Science Palace fight

 Science Palace fight

Queen: Ive held back. There are only you and me here. Tell me honestly, are you from across the country?

Princess: meow, meow, meow?

Queen: Zhao Guiren has a miscarriage. Did you send people to send ginseng on purpose?

Imperial concubine: what do you say, madam? Zhao Guiren had a miscarriage. My concubine sent ginseng to repair her body.

Queen: Ginseng contains the saponin of anticoagulant effect, eat easy to cause postoperative bleeding, also said you did not mean it?

Imperial concubine: empress, I dont know! This is unintentional loss!

Imperial concubine: I dont like drinking.

Queen: nonsense. You know that pectin will turn into methanol after fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is easy to be poisoned by fake wine. You just dont want to drink a huge medium containing unknown bacteria.

Imperial concubine: The Empress is too arbitrary!

Queen: and you dont drink or say anything, but you encourage Princess Zhang to make wine and entertain people. Whats your intention?

Princess: ridiculous! Princess Zhang and I have always been friends. How can I harm my good sister? When her child was half-year-old, she was cold and refused to drink bitter medicine. When she was seriously ill, I thought of a way to mix honey into the medicine to coax the child to drink it. You see, children are not healthy now.

Queen: hum, nonsense. Ordinary viral colds cant be cured. They can only heal themselves. Ordinary drugs only inhibit the symptoms of the disease. On the contrary, honey is easily infected by botulinum. Child intestinal tract development is not complete, very easy to botulism! I think you intended to harm, but it didnt work out!

Imperial concubine: Oh Ha ha ha! only.

Imperial concubine: I laugh at the fact that my mother is so careful about her step by step. I think she must be a medical college graduate or above.

Queen: are you afraid?

Princess: Im not afraid. Then I will not hide it. Yes, I plan and use common sense to play tricks in this deep palace, and kill those ancient people with low immunity one by one, and then I climb to the position of todays imperial concubine.

Queen: Well, I knew it was you! You poisonous woman! When you first entered the palace, Liu Chang was in love with you. However, you coaxed her every day with soup, calcium supplement, fruit juice beauty, and fed a good son of 90 kg to 180 kg, which made her lose favor and was rejected by the emperor

Princess: its her own stupidity like a pig! Although fruits provide vitamins, they are also high in sugar. A bowl of watermelon meat is worth a bowl of rice. After being squeezed into juice, the sugar content is higher Bone soup is the same. She is high in sugar and fat every day. How can the emperor please her?

Queen: vicious!

Imperial concubine: it is she who wants a diet therapy to beg me. She doesnt go out in a flowerpot. She just takes it. I dont know when and when to supplement calcium. I think its time to replenish my brain. Its empress yourself, but under your guidance, Li pin is on a diet. She has irregular menstruation and infertility!

Queen: I do it for her good. In this deep palace, how dangerous it is to have a child in the lower concubines

Imperial concubine: Yes, but Li Bin is anemic. You give her donkey hide gelatin and red dates every day to replenish her blood. As a medical student, dont you know that giving her some liver red meat is the most effective way?

Queen: its true that the iron content of plant food is low, and the absorption rate is poor. But I didnt harm peoples lives. I just let Li Pin get weaker and make trouble. what about you? On that day, in imperial garden, Sun Feis face was scratched. You asked the grand doctor to apply hemostatic powder on it. You knew that the powder on the wound surface would cause serious scar hyperplasia! Its also that I knew it late. You ruined the good concubine sun.

Princess: I did a good job. I love to see her beautiful young face metallic, which is a bit of cyberpunk. To tell you the truth, the emperors three children, all heavy metal poisoning, but it is not obvious now, the fifth is the symptoms, old six is fast.

Queen: no way! Im obviously preventing you from attacking children. Youre lying to me!

Princess: dont worry, madam. I didnt say it was my hand.

Queen: what do you mean?

Princess: the children are so noisy at night that they cant sleep every day. Tai hospital brings sedative medicine every day. Drink it. What do you think is in it?

Queen: I havent drunk sedative. Naturally, I havent seen the prescription. You can say it.

Imperial concubine: no wonder, after all, the empress does not have the mobile phone to play, can only sleep. Im different. When I came to this dynasty, my neurasthenia has been very severe. I called the imperial doctor for consultation. I found that there were many tranquilizing prescriptions in the imperial palace. The medicinal materials came and went, but everything could not do without one thing - cinnabar.

Queen: ah! Mercury!

Imperial concubine: Yes, in order to calm the nerves, cinnabar is often added to the prescriptions of Tai hospital. This cinnabar is mercury. In this palace, from the emperor and Empress Dowager to the princes concubines, they cant sleep. They drink a suit every day. If they drink mercury poisoning, they will lose their spirits and sleep on the pillow.

Queen: the tranquilizer is so calming

Imperial concubine: you see, even if I dont, all the people in this palace will not live long.

Queen: bold, you are not afraid that I will take you down.

Imperial concubine: empress, you have no proof and no evidence, but I think its natural for me. If you publicize modern medicine to your mouth, everyone will think that you are insane and plant me with these trivia. Why dont we turn war into jade and silk, and raise several children together. When these imperial concubines are dead, the two of us with modern vaccines can still be a companion.

Queen: you are sure you will live longer than everyone else.

Imperial concubine: I have prepared a simple water purification and disinfection device in the palace. I dont take medicine or keep in good health on weekdays. When I close the palace gate and do exercises in the palace, my abdominal muscles have already been trained for six pieces, and the mermaid line is almost ready. How can something happen if you are so strong?

Queen: ha ha ha ha ha ha! Are you after ten?

Queen: its a good thing to be over thirty.

Princess: what do you mean?

Princess: ah, todays cat!

Queen: Im tired. Ill talk to you later.

Excerpt from the blue edition of Story Club, November 2018