Accused of sexually assaulting his daughter-in-law, the chairman of the board of directors said: it is the house that makes the wicked daughter-in-law turn against each other

 Accused of sexually assaulting his daughter-in-law, the chairman of the board of directors said: it is the house that makes the wicked daughter-in-law turn against each other

Last month, he was reported by his son, who said that he sexually assaulted his daughter-in-law in front of his granddaughter. The information was sent to the Internet. Thanks to the blessing of chairman of the board and sexual assault, he was pushed into a dilemma.

Yang Guangjin is indeed a legal person of a company in Zibo, Shandong Province. However, according to him, he has not been responsible for the specific management affairs for a long time, which means that he is only an investor. His son only does this out of emotion or because he is misled.

Due to the factors such as family ugliness cant be publicized and father sons affection, he didnt face the media actively until he found that the turbulent public opinion affected his life. Therefore, he decided to initiate a lawsuit, sue his son for slander, and come forward to explain the causes and consequences.

The reporter contacted the daughter-in-law and failed to get an effective response. However, she said in an interview with the media earlier that she was sexually assaulted in July this year, but she failed because of her strong resistance and other reasons. There was no so-called adultery situation. She and her husband were not sure whether to go to Canada to answer the lawsuit.

Dialogue parties

u30101u3011 Son

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: why is this being fried?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: how to say it?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: do you have this specialty?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: whats his major?

Yang Guangjin: I dont know my sons major in Criminology and sociology. However, some are certain. Our family came to Vancouver in 2011. He went to school here and returned home in 2015.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: why come back?

Yang Guangjin: in Vancouver, he had nothing to do and was lonely. After returning home, he got along like a fish in water. A few years ago, he also made a lot of money, so he stayed in China to develop.

u30102u3011 Rumor

Yang Guangjin: its a fake. Its a rumor, a frame up, a slander. Why do people believe it? Its some people who dont know the truth, and no one believes me at my age.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: it is reported that you are physically limited?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: description like little yellow?

Yang Guangjin: Yes. The story of a man of one meter eight and two hundred pounds is like an eagle catching a chicken, and a little granddaughter clapping at the door. At first glance, he is elaborately fabricating a fictional plot.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: you dare not.

Yang Guangjin: sexual assault against womens will is a very serious crime in Canada. If I have this kind of preference and my economic ability, I cant find it in Canada. But if I know my friends and know what Im like, I wont go if I ask me to go. Why do I have to deal with a daughter-in-law who is scheming for a house? In addition, in Canada, a girl over 6 years old, her father is not allowed to give her a bath, if the wife reports that her husband touched her daughters buttocks, it is an offence.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: be in awe.

Yang Guangjin: Yes.

u30103u3011 Cold heart

Xiaoxiao Xiang Morning Post: what do you know first?

Yang Guangjin: bewitched by his daughter-in-law, does his father rape his daughter-in-law? He has to have a place to vent his anger. At this time, the main leaders of the company are working in Shanghai. I know that this is especially chilling afterwards. My son scolds his father so much that there is nothing in the whole country. Let alone the surprise of Chinese people and foreigners.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: very affected?

Yang Guangjin: almost all the phone calls between my company leaders and me have been knocked out. Some people have contacted me and asked if I want to delete the post.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: how serious is it?

Yang Guangjin: whats the marketing number? Whats the traffic? Ive got a picture of my family from my circle of friends and sent it to the Internet for spoofing. I also found a short yellow video about my daughter-in-law lying on his father-in-laws lap, adultery on the sofa, and grafting flowers and plants. I said it was my daughter-in-law and my daughter-in-law.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: uncomfortable?

Yang Guangjin: it can be said that I suffered from an unimaginable cyber storm. Some people pointed out in front of the company. Finally, the lawyer made a statement truthfully, saying that I was no longer responsible for the management of the company. In fact, it was the manager who was taking care of it. I was just an investor.

u30104u3011 Call the police

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: my son said that his daughter-in-law called the police in Canada?

