The beloved wife maniac in the circle of friends has cheated: how many marriages have been destroyed by this incident.

 The beloved wife maniac in the circle of friends has cheated: how many marriages have been destroyed by this incident.


I dont feel forgiven. My best friend is an example.

Her husband was a typical wife maniac before cheating. She often showed love in the circle of friends, which made everyone think her husband was very happy. However, her husband cheated on her colleagues less than a year after they were married. At that time, the girl friend was just pregnant, so she chose to forgive and hope her husband could know his mistakes and correct them. However, her husband was lucky in her girlfriend Once again, she broke ties with that colleague. Finally, she lost her temper and chose to divorce because she couldnt bear the pain.

Therefore, my personal suggestion may be more extreme. If a man is unfaithful, he will break up and divorce directly.

He was pregnant with another woman and went to the hospital to have an abortion. It happened that I had a cold to hang water and met face to face. Since then, I have been separated. Although I still cant put it down, I wont forgive him. I can only rely on time to heal the wound.


I choose to forgive the other half of the infidelity, and accept it for the sake of children and parents. But I find that I cant forgive in my heart. From then on, I will never trust him as I used to.

The more you like it, the more you cant forgive, the more you cant tolerate sand.


I cant stand the idea derailment, let alone the body derailment. He was playing games instead. That day, he was in my house. I saw him calling several girls and babies from his mobile phone and sending ambiguous messages. I directly asked him to get out of my house. If you dont want to see him again, how can you forgive him.

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As for infidelity, I just want to say that I will never forgive. I dont even allow spiritual infidelity, let alone physical infidelity. There are only zero and countless infidelity. Once derailed, you may choose the familys persuasion and choose to forgive. Maybe you will choose the face of the family and want to give the child a complete family, but have you ever thought about it? In such a family, can children grow up happily, healthily and happily when their father has been unfaithful?

Some men will always steal sex. They always think that wild flowers are more fragrant than family flowers. Sometimes they will continue to cheat. What do you do? A fight? What should the child do when he knows? Some childrens acceptance ability is poor, how about psychological shadow? What about you then? Is it to continue to endure or divorce? This is my personal view.

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I am an emotional purist, if the other half of the infidelity, I will not forgive, I will choose to separate, even if the two of us are married and have their own children, I will not choose to continue together, after all, even after we are reconciled, there will be estrangement, often thinking of increasing their own annoyance.


If it is unmarried, it will not be forgiven. I feel that there is nothing wrong with myself. It is the problem of the other party. It is good for each other if it is the problem of the other party. If it is married, it should be analyzed according to the actual situation. But dont expect that the other party can change it. After all, after the first time, there is no doubt that there will be later, and the two peoples relationship can never go back to the original First of all, its wonderful.


Derailment is my bottom line. You can make me angry and make me cry. Maybe Ill be ok if I coax me. But once you derail, whether its physical or mental, I cant accept it. I cant forgive it. For me, its only zero times and countless times. Even if Ive forgiven once, I still have pimples in my heart, so I cant accept it.


My husband cheated when the child was five months old. He apologized seriously and promised never again. I was hysterical. I couldnt accept it at the beginning, and I still feel pain now. Calm down to find that cheating is only the appearance, there are many problems in our marriage. There was a gap, and I began to have no trust in him. The day is also day by day. No temperature, no love. Because I want to give my children a complete home, I have been enduring and making do with it. Now the relationship between husband and wife is just a partner in raising children. There is no concern in life, no communication in spirit, and more like a brother physically.

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Forgive the heart may not do completely forgive it! Trust is broken, and its hard to be the same again. In the end, if you dont get divorced, you can only think about it.

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No, Ive forgiven her. Shes still the same as before. Shes really stubborn.


If its forgiveness, its better to say its release. If you dont love, say it. Dont use severing relationship to perfunctory all this. The beginning perfunctory may be just for the sake of long planned farewell. Women are just as mothers. They should always go out of their own family and do not worry about life difficulties. Dont be imprisoned in your own world, and dont rely on everything.



He cheated. The first time was when I was eight months pregnant. I broke down when I knew it. The child was born early. For the sake of the child, both parents did not divorce. He took care of the child by himself. When the child was one year old, he started to start a business. He pushed the child and handed out leaflets. He didnt get any income. He went from 400 yuan to 2000 yuan at the beginning and 6000 yuan at the end of the second year , while starting a business, while taking care of the children, there is nothing to regret after, the life of their own choice, and then their own efforts to get rid of. Now, in addition to raising children and myself, I have a deposit of 200000 yuan. I hope I can earn enough down payment next year, buy a house, divorce, and give my children a home. I dont want people to love you, but just love yourself and be responsible for the children.

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I think its very difficult. My predecessor and I are, even if time goes by, when we meet each other, we will be involved in the past injuries, again and again, six years later, we are still in the heart, and finally we gradually become more and more distrustful and finally come to an end I tried very hard to switch many ways to get along with each other to make up for the trust between us. However, a small quarrel will break the previous efforts

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Ive been friends with my boyfriend for 5 years. I met my parents during the Spring Festival this year, and then I found out that my boyfriend was a man and a woman. At that time, I really wanted to die. Later, he went out and couldnt get in touch with him. But I knew that he would come to me and I didnt know whether to see him or not.


When you can forgive, its true love. If you cant leave it, you cant live without it.

When you cant forgive, you cant even love.

In fact, people who love each other know where the bottom line of each other is. Its not worth the moment when they know how painful it will be.

There is a word in mathematics called have and only. What you do for me can also be done for others. How can we talk about us?

So, theres no way to forgive.


When I say I love you, I really love you. When I say I dont love you, I really dont love you any more. People are always fickle, do not expect others love, give yourself enough love, glass like life, mixing station like society, protect yourself and live a complete life! I met him at the age of 18. After 12 years of experience, I will never believe that there is true love in this world.

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For the first time, I chose to forgive, and then there was a second time, a third time... Well, not in the future. Really only 0 times and countless times, this time choose to let go of themselves.


Before there were no children and before marriage, they all felt that cheating was unforgivable. Now, as a married person with a baby, life doesnt come from ones temperament. Considering children, family and parents, you will choose to forgive him once, but twice, you must not forgive.

Finally, I would like to tell you that if you choose to forgive or not, you should follow your heart. Dont let your decision regret, OK?