TSMC helps Huawei stock up 2 million 5g base station chips, enough for next years use

 TSMC helps Huawei stock up 2 million 5g base station chips, enough for next years use

According to an insider close to TSMC, TSMC has been expanding the production of Huaweis 5g base station core communication chip Tiangang since the end of 2019. Before the US ban came into effect in September, TSMC delivered more than 2 million 7Nm Tiangang chips at Huaweis request. The scale of the order once made TSMCs senior management question whether it underestimated the global demand of 5g.

Representatives of Huawei and TSMC declined to comment, the company said.

It home learned that on January 24, 2019, Huawei released the worlds first 5g base station core chip, Huawei Tiangang chip, at the 5g press conference held by Huawei and the pre communication meeting of the 2019 world mobile conference.

Figure source Huawei

Huawei has told the three operators that despite the sanctions, its components can still support base station construction in 2021 and beyond, according to people familiar with the matter. Huawei has been delivering 5g base stations without U.S. technology since at least the end of last year.

A representative of China Mobile declined to comment on the matter; Unicom did not respond to a request for comment; a China Telecom spokesman said the company would inform of any impact of restrictions on Huawei, but declined to comment on the chip supply.

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