Yang Guangjin: what they said was to call the police in Canada. In fact, I learned when I came back to Vancouver that we were not at home at that time. We lived in another house in Vancouver. Our daughter-in-law provided the polices name card and blocked the file number, which meant that our husband and wife abused women and children in Canada.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: not sexual assault?

Yang Guangjin: Yes. I also learned later. My daughter-in-law brought the police and asked my friend to make perjury, saying that the mother-in-law abused women and children. My friend said that she did not see her mother-in-law abusing children. What she saw was that her mother-in-law showed you the children every day, often took the children out to play, and treated the children as treasures. How could they abuse children?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what about calling the police in Shanghai and Shandong?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: and then?

Yang Guangjin: as a matter of fact, not long ago, my wife and I went back to Canada. We called the police at the airport and said that I was framed and slandered. At this time, the Internet in Canada, including the whole world, was full of news. I wanted to prove my innocence. My daughter-in-law framed and slandered me in Canada. Before that, I had never seen the police.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: didnt your daughter-in-law call the police earlier?

Yang Guangjin: thats what I cant think of. You said that it involved sexual assault, which is a felony in Canada. You should have called the police at that time. However, there would have been any trace of injury. On the contrary, she didnt, which was puzzling and full of doubts. If the police really called the police, if this happened, why wouldnt the police come to me? It also allowed me to go in and out of Canada freely. Up to now, we have not seen any police except in Vancouver Airport. A daughter-in-laws mischief has made a fool of both of us.

u30105u3011 Escape

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: did you continue to live together?

Yang Guangjin: This is what I cant understand. The key problem is that at 2:00 p.m. on the 12th, I gave my daughter-in-law a look at the children. She could go out for more than four hours, sell second-hand bags, meet friends of the opposite sex, and have a normal chat and interaction with me.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: unscientific.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: evidence?

Yang Guangjin: I have records on my mobile phone, and there are also records on her mobile phone. I wont cheat, there is no need to do it, and I cant do it.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: and then?

Yang Guangjin: I was accused of fleeing Canada in August and returning to China to evade responsibility. This is also impossible.

Yang Guangjin: who ordered the ticket? It was my daughter-in-law who helped me book the ticket of China Southern Airlines. I boarded the plane and found out that her mobile phone was also reserved for her. Why should I help me escape? If she gave the ticket information to the police, would I still go? Are you free to go in and out of Canada? She also said that I had fled back to China and could not justify myself. The evidence of the accusation was not convincing.

u30106u3011 Litigation

Yang Guangjin: Yes, I accused my son of spreading rumors, framing and slandering me. The articles written by my son can be downloaded from the Internet. However, my daughter-in-law said that if she reported the case, she had to go back to Canada to collect evidence. Thats why I went back to Canada to report, collect evidence and Sue.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: whats your feeling?

Yang Guangjin: when my father and my son were going to court, when I signed, my hands were shaking all the time, and my heart was very heavy. I didnt eat for a day.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: why sue in Canada?

Yang Guangjin: the place of the alleged case is in Canada. If the case is prosecuted in China, it will be difficult for the police to investigate.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what did you do before that?

Yang Guangjin: go back to my residence to check the monitoring outside my house. After four months, the hard disk will automatically cover. Check the records of my three cameras, keep the copy evidence, as well as the personal and physical evidence. All the evidence is ready for the court session.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what is the evidence?

Yang Guangjin: just the day before, that is, July 11, my friends and I drove out to do business. Starting from 6 a.m., I drove with four friends for more than 1000 kilometers. I encountered a tire burst on the road. I drove alone for 19 hours, and didnt come back until the early morning of the 12th. My whole days journey had a circle of friends. Four friends can confirm that after a days tiredness, how can I still have a good job the next day Strength and mood do the indescribable things.

u30107u3011 Change

Yang Guangjin: waiting for the court session, but things have changed. My son no longer speaks on the Internet. He may have realized the truth, not as he believed his daughter-in-law said.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what about your daughter-in-law?

