Wen Ku: 690000 5g base stations have been opened nationwide, basically realizing 5g coverage at prefecture level

 Wen Ku: 690000 5g base stations have been opened nationwide, basically realizing 5g coverage at prefecture level

In addition to network construction, 5g terminal is also a very important aspect. From January to September, 5g mobile phone shipment has exceeded 100 million. At the same time, 160 million terminals have been connected to the 5g network. Wen Ku pointed out: with the monthly increase of these data, I think the role of 5g is very obvious, especially in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption, helping upgrading, cultivating new driving force of economic development, etc., will be further revealed.

At present, 5g has entered a critical stage of development, and its application and promotion is the focus of current work. 5g is definitely not 4G + 1g, Wenku stressed 2. 3. 4G is basically for individual users. However, when it comes to 5g, in addition to individual users, it is more important to play an important role in production.

The Ministry of industry and information technology attaches great importance to cultivating and promoting 5g applications. In 2018, the 5g application industry matrix was established, and the blooming Cup 5g application collection competition was held for three consecutive years. In the first year, 300 applications were collected, and this years competition has already had 4000 application projects. Judging from the results of several blooming Cup 5g application competition, the development trend of 5g application in China can be summarized as three broad and one deep

First, it has a wide range of regions, and gradually develops from leading in the East to leading in the East and advancing in the central and western regions.

Second, it covers a wide range of industries, including industry, energy, health care, education, transportation and commerce.

Third, there are a wide range of subjects. In the past, the operating enterprises made great efforts to promote this work, but now they are gradually turning to commercial users to lead or deeply participate.

Fourth, the level of application gradually deepens, from the early monitoring, logistics and other production auxiliary business, and gradually expand to the core business of equipment control, quality control and other core business.

The application process of 5g has been accelerated from the application of 5g competition. At the same time, during the China International Information and Communication Exhibition held last week, many experts interpreted and introduced 5g Thats what Wenku said.

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