Xiaoming: depression does not need

 Xiaoming: depression does not need

The symptoms of depression are varied. It feels like a person suffering from depression is in a terrible mood, like being in a dark cage and suffering.

At this time, we especially want to help them.

But the method is not right. It is counterproductive.

Chicken soup

Depression involves a comprehensive change in peoples body and mind. Encouraging each other with various chicken soup will only make him feel more stressed. If he drinks your chicken soup, he will probably feel inferior and worse.

If he refuses to drink and you are still reluctant to drink, it is likely that the chicken soup pot will be smashed and the friendship boat will turn upside down.

Whats worse, the other person will feel guilty about not accepting your help or not feeling happy, and the depression will be more serious.

Trick 2


You should be more open-minded and think more about the good and less about the bad.

Look at the people in the next bed. They are depressed and have a positive attitude. They also go to the square dance

These words sound reasonable, but in fact they will bring great pressure to the other party.

If you want to have something good, you cant do it by saying so. Otherwise, it wont be called depression.

Depression patients, the severity is different, and the performance is not the same, one method is effective for this person, not necessarily for another person. Some mild patients are easy to take action, while many patients with moderate to severe degree are in exercise inhibition, which is very difficult to get up. At this time, the patience and tolerance of the people next to them are particularly important.


You see who who who who, others are facing the same college entrance examination, how no depression?

You see, so and so, how can they have children like others?

In this case, no one will overcome depression, they will only feel more helpless and desperate.

These words and deeds can even push depressed patients into a more terrible abyss.

When we encounter depression, we must not be confused with our friends. The best way is to accompany him to the hospital, or help him find a good therapist or consultant.

Never give up the patience to accompany, great tolerance, this is the most important way to help patients with depression.

Every patient with depression is actually calling for love!