Yang Guangjin: I have sued my son in Canada, because all the articles my son wrote should have been heard from her. When she was interviewed by the media, she said: its not rape, its because of her strong resistance and other reasons that rape has not been attempted, let alone adultery. I didnt expect that my husband would be prosecuted. I and my husband have not decided whether to go to Canada to answer the lawsuit.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: cant you accept them to leave in such a way?

Yang Guangjin: Yes. According to the law, if your own rights and interests are infringed, you should certainly do everything to make the suspect punished. You cant say that you are not subject to any restriction by simply resorting to morality, spreading rumors and slandering your father.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: maybe its inconvenient to go abroad?

Yang Guangjin: Chinas epidemic situation is well controlled. It can be isolated for 14 days at home in Canada. When I come, I can be clear whether they have framed and slandered. If I commit a crime, I can also be brought to justice.

u30108u3011 Contradiction

Im suing my son. However, it may be that he was brainwashed by his daughter-in-law. After listening to his wifes statement, he cant make it up by himself.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: where to start?

There is a contradiction in Hunan morning news?

Yang Guangjin: Yes, in Vancouver, my son is addicted to the Internet and the game world all day long, surfing the Internet at night and sleeping during the day. I was really angry, so I let him go out to rent a house alone. That year, that is, 2018, my daughter-in-law returned to China in August and Vancouver in September. The couple had no communication with us. We didnt see each other again. We didnt meet until the full moon after the birth of our granddaughter. With our granddaughter, our relationship has eased.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: why?

Yang Guangjin: because after the baby was born and still in the month, her daughter-in-law quarreled with her mother in the hospital. Since then, they have quarreled every day. In her mothers opinion, there are also reasons for my son. Its the way to treat your parents, not to mention being grateful to your parents in law? And this contradiction may have existed for a long time. For example, unmarried and pregnant, our son-in-law parents arrived in Canada on the evening of their wedding, saying that their daughter did not tell them our scheduled marriage date, and as a result, they could only postpone the marriage date. For such a sacred wedding, the daughter-in-law made such a sacred wedding, our hearts were cold.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: quite complicated.

Yang Guangjin: when it comes to unmarried pregnancy, we only learned when we arrived in Shanghai on May 13, 2018. The daughter-in-law wanted to come to Canada to have a child. I quickly went back to Vancouver to find an accountant immigration lawyer to do the reunion immigration for their husband and wife. At that time, because the income of the reunion immigration guaranteed by my son was not enough, I needed an annual income of C $40379 in 2018 before I could be a husband wife reunion immigrant. This income needs to be taxed After paying more than 6300 Canadian dollars, my son said that he had no money, and I paid the tax money for them. Only then did he become an immigrant and enjoy free birth of children. His granddaughter also had milk money.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: is this son his own?

Yang Guangjin: he was born in 1989. Ill tell you, some children come to repay your kindness to make you happy, and some children come to collect debts to make you worried.

He started a business or something. He didnt ask for our money. We help to buy a house, he doesnt need it. I dont want to write his name when I buy a house. Im very independent. Im not low in IQ and smart. But this is before marriage.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: after marriage, there are some changes?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: how do you say that?

Yang Guangjin: first of all, she took a fancy to a house, about 1.3 million to 1.5 million Canadian dollars, and discussed with us that we should pay down payment of 600000 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to more than 3 million yuan, and they should pay the loan themselves.

Sometimes it is said that she made down payment and asked my son to pay, but where is the money my son earned? Its all in her place. The next day she said, do you think its glorious for your son to have a soft meal? My son doesnt earn much money. Isnt it all in her hands?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: so?

However, because of the severe epidemic situation in Canada, many people hardly go out of the house, let alone look at the house. It is not so easy to sell. As a result, she said, change the house to her name, which means that there is no need to buy a house.

Yang Guangjin: if they have a good relationship, as long as they have a good life and dont divorce, you can live freely. We were just shown the house. Your marriage is unstable now. If you want to change our house to your name, we will never agree.

u301010u3011 Renting

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: its hard for honest and upright officials to stop housework.

