Apple is seeking tax breaks or to increase chip production in the US

 Apple is seeking tax breaks or to increase chip production in the US


According to reports, Apples lobbying targets include the Treasury, Congress and the White House, and the themes of the lobbying include tax credits for domestic semiconductor production in the United States.

Apple designed many of its own chips. The first customized chip A4 was launched on the first generation iPad in 2010, and was soon applied to iPhone 4 and other apple devices. Apple chips are now on almost every device Apple makes, and soon Apples silicon chips will replace Intel processors on Macs. Although the development of the chip is done internally in Cupertino, the production is outsourced to Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company TSMC and other Asian suppliers.

Apples move may indicate that it wants to transfer some of its production to the United States, free from trade wars and tariffs. Because chips are now an important part of apple, it has been investing in new channels to produce chips at lower costs.

Most Apple products are made overseas, but the 2013 MacPro was made in Austin, Texas. The Texas plant is also responsible for the final assembly of the new MacPro model, while Apple plans to make other products at the plant after obtaining a tariff exemption.

The U.S. semiconductor industry is also working hard to get more support from the government to strengthen domestic production.

Source: techweb editor: Liu Fei_ NBJS10390