, their character and their feelings are exactly the same as I used to know before. So I dont think age is a big problem. On the contrary, they are smarter and more sensible.

Hong Kong Style in her eyes

Netease fashion: how do you think Hong Kong style beauty has supported fashion for decades?

Netease fashion: what is Hong Kong Style in your eyes?

Guan Zhilin: it was a very classic time. We hope to remember all of them. I was lucky to be able to show up at that time.

Her design dream

Netease fashion: why the brand rosamour was founded?

Guan Zhilin: starting a business doesnt have to be done at a certain age. There is such an opportunity, so Ill try it. Hope to bring you some surprise, I hope you can like this brand, this skin care products.

Netease fashion: which one is more enjoyable for you?

Guan Zhilin: I think its different. I want to try different things. In the process of life to try this, try that, not necessarily successful, but I will try my best to try it. Its hard to compare the two.

When it comes to Hong Kong Style beauties, what immediately comes to mind is thick black hair, gorgeous red lips, delicate facial features and atmospheric temperament. Guan Zhilin is the perfect spokesperson.

The profile of the side face is also doll level exquisite, even and smooth without losing the edges and corners of lines, which is a true 360 u00b0 no dead angle.

It is said that beauty is divided into skin appearance and bone appearance, and beauty lies in bone but not in skin. Then Guan Zhilins beauty of both skin and bone is destined not to pass away with time.

A long skirt with slant shoulders and slits sets off the bright white skin and good figure, which is simple and has a sense of design.

The ice blue satin dress is full of luster and elegant with diamond ornaments.

Blingblings flash suit is in full swing. Modern and retro wide legged pants immediately bring people back to the golden age of Hong Kong film.

The gentle and generous V-neck irregular skirt with wave edge and red patent leather boots underneath shows Guan Zhilins smart and free temperament.

As Guan Zhilin said, frozen age in addition to proper maintenance, keeping a young mind is also an important secret.

Just like a bottle of good wine, Guan Zhilin has been infecting the audience with classic works and constantly exploring new fields to bring new surprises.

In this interview, Yi Jie, who is a coyan maniac, once again feels the elegant and calm charm from Guan Zhilin.

Amazing time of Guan Zhilin, please continue to do so, free and easy yourself!

Todays interaction: who do you think is the class representative of Hong Kong style and beauty community?

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Qianyi_ NB12476