Yang Guangjin: what blockchain does her daughter-in-law do? Lets check her company. It is a small company registered in the Cayman Islands. On her business card, she claims to be the co-founder & Chief Financial Officer. Since she entered our house, she has been fooling us into taking out money to fry coins with her. Fortunately, we didnt believe her and we didnt fall for it. The next day, she came up with a new idea. She said that my house was big and could be rented to her to be a maternity center.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what do you think?

Yang Guangjin: its impossible, because no one is going to give birth to a baby. What kind of birth center is it? First, this is during the epidemic period. Second, Canada has strict restrictions on coming here to have children.

Yang Guangjin: she said that she would rent this house to be the center of the month, and I would be happy. She has been living here for half a year. We are responsible for almost all the living expenses, almost all the housework is done by us, and almost all the children are visited by us. It is only after 10:30 in the evening that the child sleeps with her. We dont say we should look after the children, but we can say that we should. After living for half a year, has she ever been grateful to us? For her work, I drove my RV with my granddaughter and friends and planned to go to the Sunshine Coast for seven days. She was at home by herself. Because a friend of the same trade was not well, she came back three days ahead of schedule.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: and then?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: whats the problem?

Yang Guangjin: she has a good life with my son. Thats OK. I know exactly what shes calculating. She also asked me to sell the house. Why should I sell the house and buy it for her?

Who will talk to me? It should be my son. She has only been in my house for more than a year. Why should she talk to me? Why didnt my son talk to me all the time? If my son talks to us, I will discuss with him how to buy a house and how to make it. Besides, my house will not be my sons in the future.

u301011u3011 Lie detection

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: do you think your son has been deceived?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: didnt you come up with a solution?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: why do you think of this?

Yang Guangjin: I thought of it all of a sudden. Maybe it cant be used as legal evidence when talking about the truth or falsehood. However, it can be used as an auxiliary means. If a daughter-in-law tells a lie, it will need a lot of lies to round it. It is still difficult to think about it without leaving any flaws.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what about the results?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what are the reasons for rejection?

Yang Guangjin: let me accompany you. Its wrong. Im not lying. Why should I lie? I want to test, but also physiological. As a result, my daughter-in-law said that she just wanted me to apologize. What she didnt expect was that this method mobilized my sons emotions and some of his feelings of not being honest with each other. The result was not completely successful.

u301012u3011 Reflection

Yang Guangjin: the two sons, the eldest son and the daughter-in-law are very grateful and filial. They are very kind to both parents. They have their own work, so we are very relieved.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: how about your husband and wife?

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: it is said that you have a junior?

In the past, we both went to and from work together in China. If there was a small contradiction on our lips, it would be solved in 5 minutes. Its not that we have bad feelings and we have to make some troubles.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: whats the attitude of relatives?

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });})(); Yang Guangjin: after finding out the facts, our relatives ignored my son. My family members and friends who knew me well said that my son was bewitched and provoked by his daughter-in-law. If he didnt know the truth, he just made rumors, slandered, framed and slandered his father. The matter came to light and caused irreparable influence. Even his father did this, they all knew it was Yang Guangjins son, who Still dare to make friends with him, do business, such a radical behavior, did not consider the consequences in mind. Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what do you think? In fact, there is no such thing as the rumor of attempted rape, but there is no such thing as the rape of Luo Guangjun. At the same time, I also completely relaxed, chose to put down, and this son and daughter-in-law can only cut off contact, a relaxed. After dealing with our legal affairs, we can better enjoy our quality life and enjoy our life. Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post source: smart Yantai app editor in charge: Kang Ruixin_ NB16727

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what do you think?

In fact, there is no such thing as the rumor of attempted rape, but there is no such thing as the rape of Luo Guangjun.

At the same time, I was completely relaxed, chose to put down, and the son and daughter-in-law can only break the relationship, a relaxed body. After we deal with our legal affairs, we can enjoy our quality life better and enjoy the whole life.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post