Who has just said that almost ineffective radcivir has been approved as the first new crown treatment drug in the United States

 Who has just said that almost ineffective radcivir has been approved as the first new crown treatment drug in the United States

On October 22nd, novel coronavirus pneumonia, a research and development company of Reed and GileadSciences, announced on its official website that Reeds West Wei had been officially approved by FDA and became a new crown pneumonia treatment drug.

Radcivir has also become the first new crown treatment drug approved by FDA in the United States. Gilid science novel coronavirus pneumonia also said it could shorten the length of stay in hospitalized patients with new crown pneumonia by 5 days.

From the official website of Gilead Science

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was administered to Reed in May this year, allowing FDA to be used by new medical staff.

After President trump revealed his diagnosis of the new crown in early October, a memorandum issued by White House doctor Conley showed that trump was receiving various treatments, including redcivir therapy.

However, the efficacy of radcivir is controversial.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia and hydroxychloroquine were released on the 15 th of this month, and the results were almost ineffective in reducing the mortality of new crown pneumonia (littleornoeffect), WHO reported on the day of the first month of.

Over the past seven months, who has conducted a comparative trial of 11266 patients with new crowns in 30 countries. A certain number of patients were randomly selected to receive radcivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir, interferon and interferon plus lopinavir, while the remaining patients did not use the trial drug as a control. Among the tested patients, the number of patients using radcivir was the largest, reaching 2750.

But the final results showed that, compared with the overall mortality rate, duration of ventilator treatment and length of hospital stay, the drugs used in these trials all had little or no effect on the treatment of the new crown.

In the comparison of 28 day mortality of the four drugs in the report, the red line is the corresponding test drug, and the blue line is the control without drug use

Gilead sciences share price rose more than 5% in response to the news of REDWELLs approval.

According to the US consumer news and business channel (CNBC) reported on the 22nd, the current brand name of redceway in the United States is viklury. For patients covered by public health insurance in the United States or other countries, a five-day course of treatment costs 2340 US dollars (about 15636 yuan); for patients with private health insurance, it costs 3120 dollars (about 20848 yuan) uff09u3002

At the beginning of July, US media reported that the U.S. government had almost bought out all the supply of radcivir in the next three months, although the efficacy of the drug was not fully proved at that time. The World Health Organization (who) checked the matter after learning the relevant reports.

According to the real-time data of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 5:24 on October 23, Beijing time, there were 8395100 new crown confirmed cases and 222925 deaths in the United States. In the past 24 hours, 75829 new confirmed cases and 1109 new deaths have been recorded in the United States.

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